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Plant Spirit Vessel Seguros

These are beautiful small sacred bottles,
which connect to the spirit of the
flower and plant through the materials they contain.


A Serguro is a powerful ally who you can turn to for advice, healing assistance and guidance. Each holds within sacred waters, oils and essences and treasured gifts from plants.
Occasionally they may contain crystals and other natural items of power. 

To use a Serguro, you  keep on an Altar or shelf that is dedicated just to the keeping 
of such a sacred object in your home.


They are tools of great power but also to be thought of as a very close friend. 

When you have a problem or are seeking a better understanding over a situation, you take your Seguro that you consider most appropriate to assist you into your hands, hold it against your heart and speakl with it, as if you are speaking with a friend, discussing your situation, asking for advice. 
The Seguro will listen to you and absorb the energy you are giving out surrounding this issue and transform it. With practice and developed intuition, listening carefully, you will begin to hear your Seguro reveal answers for you as well to expedite solutions to your issues. 
These bottles are never to be opened.
They are clear and smooth sided to ensure freedom for the Plant Spirit. 

I list a selection of Seguro Vessels and Seguro Talismans in my Online store
each week and am happy to create a Bespoke one for you

 at this Etsy Shop Link: 


*I completely and lovingly create everything I sell myself,
I do not outsource any of the creation of any stage of any item. 

Wildflower Talismans ARE COMING!


I am a BUSY bee creating these with my gorgeous daughter Maddison at present from my the artworks in my Wildflower Oracle Decks. 
They are created with Bush Flower Essence and beautiful crystals. This one: survival, tenacity and power to rise above.
Wildflower Oracle Talismans are $35 each and come with a Dedication Kit of beautiful herbs, resins and a candle I lit from Goddess Brigid's Flame in Ireland. 

FROM TONIGHT a beautful and powerful selection will be available online at our
Kindred Alchemy Shop

Year Talisman

Each year I make MYSELF a Talisman
and it always becomes something incredibly important as the year unfolds.

I wear it at times when I need protection, confidence, when Im celebrating something, when I'm teaching, when I just feel her or him) calling for me to do so. 
Last year my beautiful friend Lucy Cavendish gave me a Brigid's cross that she brought back from Kildare and I created my Birthday Talisman from it, NEVER thinking at that time I would actually ever have the opportunity to visit the UK & Ireland. 


Well that Talisman not only gave me an amazing year, but it took me on my month long Journey to Avalon, England Scotland, Paris, Ireland and once there.....yes Kildare.

Yes I do create faux finishes.... BUT....The verdigris is COMPLETELY natural and I ADORE it.... it occurred over the year as she has been through rainstorms, a fall in a river, tears of joy & sadness ~ mine and friends, dog kisses, baby dribbles, spilt drinks, showers and bath taken in absent minded exhaustion, overzealous essence adornment and of course Rituals, Circles and Blessings when she has been cleansed, enriched and empowered. 
There are things I've probably forgotten but are now always held in the patina of time.


I've also been blessed with an wonderful last year and I am truly grateful... I sit and I look at this beginnings of this year's Talisman lying on the Magic Workshop Bench, found at very pivotal moments the past week and I wonder... what will reveal itself this 12 months ahead? 
I have intentions but I also have an open adventurous heart that enjoys exploring possibilities undreamed of.

Green garnet

Spirit Dolls with Sacred Familiar

I adore Workshops. 
I adore creating them, holding them and YES! I adore attending them.
Coming together with others to create is the heart of my own path in its many facets. 
I have always been a teacher of creativity in some way but it is not, as some may put it, "The Calling to Teach", it is the knowing that my calling is to bring people together, not to teach them but to ignite that passion, to plant the seeds that they may grow and find directions, new ways and become the Creative that we all are. To connect strongly with the Artist in us all.

Why is this so important? 

Because I've never met someone EVER that said, "I'm not an Artist" in a POSIVIE way... it is ALWAYS with a drop in tone, a sideways look, a feeling of lament. 
So oviously it is something we all would like to be. 
As any of my 'students' (Oh I need new terms... I shall find them ONE DAY!)... as any will know, I believe, no actually, I KNOW we are all Artists, we are all Creative and we all hold within us great power once we connect with the part of us that is The Artist. 

If you do not believe you are an Artist, you just haven't found your medium.


The Artist we all are is not the end result of our creative 'work'. 
It is NOT the Painting, the Sculpture, The Dreamcatcher, The Talisman, The Doll.
 I am an Artist because I see things and their potentials as subjects, as concepts as part of creativity and creation. 

I am Artist because I share with other Artists on both sides of the canvas and together we create with our twinned emotional responses to the World and all that is within it.
I am an Artist because I am more than the canvas, the paint, the clay, the thread and needle. The materials do not matter, because I can Create with anything.
 I am an Artist, because I am Human. 

So it was a beautiful affirming night when I attended the Julia Inglis of Sacred Familiar Workshop this week in Manly, Sydney. As well as teaching, I of course attended many workshops in creativity and spirituality. Those that combine the two are naturally those I adore most!

Julia is just wonderful. I can not begin to find words to describe an experience as profound as being part of the Space of great Creative Sacred that she weaves. A strong and powerful Storyteller, a Woman of great Magic and an Artist who embodies all I've just shared with you... I did not have to see any painting, sculpture, creative 'eveidence' to judge whether I was in the company of an Artist. Her passion and connection with the Artist in her was there in flesh, in breath, in voice, in spirit.

Julia brought us together to each create a Spirit Doll, a felted doll, a muse, that was born from a meditation that Julia took us on through a past life. Nestled in my favourite Bookshop "Desire" in Manly on a strangely warm August night, on Imbolc this Artist connected all of us to the Artist within.
Tony Esta drummed the heart beat that guided us, his calming presence was supportive and lifted us from the everyday to feel safe, ready and connected to the Journey ahead.
Rory Julia's familiar made us all smile as he too became part of the magic, the workings, the weavings of that night.

We where taken through to the past to meet another Artist and work through that life and find the mantras of limitations we had believed and still lived today.  It was a deep, layered, vivid dreaming that I am still meditating with, journalling, reflecting on and discovering each moment since that night.

After the Journey to the Artist of before, we had all awoken from this suspended sleep of self imposed doubts, we each took up the wools, the needles and each was the Artist of now, no matter our experience or belief, and we knew how to create our Spirit Doll. Our new muse with new understanding could be born. 

The silence while we all worked with spun yarns, forming our Muse, placing herbs and treasures within their bellies, mine an acorn, others crystals, shells sacred herbs while the overlaid chimes that Julia played enriched  the energy of the room with the knowing of Artists of all time. We could of been in temple in Ancient Greece creating votives of devotion, a clearing in a Native America community making dolls of protection for our children... the energy, the sense of ancient Creation in Community was strong, healing and so affirming. 
No one in that Space of Julia's made a Great Doll, the Best Doll, the Worse Doll. No one. 
This is what Real Art is. It just is. We all looked at each others dolls with amazement, with love, without the learned eye of criticise because THAT is not Art, judgement of Art is actually impossible. 
But that is another story for another day. 

Each of us listened to the story of our fellow Artists as we described our mediation journey and our Spirit Doll but really I feel we could easily have known the story by looking at these spirit held creations but more importantly, because we had created TOGETHER.
 That is what a gifted Teacher, an Artist with connection to their Craft, to their spiritual being can do. And Creation in Community is sadly a lost intuitive skill, one that would be ignited in any who had yet to find it or had lost their way that night. 

My Creation.... Lion Woman
Lion woman

Lion Woman Walking Away 
Lion woman walking

Creation in Community is vitally important. 
So how can YOU recapture this and be the Artist you are?? 
These are al examples of creation in community and the thing you need is not a great supposed inherent talent in a medium. It is the, even tiniest shimmer of yearning that you can hold in your hands and blow with the creative breath into the flame of Creativity. 
Do not attempt any of these without leaving your self imposed mantras of limitations at the door. 
Yes you may create a great work of Art, but that is not the point. The point is to start and create a living breathing, STRONG ARTIST... the one you already are, have been, will always be. 

*Attend a Workshop
*Do a Community College Course
*Start a Creativity Circle... a meeting up in person of people on a regular basis, you could all do the same Art or  Craft or all just bring something you are working on. YES you could have sharing times where you demonstrate something you do. ideas? sewing, quilting, felting, bead-making, card making, stamping, calligraphy... ANYTHING!
 *Join in online communities
*Join an Art Swap Round Robin (there are heaps online)
*Discover Artists Trading Cards ~ I have had great success with many doubting Aritsis with these treasures
*Soul Collage!!!!! I can not recommend the journey and gift that is Soul Collage. ANYONE can do it and its a life changing and affirming experience

And of course, MAKE the opportunity to spend an evening with Julia, Tony & Rory because it will make all those other things so much easier, richer and affirming. You are an Artist, because you are Here. 

Happiest Creative Blessings, 
Cheralyn x 


Talisman Dedication

How to use the Spell and Blessing Dedication Kit that comes with your Talisman! 


Maddison & I had MORE than a bit of fun creating this Video for you...
Though its light hearted, it does contain a basic simple Dedication Ritual and really THAT is what magic is all about. Magic still serious and smile. 
Its YOU, its how you feel you express your connection with the All and if it is with Faery Wings, Tiaras, Butterfly Masks, Cloaks or a Business Suit, you do it. Be the Magic that is YOU!

Your kit comes with a scroll that has a good outline of Dedication Rituals so you create one as simple or as fancy as you wish! Its also has ideas to entwin your Path and beliefs into the Ritual you create and a guide to timings as well as rededications and cleansing of your Talisman. 


We HAD fun sharing this with YOU! 
The past few days, I shared these videos and the Magic behind the creation of Talisman and Magical Tools and you can find the information on the following posts... 




Happiest Creative Blessings, 
Cheralyn & Maddison
Kindred Alchemy 

Sharing the Magic with You!

Pop into our ONLINE STORE OPENING via this link
from THURSDAY 25th July 2013  7:30pm Sydney Australia time
There will be more videos, links, sharing and learning. 

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Talisman Grounding Video

We announced our Online Store Opening on Sunday
KindredAlchemy ~  www.kindredalchemy.com
and wanted to share with you the actual Magic that goes into creating your Talismans. 

As I outlined yesterday and wanted to share with you, 

there are a few steps for a piece of jewellery to become a Talisman.
If you are creating them then its a good outline to look at.
Remember, all steps can be as Simple or as Intricate as you feel you want them to be or need them to be, just as long as the basics are adhered to. If not, they are just pretty trinkets. 

They are:

As it was the Super Full Moon yesterday, I did share the consecration ritual first. Lets look at where the Talismans and Magical Tools and Art Maddison and I preform the Grounding and Clearing, which is one of the Rituals in the creation..... 

These Two Videos outline the Rituals  I preform to Ground, Cleanse and Energise Your Talisman.

After bringing the Talisman Up from the Ground...
they are always Consecrated. 
Here is the Consecration from last night under the Super Full Moon.
I am sharing with permission, the consecration of one 
Commissioned Talisman 
*for more detailed information, visit yesterday's post HERE

A Spell & Blessing Kit has always been included with all my Talismans and Magical Tools as a Guide for you to Align enegeries with your piece. 
This continues and you can use it as it is or as a base for more intricate workings. 
Because Maddison and I have just returned from our Journey to the lands of Avalon and Ireland we now include a candle lit from the Flame at either Chalice Well in Glastonbury or Goddess Brigid's Flame in Ireland, depending on the energetic qualities of the Talisman. 
I include a kit of herbs, flowers, resins, a the dressed candles as mentioned, a charcoal block and a simple ritual in poem form which can be used exactly as is or can be blended with your own ideas, elements and additions. 
Here is Your Talisman Spell & Blessing Kit.... 
 Our opening sale is this coming Thursday, for more information: CLICK HERE

Happiest Creative Blessings, 
Cheralyn & Maddison
Kindred Alchemy 
Sharing the Magic with You!

Pop into our ONLINE STORE OPENING via this link
from THURSDAY 25th July 2013  7:30pm Sydney Australia time
There will be more videos, links, sharing and learning. 

See more at: http://cheralyn.typepad.com/cheralyn_darcey/#sthash.6bBbkRUj.dpuf

Talisman Energy Empowerment Video

Consecration, Blessing, Empowerment, Dedication...
Most importantly, What exactly is it that Cheralyn does to my Talisman before I get it? 

The terms over the years have become very interchangeable, depending on who you speak with.
While these terms are just descriptive words, a Talisman or Magickal Tool MUST go through the following stages to be such a thing otherwise? Its just a pretty piece of jewellery NOT a Talisman.


It must be created in an environment dedicated just for this purpose. This area must be energetically cleansed before and after each creation session. The intention for each session must be set in motion too. I do this with the setting up of an Altar that is seasonal and energetically connected with the intention. 

These are preformed by the Creator to activate the energies within the object and to bring in additional energies through the moon, sun, planets, elements, deities and any other energy the Creator uses.  The intentions for the object are also set. 


Once the eventual owner is in possession, an alignment ritual is preformed to ensure full empowerment of intentions and energies. This can be as simple or elaborate as the owner wishes and feels right with. The structure should include a statement declaring ownership and the intentions the owner is using the object for.  

Talismans and all  Magickal Works are created in our Studio, affectionately known as "The Magick Workshop". Its a place of creativity dedicated to the Goddess Brigid. We work under her Flame.
A permanet high Altar is set for her and a lower Altar set with seasonal and intentional offerings and energies that changes with the work being created. 

After this, they are taken to my Forest Altar in the Australian Bush amongst Wildflowers and Birdsong where I nestle them near a spring. Left here for different periods, depending on the elements that made them up, the intentions they are being made for and how they feel when uncovered. This is why you see designs that are reminiscent of past designs. I have to be sure to know when the time is right. 

Below is a little part of my Talisman Consecration
filmed last night under
the Glorious Super Full Moon
and a Blessing I wished for you!

They have been in the Earth, dark and grounding, connecting and now...
A Circle is created and the Talismans brought forth each in turn to meet the Moon and be bathed in her light and filled with her energies. The Moon will now know the Talisman each and every Full Moon forward to cleanse and re~energise him or her.
As you will see........ A video from last night 22nd July 2013.....


So then the Talismans and any other Magickal Tools I have created lay in the grass, on the earth, near the strong trunk of a giant gum, under the moon, or the sun or whatever planet or seasonal energies I wish to impart to the creation all night or day. 

They come inside and they lay on our main Altar under the watchful eye of Magpie, an Altar Guardian, created by Cheralyn. He ensures Balance of the energies and intentions that have been set in motion for you.
This is another Ritual I preform to ensure full Dedication of your Talisman or Magickal Tool. 
(this morning 5am Sydney time 23rd July 2013)

For Alignment, I have always included a Spell/Blessing Kit with Talismans that you can use to Align your Talisman or Magickal Tool with your energies and intentions. 
Because Maddison and I have just returned from our Journey to the lands of Avalon and Ireland we now include a candle lit from the Flame at either Chalice Well in Glastonbury or Goddess Brigid's Flame in Ireland, depending on the energetic qualities of the Talisman. 
I include a kit of herbs, flowers, resins, a the dressed candles as mentioned, a charcoal block and a simple ritual in poem form which can be used exactly as is or can be blended with your own ideas, elements and additions. 

Maddison and I are also more than happy to answer any questions about
Magickal Tool Creation and Use.
Please feel free to comment below or email me at [email protected]

On our recent journey during the Northern Summer Solstice, we not only travelled to many Sacred Sites, but enjoyed a very enriching visit and meetings
at the Pitt Rivers Anthropological Museum in Oxford. I am so grateful for the time and research that Maddison and I where able to do which has inspired our new Creations and given us an increased knowledge of the work we love most as Magickal Dedicated Talisman and Tool Makers. 

With Thanks... 
Its a Blessing too reading the email from the people that have worked with the Talismans. There have even been a few babies, new business success and yes marriages...
A few words from recent emails & messages.... 

.....An amazing powerful talisman. Thank you so much!......Jodie 

Beautiful and bold talisman bursting with symbolism, packed with love, care and blessings. I love him - thanks so much! Zarina 

......I thought my talisman might help me find a new guy. Its early days but I want you to know how confident and glowing I feel when I wear it. The energy is so powerful I felt it before I opened it...... Barb

..... It's so beautiful and powerful and my most treasured thing to wear.... Swan
I bought this as present for a treasured friend. It has become part of her Cheralyn Darcey "collection" and is much appreciated. Sam 

......I'm pregnant! I'm pregnant! I'm pregnant! You are a Goddess..... Rachael 

I love it. Truly special, unique and personal. Thank you for your extra goodies to truly make my talisman my own. I'm so honoured I have this special piece!! Meeka 

Happiest Creative Blessings, 



Talisman Collection Sale Tonight

Talisman Creation is not a part of my Spiritual Practice, 
it is the very heart of it. 


A lifetime of Magical Tool making handed down through my family. 
Herditary Witchcraft is where my journey here begins. I am a third generation (that we can confirm!) Witch. My Mother is an Artist and Witch and being brought up in a Pagan Artists family, Art and Witchcraft and Creativity where not things anyone in my family DID, it was simply LIFE. 
Everyone is Creative, everyone is a Witch OR accepts it as the natural way of things. 

It took a while to find my own style, my true voice.  
I am a gleaner, a collector of that which has potential to be combined with my carvings on stone, ceramic and crystal. Though Assemblage is the term that can describe my process, I do combin with other traditional sculptural practices including carving and with painting, metal smithing and other fine art ideas as they come! 

Why do I prefer this medium? 

Its because I strongly believe we are all connected, we share energy with all, with each other, the animals, the plants, the earth, the stars, ALL. 


The combining of that which is already here, which has lived a purpose already to then become an Energetic Tool for others to SHARE into our future is the most spiritual and meaningful use of the skills I have. 
As my heart sings its truest when I create Talismans in Sculpture it is this skill which I use. My hands in deep connection with the meditation of creation. 
The collecting, the conversations with those who cross my path in my process of discovery, the dreams, thoughts, study and mediations while art materials lay alongside treasures~ working though potentials. 

I listen.

What may begin as one thing, bends and shapes,
moves my hands to become its true self.

But I am never surprised by the final revelation. The pure feel of it's energy has flowed until empowered, the Talisman draws me to the ritual and dedication of its purpose. 

All of my Talismans are dedicated and empowered through ritual for specific purposes by me personally. Then they are sent to you with a Ritual Bag that includes a written ritual, candles, resins & herbs and these are for you to align your personal energies with your new Magical Tool of Power, Protection and Intention.

A few special Talismans of Power, Love, Protection tonight, online at this Facebook Event Link ~

Talisman Sale ~ this Thursday!

I know its been a long while... BUT its been busy to say the very least. 
There are a few mini Collections on offer this Thursday evening and a couple of surprises.
This looks like the last Talisman Release from me for about 5 months as I have a lot of commitments.

THURSDAY 11th APRIL 2013 at this LINK

Animal Totem Guide Talismans
I have been very busy on a new technique which I'm in love with and I have saved to bring to life a very close to my heart Talismans ~ Animal Totem Guides.
The unveiling will be at the event! Love you to be there to have a peek.
(no photo peeks!, this is tooooooo special & secret!) 

Faery Talismans
LOTS & LOTS & LOTS of requests for more faeries so yes I have five Fae Talismans. 
As you may know, most of my artworks are created from treasures in such a way that I can never repeat them. They are one of a kind unique works of art. 
Here is one coming up this Thursday.... 


Blessing Beads
Though I did share the technique earlier this week, I will have sets of these available for you to use in your projects. These will be Blessed by me with the Intentions they represent. 
They can be used in jewellery and talisman creating, in magickal tool making, as book marks/ embellishments for a BOS or Journal, your imagination is your only limit! 


Wildflower Talismans 
Featuring my Linoprint Artwork from my Australian Wildflower Oracle, natural crystals and all created by hand by me, these are very popular and all flowers will be available this Thursday. Along with the standard size and design, a very few one of a kind larger Talisman Pendants and brooches will also be available. 

(standard Wildflower Talismans set with natural crystals)


(a one of a kind Found Treasure Wildflower Talisman Pendant ` can be converted to a brooch if required)

(another example and yes these two will both be avialble on Thursday) 

Charmed Wildflower Charms

A new release of Wildflower Charms will be released on Thursday too! 


Goddess Talisman Pendants
Just a few very special ones will be available on the night
here is one... Artemis.... this is one I'm happy to finih off as a brooch or pendant as the new owner wishes. 
*my faces are all hand sculpted, silver or gold leafed and set 

a few other surprises and old favourites will be available. 
I have gifts, chatting and sharing so I REALLY hope you can join me.....
THIS is the Facebook Event page where it will be happening 

Happiest Creative Blessings, 
Cheralyn xx