Messages from Nature

❁ Flower of the Day ~ Nasturtium (Tropaeolum majus)

(Tropaeolum majus)

Nasturtium new webcards photo 2

Will Assist You In ~
Remaining optimistic, obtaining a victory, in being successful in a hard or long drawn out issue of conflict and most importantly will offer you ways to increase your personal vitality.

The Language of Flowers Oracle ~
Success is indicated as it a boost in resources. You are being warned to watch over your personal energy because although there is almost an abundance of it, you could waste it or let others zap too much from you.

Gardening Notes ~
Oh so easy to grow and can actually take over if you are not careful. they will self~seed everywhere! Most types are edible and make a very yummy peppery addition especially in summer salads when they are at their peek.

My photo here shows Nasturtium growing wild along the shore of the Lake near my home last night. I would not advise eating any found like this as councils do spray with pesticides.

They don't like frost or very cold areas but will tolerant shade exceptionally well. Best results are in well draining sunny positions.

Botanical History & Traditions ~
Originating in Peru, the Incas referred to Nasturtium as 'Golden Nuggets' due to their role in an almost Indiana Jones style legend of stolen gold, mountain chases, a vengeful God and a good man protecting what was right. Along the way Nature stepped in and disguised hidden gold as bright yellow Nasturtiums so it wouldn't be taken by Spanish Conquistadors and so it was eventually returned to the Incas.

The name 'nasturtium' translates from Latin as 'twisted nose' referring to it's rather strong and perhaps not so nice scent.

Now this is one tradition I personally practice ~ plant three red nasturtiums (some traditions call for black) to ensure protection unwanted visitors do not set foot in your home. I once lived in an apartment without a garden and had three small hanging baskets of bright red nasturtiums at my doorway, perfect!

May Nature bless you always and may you in turn always be a Blessing to Nature,
bunches of love,
Cheralyn ❁ xx

Mbs 2016 2

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻

FLOWER OF THE DAY ~ ❁ Thyme (Thymus vulgaris)

❁ Flower Affirmation ~ 
My strength and courage is growing. 

Thyme webcards

This image is from my Veggie Garden this morning and perhaps the message I know this special herb brings may connect with some of you too.
*please feel free to download, keep and to share online if you wish 


❁  Will Assist By ~ 
Helping you to relax, increasing your psychic abilities, protecting you from nightmares and ridding areas of negative energies. 

❁  The Language of Flowers Oracle ~
You may be tested some way soon but you do have the courage and the strength to overcome. Do not let fanciful dramatic fantasy overtake what is actually going on. There is an indication of a change in such for the better and you may even find yourself to occur of another's desires. 

❁  Flower Lore ~ 
The Ancient Greeks had a fondest of Thyme as a herb of purification and they thought it particularly useful in walking away the sorrows or ill health and fortune one might have and their soldiers used it in their bathing to enhance their courage. The Ancient Roman soldiers believed it gave them the physical energy they required for battle and would bath in it for this purpose. In Medieval times it was a popular motif for Knights as it was believed both courage and strength are assured through it's symbolism. 
Thyme will assist you to see Faeries, in fact, this herb is strongly connected with the Fae and I have found many mentions of such through cultural references and literature. It would see that the Faeries adore Thyme and use it to decorate their gatherings.
Collecting Thyme on Midsummer Day, then creating a mist from it to dose trees at the Solstice will ensure the very best growth. ~ There are many variations of this recipe but most include thyme as a base with the addition of rosewater and marigold and other flowers and herbs to produce a charm or eyewash to enable one to see Faeries. Here is one I have shared for a few years now  ~ 

Flora faeries copy

❁  Gardening Notes ~
Thyme is a slow growing plant to grow from from seed and is best propagated from cuttings and by dividing roots. Best grown in a greenhouse or indoors. Transplant young plants into  final positions, in full sun with well-drained soil. Don't overdo harvest in the first year and always water sparingly once established. Thyme has the most flavour in Summer and be sure to mulch well around the plant to protect the roots in winter, particularly if frosty. 

bunches of blessings,
Cheralyn  ❁ xx 

*always remember the energy of a flower is held throughout the entire plant. It does not need to be in flower for your to benefit from connection with it. This information does not replace medical care or advice and you must seek out the professional advice in regards to therapeutic usage and proper plant identification. 

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻

'Triggering Happiness & Healthiness through Fragrance'

For a long time, I believed that certain smells would have an effect on me because they were like some kind of airborne drug. After all, we do call it ‘aromatherapy’, and I associate the word ‘therapy’ with a literal effect on the mind or body by an external influence. Through my Happiness therapies research and spiritual practices, I became quite interested in the idea of mental triggers and how we can train ourselves to respond to different situations with chosen reactions; like a form of self-hypnosis. It was during this time that I started experimenting with smells as triggers.


Here’s an example: I have never been a huge fan of cardio exercise, I’ll admit it. I’ll pump weights till the cows come home, but show me a treadmill and my brain will find some kind of excuse to scurry far, far away. So for a couple of months I would drag myself to cardio through a number of other brain-convincing techniques and as part of my post-exercise hygiene routine I would put on a particular perfume. I would take a moment to breathe in the scent and think about how good I felt after exercising with the endorphins flowing around my body and a great sense of accomplishment. I built an association between that smell and that feeling, and soon I had a powerful elixir on my hands. But I had to be careful- use it too much and I would retrain my brain to associate that smell with other things. My aim was simple- I wanted to remind myself why I did cardio exercise. So the next time I was dragging my heels to the gym I put the perfume on before exercising and my brain remembered that wonderful feeling I got after exercising, reminding myself why I was doing it in the first place. More than that, it remembered that post-exercise euphoria and I instantly felt more relaxed.

Realising the success of this experiment, I began reflecting back on my previous belief that certain smells created specific reactions because of a chemical process on me: Lavender for relaxation, Citrus to perk me up, Mint for cleanliness. I wondered if instead this was the power of my belief about the smell’s effect and that perhaps it only started having that effect on me after I believed in it? There was no way for me to remember my first experience with every scent so I started doing research around this topic and discovered that in most cases, it is not the medicinal effect of the plant based extract that is making us have this reaction, especially if a synthetic smell is being used. It is the mental association we have created with the smell. The Scientific American had an article around this topic and also concluded that “odors influence mood, work performance, and many other forms of behaviour via their learned associations and particularly their learned emotional associations.”

But some smells are a lot more pleasurable then others, right? Surely the beautiful Turkish delight smell of rose will create more positive triggers then the smell of a Stinking Corpse Lily? I wanted to believe so I but I had a hunch that is was based off whether the memory or experience was positive or negative when the smell’s association was created, more than the smell itself. Psychology Today had a thought-provoking article called ‘The Hidden Force of Fragrance’ which gave a hilarious example of exactly this when Rachel Herz, world-renowned expert on the psychology of smell, told us how “an emotional link was forced between the happy experience of [a] car ride and the distinctive aroma of skunk.”

Wait, Pip, are you telling me that flower essences have no actual effect on me and that everything I experience is just an aromatic placebo? Luckily, no I’m not, because I’m sure there will be an outrage at such a statement. No, I am saying that our brain is powerful enough to override anything that would be happening on a chemical level. The previous mentioned Psychology Today article has some great examples of scents that have a very measurable psychical effect on us-
Peppermint increasing brain activity, Jasmine increasing the brain waves associated with sleep, and Lavender decreasing heart rate. The good news or bad news is that a positive or negative experience we associate with a particular smell has a chance of replacing a chemical reaction for a learned response or behaviour. But don’t focus on the negative, let’s focus on the positive! We can increase and aid the effects of fragrances to improve our health, mood and lifestyle by developing purposeful triggers! We can literally bring together the magic of flowers and our mind to create something even more powerful- just think of the possibilities for those who suffer from pain, depression or illness. You know the saying “stop and smell the roses”? I think the saying should be: “stop and smell the roses while embracing happiness” because the next time that smell wafts past, you will experience more than a chemical aphrodisiac.


SerPip “Odyssia” Stoneham is the creator of The Serenity Oracle project.
The Serenity Oracle YouTube channel is a place where you can find serenity through videos inspiring happiness, healthiness, and a more holistic lifestyle.
Or you can follow The Serenity Oracle Facebook Group to get updates on the unique oracle deck which has been designed to inspire relaxing meditations, activities and divinations.
The Serenity Oracle was born out of Pip Stoneham’s creative advertising & production background, and years of studying various belief systems & happiness psychology.
                        She became a serenity seeker to overcome daily anxieties.

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻

Before we Separated our Relationship with Plants ~

There was a time when plants and people knew each other.

The relationship strained and broke as we first took it for granted and then lost it. Now we look for other 'things' which we believe will fill the void of our own making or worse, we clamber like zombies chasing the one true new secret plant of answers to all our ailments and needs until we ruin land and the cultures which have protected it.
All we need to do is be still.
Listen to the Language of Plants right where you find yourself.

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻

THIS WEEK: Mother's Day, How to draw flowers, Workshops, MBS news and Harvesting!

It's actually been a difficult week.
Disappointments. Frustration and bit of heartache, but that's life and crappy things happen at times. It's how you handle yourself as you move on that matters most. I was blindsided by an event that I did not anticipate but I'm ok with it now as the dust settles. Sometimes we need these things to occur so we can understand ourselves more clearly, question what we really want in life and then move on with more clarity than perhaps before. When we fall, when we are holding on with fingertips, if we focus on our reactions, we can notice what it is we want to hold on to and where it is we want to end up. What makes us passionate reveals what matters most to us.

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StUdio Notes
This week I have completed another work for an upcoming Flower deck in oils & mixed media. Loving the depth and the meanings that I'm exploring as I write alongside this body of work. I'm not sure when I'll be releasing this deck as I do have a few things to work out and deciding on how it will be published is one of them. My artistic challenges have been letting go of my current deck style (a type of naive expressionism) for a more traditional approach as I feel this lends itself more to the concept of this body of work. Inspirations are Russian Zhostovo Folk style painting, the light of the Flemish Primitives and the richness of the still life works of the 17th Century Northern European floral subject artists. This deck will be complete by the end of June.

Art 1

Concurrently, I am working, as always on my long term project:  my Garden Oracle. It's been a very long process as I want to work through the year of a garden and put those experiences within the deck. As I need more than one temperate zone and one garden, I've worked through many years to make this happen. The conversations with many of you and shared experiences have enriched so much of what I do and I can not wait to begin sharing a little more of the art and the nature of this body of work very soon. Once my next Flower Deck is complete, I will be ready to start sharing a bit more.
Those who have been following progress? SOON! 

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OnLine WorKshops
I have two online workshops running at present. One is an 8 module (work at your own pace) Flora Reading Course for those wishing to become Certified Flower & Plant Readers and the other a 6 module course for those wishing to create their own card decks (self published or traditionally published). I host a vibrant, interactive and very supportive private teacher/student forum for each and you can join the courses at any time (now!) and work completely at your own pace with lifetime access.

Cheralyn video
Become a Certified Flower Reader 
Create Your Own Card Decks

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In~Person WorkShops
I'll be at the upcoming Sydney Mind Body Spirit FestivAl presenting a Workshop on the Saturday and a Meditation on the Sunday. This year MBS is free for those who register online. All workshops are also free for those attending.

MBS SydYou are invited to my free workshops at Sydney MBS: 

"Flower Reading for
Divination & Healing"
Saturday 29th May
11:30am Seminar Room B
Learn how you can Read Flowers

for healing and for insight in this interactive
workshop. Cheralyn will also give a mini reading to each participant at the workshop.

"Sacred Flower Meditation"
Sunday 30th May
2:00pm Seminar Room B
Cheralyn invites to a beautiful healing
​Flower meditation. Let us explore your
Flower Guide and hear what he or she has
​to say to you. Cheralyn will also leave each meditation participant with a
​Flower Reading.

For more information:

Mind Body Spirit Festival Sydney Facebook Event Listing 

Mind Body Spirit Sydney Seminars

Mind Body Spirit Festival Website
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FloWer of the Day
Catch up postcards for the flower of the day series this week are sent out each Sunday night in my weekly newsletter.
Obtain links to all seven Flower of the Day postcards in your newsletter each week.

Webcards sacred blue lily


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In the GarDen
Oh there's a chill in the air each morning now! I've cleared one plot of summer sunshine goodness to make way for some winter warmth.
This week I've dug in compost, cow manure and a of love to rest the earth before I plant out broccoli, bok choy, more cabbages, silverbeet in this plot. Thats an artichoke stretching her arms to sky in the corner!

Garden thisI'm harvesting beans of many varieties, silverbeet, bok choy, lettuce, tomatoes, nasturtiums, celery and spinach this week. An abundance of basil sees me making up a lot of pesto later this weekend for family and friends!

Not sure what to plant in your veggie patch this month? 
Try out this wonderful online resource: 
 Gardenate Planting Guide

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Florasphere ~ How to DrAw Flowers
It's been a while coming but here it is! My first video tutorial and a worksheet. Both free for you to keep, download and share.
This week is WARATAH

How to draw a flower book sample

The key is practice. You might even like to grab some tracing paper and trace this worksheet a few times first. Then, once you are confident enough to draw a waratah from start to finish alone, practice. Extend yourself and try variations. Invest in a pocket sketchbook and little pencil and sketch whenever you have a spare moment. Pretty soon you will be drawing bunches of beautiful Waratahs!
Enjoy and yes it's ok to share and download.
For a full 40 minute free "How to Draw a Waratah video tutorial, which includes waratah healing, guidance, botanical history and gardening chat, 


When you get there, click SUBSCRIBE so you are first to know when new videos are available.

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After an amazing day at the Sydney Botanic Gardens a few weeks ago and experiencing the wonderfully enlightening Ikebana displays and hearing the artists, I have taken the long wished for step and begun formal training this week. 
I cold not find a course anywhere near me but have found a wonderful teacher online. 
If you are interested in exploring, I highly recommend my new teacher Stephen Coler, more information: THIS LINK

This is my first attempt with what was in my garden ~ 

Border 2MotHer's DAy
Happiest of Mother's Day Blessings and joy to everyone.
As a Mother with my own children apart from me today, I did wake feeling a bit sad but then it turned to slow rising joy as I realised the lesson of Chrysanthemum, LIFE.
Webcards chrysanthemum 2

To give life is to give space, to create and to let go and to be optimistic for what may come. To understand that there will be cycles of rebirth (you will get to directly nurture again) but like the pulling in of the flower after it's time, you need to again release until you are called again by the seasons and cycles of Life.
My children can not be with me today because they are following their dreams and I am so very proud of them for that. Today they are working in jobs that they love completely, both caring for others in very different ways but none the less, with a commitment and care that makes me incredibly proud. So I'm happy to be a Mum today and stand back while my children plant their own dreams in places and in ways I might never of dreamt myself.
I also think of Mother's Day as so much more than just the direct maternal bond, but also in the connections and commitments we make to others. To care, to help with life through nurturing, providing a place in our hearts, at our tables, studios and in our spaces to be heard and supported and encouraged. To those of you who care and nurture others, our earth, our creatures, ideas and creations of care and hope, I wish you many happy blessings and thanks for all you do.

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BookSeller ThankYou
Blown away with shelf position! Thank you so much for the store love Dymocks Books Westfield Warringah Mall in Sydney

Book store
I stumbled upon this in person but if you are a bookseller and have an awesome pic of one of my titles in your store to share, send it to with your bookstore web address. 
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ColouRing In SheeT for YOU! 

click on image for a full~sized downloadable copy

image can be shared as is (with credits)

Florasphere colour chrysanthemum

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead,
may Nature fill it with beautiful blessings,
Cheralyn xx Cheralyn bird of paradise











bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻

Flower of the Day ~ Field Poppy (Palaver rhoeas)

Field Poppy (Palaver rhoeas)
Flanders Field's, Belgium

Poppy Cheralyn Darcey image from 'Flower Reading Cards' Cheralyn Darcey environmental author & artist ROCKPOOL PUBLISHING
linoprint on paper 

The seeds of Field Poppy can lie dormant for almost 100 years and they will germinate after disturbance. This is the science behind the legend of the fields of blood red poppies which arose after the fierce battle in Flander's Field near the city of Bruges in World War II. 

I know that flowers, plants, are doing what they do for their own benefits but I have also observed time and again that these benefits do involve us and it is in the interest of plants to interact with us for their own survival and that of their environment.
For land to be disturbed so violently by war, to then be blanketed in the embrace of flowers so thick that you can not move through them without pause for reflection on what has been and without some physical difficulty and to see the life blood of plant, of earth and people flow in the now silent breezes must surely be a response with more levels than reproduction for the sake of it.
Lest We Forget.

I'm sharing this to thank all who see the image of Poppy or the spring of Rosemary and give over positive thoughtful words, blessings and support to people like me and my family.
Your ongoing, genuine support, kindness, understanding and friendship throughout the years is something we can not do without. This past year has been especially difficult for me and I am blessed and grateful for those I call friends. I appreciate you so very much. Thank you to those who offer the hand of friendship and support when it's needed most to not only me but all Service Families.
So there is no postcard, instead a gift, this artprint for yourself and your loved ones if you would like it. I am also completely happy for you to respectfully share it online with your friends today.

Cheralyn xx

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻

The Flowers and Plants of Hecate

The Flowers and Plants of Hecate. 
Lovely people contact me at least once a week asking which Gods and Goddesses are connected with flowers and plants and visa versa. These are featured in an upcoming title of mine that I have been working on for years now, so you will all have this information on hand whenever you wish. 
Today I was asked about Hecate and as she comes up so often here are just a few flower and plants associated with her: 
Hemlock, Black Poplar, Garlic, Monkshood, Oak, Willow, Yew
and of course ~ Cyclamen.


bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻

Grey Spider Flower

Good Morning! Some Flower Love for you! ~ 

I'm sharing my personal Floramancy card reading for the day
as I am sure it may resonate with some of you as well. 

This fascinating little flower is named well as there is no doubt that there are more than a few of us who have jumped back on a bush track when our hand has touched or we have glanced the Grey Spider Flower. Looking for all the world like a furry grey spider jumping out of a plant, they delight as much as they startle. 

Floramancy card meanings grey spider flower

The meaning therefore is rather 'easy' in the Language of Nature to meditate on. Things are not what they may seem. If you are brave and get over the initial doubt, you may in fact be rewarded or be encouraged to move forward. A challenge is deception because we can see now how easy is it for a real spider to hide amongst these beautiful flowers after all! 

Look to your situation when reading plants and flowers. There are many layers to the meanings and you know best what needs to be worked with. In a general sense, Grey Spider Flower simply means Trust and issues surrounding Trust. 

Personally, I seem to find this plant growing near Flannel Flowers and here is another interesting exercise you might do, take note of these relationships and what you see around you. Naturally similar plants will share similar environments but it is fascinating to see what is calling you to notice. 
Can you grow Grey Spider Flower? Well yes you probably can, ask your local Garden Centre, they are the experts for your area. It's a lovely Grevilliea and in Australia, becoming a popular garden plant. The best thing about Grey Spider Flower is that although we may find it's appearance a tad scary, butterflies & native bees love it! 

They flower from mid winter through to mid summer, so you should be seeing the first flowering in the wild in Australia from the Mid North through to Mid South East Coast right about now. Word of warning, as with all Grevilleas, some people may be sensitive to the leaves so be careful when handling and in selection of gardening beds. 


May nature always bless you and may you in turn be a blessing to nature ~ 
Cheralyn xx

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻

Listen to your Dreamsong but be prepared to find new ways to Sing It!

Have you ever been at a point in a project or a plan when things seem really dark and bleak, when people reject what you are doing, ignore your efforts or you just can't seem to break through and then you find a new way to do things and the sun shines again? 

Well I just have and it will happen again for you too.

Dreamsong flora

You have to keep trying, you have to keep pushing boundaries, you can't just sit still waiting for others to 'give you a go'.

Every single thing that I have had success with,
never ended at the destination I saw when I began.

The essence is there but I have beaten fresh paths, travelled new roads and I have been brave. I've challenged myself and I have never remained fixed in my thinking.

You do not need to know the exact address of where you want to go, just the general area and the direction. Take along a backpack full of adaptability, optimistic realism and with a bit of patience, you will get there!~

Happy Travels
Cheralyn xx

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻