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Postcards for Faeries ~ Fairy Fan Flower (Scaevola aemula)

Postcards for Faeries
11th January ~ Fairy Fan Flower (Scaevola aemula)
Time to re~evaluate goals, be incredibly mindful of your word right now, strengthen resolutions. 

11th jan

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Postcards for Faeries

Over the years, I have created miniature artworks because I just adore the whole absorption of mind and soul which occurs when you focus on shifting your perspective so completely. I have noticed a few Artists this year creating miniature artworks on a daily basis set to themes and I thought this was a brilliant idea for my Flower Reading work as it ties in my daily connections, work and meditations with Nature as well as my art and journaling.


How do I select each flower? I may of seen the plant flowering, dreamt of it, been working with it or it may of come to me as a message, a thought or just a happy passing connection.

​Each tiny postcard artwork is just 2cm wide by 1.5cm high
and I create it on a 21 x 15cm sheet of recycled paper.
I have used pencil, ink and watercolour to create a Postcard for a Faery based on my day.

I am organising an exhibition of this series midway in July 2014 and then the entire 2015 collection in early 2016. 
You can follow along by watching this blog and you can see the entire series, the names and botanical information of each flower, along with it's Flower Reading meaning as it's created over at my website: 


2 jan