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Are you Listening to the Language of Plants or just tapping into what you can gain?

The Botanical Spirit works without us and apart from us.
Tree way

It will not die because of us as it is a universal energy and we are only a small event, a bud of possibility, upon the vines and tendrils that it sends out across time, space and dimensions. We really know nothing of the plans of plants.
Our actions can certainly harm it but it will simply cut us off and guide us to land that hibernates our energy.
The Botanical Spirit responds to us because we are that bud of possibility and if we are aligned and work with it? We may be the leaf, the branch, the root, the flower or the bulb that carries forward and works in harmony with this energy.
Droughts come and fires alight because they must as there is no regeneration and chance for evolution without. Plants need water, air, earth and fire.
Unwanted drying of earth and flames lit without consciousness, through the hand of the people occur because they are not aligned with Plant Energy but there is no botanical plant jury handing out punishment over the supposed morals and personal actions of people.
Plants care about themselves and they have work to do that we are only just awakening to. We are lucky enough to live within the branches of these energies and to listen and learn from their language of botanical energy. You are a part of it but don’t mistake what this energy is saying.
Are you really listening to plants?

May nature bless you and may you always be a blessing to nature.
🐝 Cheralyn

Magnolia ~ Wisdom Keeper & Supporter

Good Morning!
At the moment we are looking for our Magnolia. I've lived in two homes which have had magnificent Magnolias in the front garden and I really connect with the energy and wisdom that this precious Nature friend brings. 

If you look at the way this plant moves through the seasons, you will learn so much. She is bare and appears to most even dead when she flowers. Her blossom carpet the earth with her nature glitter of healing and warming hues with the promise of the Spring. When we expect least, she brings most. 

Magnolia is one of our oldest surviving plants and our oldest flower on Earth with fossils being found that date back over 20 million years. The carpels (modified leaves which appear as petals), though seeming to appear fragile are actually very strong and have an almost rubbery texture. This is because Magnolia appeared before bees, pollination began with beetles, so a stronger more resilient flower was needed to support them. I find this says so much about this flower and her connection with us. 

Having a Magnolia in the front of your home will provide encouragement and support to all within, especially through any difficult times and the gives us all really deep connection with nature. They have very healing and supporting qualities for women who are approaching times when their children are leaving home and they are approaching the middle time of life. For all, they connect us with heritage, family, lineage and they support us in all manner of life changes and transitions. 
Magnolia look over all of Nature and will provide a vital link between what was and what will be. They stand as a guardian and record keeper of Earth. To invite one into your garden is to assist by giving her space. Care for her and she will spread her branches and care of you as she does all around her. 


Her element is Earth, she is connected with the planet Venus
and with Deities of the home, family and love.

Most Victorian Flower Books interpreted her as meaning Dignity, Grace, Nobility and Matriarchal 
connections which very much reflects the energy of the flower and the way the meaning would appear to the society of that time. 

Many cultures the world over connect with the energy and the meanings of Continuance, Endurance and Longevity of Magnolia. 

Though all Magnolia types have have similar meanings, through your personal observation, you will come to understand and learn what they are. I find that by connecting with a plant, I may know the basics of meaning and energy but I always learn so much more once I listen to Nature. Listening is observation of what is here, what is happening. 

Magnolia the physical healer. Magnolia is used in Chinese and Herbal Medicine for sinus difficulties, breathing problems, allergies and anxiety related issues. See a qualified specialist for advice. 
So can you grow a Magnolia? There 100s of different types, so I'd advise talking with your local Garden Centre and also going for a walk and seeing if your neighbours are successfully growing a Magnolia. You need a sunny spot but avoid strong afternoon hot positions. They prefer a temperate zone and will not tolerate below zero temperatures for very long. Frost protection is also needed for young plants. 
Though a hardy plant, you do need an improved soil to look after her with a nutrient rich mulch to ensure abundant flowering. They also need good watering and constant care through hot summer days. For more information for your area, talk with you local garden care centre, they are the experts for your specific zone and can advise on types and the individual care you may require.

A Blessing ~ 
To ensure your lover remains true to you, place a magnolia shoot under their bed. 

May nature always bless you and may you in turn always be a blessing to nature,
Love, Cheralyn xx  


Flora's Wonderful Wishing Tea

Good Morning!  
I hope your day is going to be rather wonderful and here is a Wishing Tea that you can create to bring a little extra boost to you or someone you know. Thank you bunches for all the messages asking for MORE of my Flower friend (I think she's called FLORA!) Next year, I'll be sharing a bit more of her but i am very over deadline with a few things right now so I need to clear the decks first. 
It really does make my heart happy to see her bringing joy to others. 
May Nature Bless you with all that you seek & need my friends! xx 

Wishing tea

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Plant Native Flowers Please! :)

Good Morning! 
Here is a great activity, check out your local council for advice on what is native in plants to YOUR actual area and plant THAT! 


Another very important thing is to look after our Native Bees. Planting native flowers is one way, and also think about keeping native bees (introduced bees take the pollen from our natives). They don't produce much honey, true, BUT lots are stingless (bonus!) and they are under serious threat. 

This is where to buy them in Australia if you are interested PLUS it's a great site with loads of information and again, ask your local council for more information.

Have a fantastic day! xx

Very Loving Violet Honey



Violet honey

Violets are the healers of hearts and also of luck. They bring a change in luck, an increase in position and yes, they can impart luck in love to those who work with them. 
They assist those who may prefer to be loners to enjoyably join into group situations while retaining their individuality and voice. 
Here is a little page from my journal with a very easy way to create my Loving Violet Honey. This is also wonderful for bronchitis and bad coughs. It eases them. 
Have a friend visiting who has a hurt heart? A cup of tea with a spoonful of this honey with sooth and perhaps impart a little turn in luck for them as well. 
Create a tiny pretty pot and leave at your doorstep to invite luck in. 
It smells divine!  
May you always be blessed with all you find in Nature! 


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Lovely Lavender Water ~ Florasphere Journal

WOW thank you so very much for your messages and lovely words re my journal page yesterday. To answer a few: I am an Art Journal FANATIC and have kept them all my life. I find it's the easiest way to keep my research notes and ideas for my work. Sometimes the sketches I'm creating for larger artworks are returned to and I will add a recipe or spell or something additional along the way. 
This page was such a sketch in my journal, below it is the artwork (linoprint on bamboo paper, ink, mixed media paints)  for an upcoming card in a deck to be published next.

Lavender water


*Please be very aware of your own health and allergy precautions must be taken.
I'm providing this page from my personal journal as educational information only, not as a prescription or as medical advice.

Release Negative Thoughts Drops ~ Florasphere Journal

Good Morning! 
Another page from my journal... Enjoy! Ok I'm off for an adventure today AND I really must finish my next deck!  don't forget if you are in Sydney, I am at Warringah Mall Dymocks from 2pm to 3pm on Saturday along with Sofan Chan, the author & artist of the new Buddhism Reading Cards so please come along. We will both have the original artworks from our current decks with us for you to see. (I NEVER take mine out of the house so this is a very special day indeed!) 
Happy day my friends xxxxxxxxxxx


Feverfew 2

*Please be very aware of your own health and allergy precautions must be taken.
I'm providing this page from my personal journal as educational information only, not as a prescription or as medical advice.