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Learn Green Witch Gardening Online with Cheralyn Darcey

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Learn Green Witch Gardening and how to Create a Home Apothecary​ Online 
lifetime access online
 with ethnobotanical gardener, author and artist Cheralyn Darcey


begins 1st March 2020
​(start anytime thereafter and complete at your own pace) very special early bird enrolment $66US booking now
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No experience is needed. 
Content is suitable for enjoyment and knowledge no matter current garden setup. 
Suitable for indoor or outdoor plants. 

Work at your own pace with information that is relevant anywhere and any climate in the

Garden Design with Magick
​You will learn how to plan and design a beautiful garden space (indoors or out) while learning magical correspondences that will empower, protect and boost the energies you will be working with.
​Plant, Grow, Nurture
Lessons to help you start, renovate and get your garden growing with plants you can use for healing, magick and culinary purposes, all grown naturally by you. 
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Create A Home Apothecary
Learn how to best gather and preserve your harvest and where to obtain additional items to create your personal at home Magickal Apothecary.

Mind Body Spirit Festival, Plant Magick, Garden Goodness

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It's been a week of feeling the fresh chill of winter roll in across the Lake and the bracing winds from the Sea, with of which seem to be emulating my tides of life at the moment. I'm slowly getting my feet back after a setback with my work and finding a way forward. It's easy to hide, to hibernate and withdraw completely for the warmth of comfort or the known at times like these but it's very liberating to rug up and be brave and forge forward. That's what I'm doing and feeling enlivened by it. Rug up and don't you give up either! There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing choice. 

Cold flower

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The Language of Flowers and Plants and Magick

Magic flower

I love to garden, I adore exploring botanical history and I especially find interesting the way folk lore helps us with indications to the energy and therefore meanings of flowers and plants. Through these explorations across time, cultures, places and faiths, time again I find people practicing various Plant Magick. 
But what is Plant Magick? Does it exist? How can you experience it? 


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My Garden This Week 
We found a daybed for the garden! *yah* 
This meant we needed to quickly learn how to build a retaining wall and do a bit of serious landscaping.


Beans! More beans are sprouting this week and making their way up the fence. 
I put in a new eggplant. 

image from
only two so far before the cold sets in I hope more might make it!

Harvesting: beetroot, celery, silverbeet, spinach, french beans, lettuce and a late tomato struck from some dug in compost. Very sweet tiny toms! 

adore my French Beans. Such pretty and delicate beauty

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In The Studio
I am creating new labels and expanding the range of my Flower Mists. Many stores have now asked to stock these and I am busy making that happen. There's a lot of logistics that need to be properly set up. It's exciting getting this interest from people and places who already have my cards and now would like to make a deeper connection with my work. Very grateful. 
I will have a list of stockist available on my website soon and for those not able to find a nearby stockist, I will have them in my Etsy store

Mists 2

A flurry of joyful activity surrounds the creation of a Flora Flower series of books and I am incredibly grateful for a business which is encouraging me to "get her out into the world!" Flora loves plants and people and is looking pretty good in a series of books I hope to share with you all very soon. 

  Flora drawing

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Mind Body Spirit Festival, Sydney 
Mbs banner spirit

I am delighted to be sharing two seminars at the upcoming festival in Sydney. 

Seminars are free for all Festival visitors and Festival entry tickets are free for those who register online  at this link:

"Flower Reading for
Divination & Healing"
Saturday 29th May
11:30am Seminar Room B
Learn how you can Read Flowers
for healing and for insight in this interactive
I will also gift a mini reading to each participant at the workshop.

"Sacred Flower Meditation"
Sunday 30th May
2:00pm Seminar Room B
Cheralyn invites to a beautiful healing
Flower meditation. Let us explore your
Flower Guide and hear what he or she has
to say to you.
I will also leave each meditation participant with a beautiful 
Spirit Guide Flower Reading.

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Plant Resource of the Week
Every now and then the work of this wonderful author comes up in conversations and I love to share it. This week it was during an interview I was giving for a magazine. For those of you who have not explored the botany of desire, I'd really love to suggest the book/documentary. I'm not 100% aligned with Pollan's views on flowers but the heart of what he explores and sets forth is fascinating and will really help those of you also interested in ethnobotany and the language of flowers and plants. 
The Botany of Desire by Micheal Pollan book enliven my work and sent me on many different areas of thought and research when it was released and for a long time now the documentary has been around based on this amazing book.
I've mentioned both a lot throughout the years online, (on my blog and social media) and in my every one of my workshops and presentations. Again the past week it has come up again with those I've connected with.
Here is a link to a preview. It is shown from time to time on various services and available on DVD or you could read the book!


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If you follow my Florasphere Facebook Page you will find I share a FLOWER OF THE DAY postcard with interesting additional information, like the one below each day (at about 8am Sydney time). The artwork is either from one of my decks or books or from my journal or other art. I share the flower which I feel best connects with the energy of the day and perhaps it may contain something for you as well. To enjoy a new card each day which you are welcome to download and also to share them online, go to the Florasphere Facebook Page and click like and then click the like button again to set up how you would like to see the page in your timeline. 

Webcards blue gum
The floral emblem of the Australian State of Tasmania is the flower of the magnificent Blue Gum Tree. They can grow to 70 metres in height with a 2 metre diameter trunk, an impressive guardian of the forests, plains and coastal regions of southern Victoria and Tasmania.
If this flower connects with you it may be indicating a need to look after yourself physically at the moment and to take a little extra care.
Be very careful of losing faith and hope with things which are challenging you at present. Stay the course and look at what you may need to let go of or even accept in order to move forward.
Can you grow a blue gum? Of course you can and you should grow trees! I would suggest that you go and have a chat with your local council and look at planting 'local native gums' as well. Your local wildlife and other plants will love you.
I would also suggest you chat with a local arborist/garden centre about the best places to plant in your garden so you do not have problems later on.
Flower blessings,
Cheralyn xx

Border 2Florasphere Flower Colouring Sheet 
Thank you for the many emails and messages thanking me for last weeks' sheet. This week, on request, i've created another Chrysanthemum Florasphere to colour with a larger blank centre. You can use this as a frame for an image or perhaps to add a name of quote. If you share online once finished, please ensure you add credit and if you share uncoloured, please do so as is (with all credit information). 

click on image for a full sized copy

Chrysanthemum colour 2

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The More I Know Bees ~ 
Colour is often explored for it's meaning and the ways in which it corresponds and interrelates with other energies and lifeforms. I found this article very interesting about iridescence this morning. Another layer to explore ~

Article link: 
Less Brilliant Flowers still keep Bees coming back
Bumblebees prefer petals that have a bit less shimmer
Bee flower

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Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera Exhibition Sydney
I have two dates in July, and spots are now nearly filled ~ 
TO BOOK : Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera Exhibition Sydney Bookings

From the renowned collection of Jacques and Natasha Gelman, 40 brilliant artworks by Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera.

Complimenting this important collections is a selection of 50 photographs by Edward Weston, Lola Alvarez Bravo and Frida’s father, Guillermo Kahlo, to share with us insights into both artists’ worlds and their relationship.

Facebook Event Page (which has gone a little crazy) 

Join me for a relaxed friendly gallery tour with like-minded Frida & Diego lovers.
After our walk~through, you are welcome to join us for light refreshments to chat
​and share our experiences.


The cost of the group visit will be the face value of the tickets ($30) plus $5 donation to the Frida Kahlo Foundation, helping children and women in need.
In the unlikely event that circumstances prevent tour, a full refund will be sent to you immediately. Refunds are not available for other reasons, sales are final, tickets are transferable.
TO BOOK : Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera Exhibition Sydney Bookings

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead,
may Nature fill it with beautiful blessings,
Cheralyn xx

Listen to your Dreamsong but be prepared to find new ways to Sing It!

Have you ever been at a point in a project or a plan when things seem really dark and bleak, when people reject what you are doing, ignore your efforts or you just can't seem to break through and then you find a new way to do things and the sun shines again? 

Well I just have and it will happen again for you too.

Dreamsong flora

You have to keep trying, you have to keep pushing boundaries, you can't just sit still waiting for others to 'give you a go'.

Every single thing that I have had success with,
never ended at the destination I saw when I began.

The essence is there but I have beaten fresh paths, travelled new roads and I have been brave. I've challenged myself and I have never remained fixed in my thinking.

You do not need to know the exact address of where you want to go, just the general area and the direction. Take along a backpack full of adaptability, optimistic realism and with a bit of patience, you will get there!~

Happy Travels
Cheralyn xx

Rose Meditation

Welcome my Wildflower Friend.... 
Play the video, then read on 


To Prepare:

set out the following
*A Rose or it's Image

*rose scented incense or oils 
*candle preferably pink or white
* a piece of rose quartz
*a note book/journal and pen

light your candle or incense in a safe place
dim the light
turn off your phone and any distractions
and relax
play the meditation track below

After you may like to spend some time writing, drawing or recording 
you experience. 


I have provided the audio track in various ways for maximum ease of use. 
All the links contain the exact same audio podcast meditation track. 

To LISTEN STRAIGHT AWAY I have provided two possible links for you:

click either of these links... they start in about 15seconds 
Listen to this episode  


The Rose The Heart with Cheralyn

To LISTEN OR DOWNLOAD via a file share service
Soundcloud File Sharing Link
from here you can listen directly AND you can download to Itunes and Google Play

click this link:

To DOWNLOAD THE FILE  straight to your computer for later use 
Audio File

Right click on EITHER of these links and "save as" 

Download The Rose The Heart with Cheralyn 


  Download this episode (right click and save) 

If you asked me when I began meditation, I could not tell you exactly. 
Really I do not think many of us could. 
The state that meditation is, mind restful state can occur through chance as much as through practice. 
As a child, being read a bedtime story as you nod off to sleep, relaxed, weaving yourself into
the plot is a form of meditation. Many times you would of awoken, happier, empowered with new possibilities from the suggestions in the story that where induced by the calming voice that relaxed you and guided you. 

I am often asked, what is meditation and listened to laments that people 'can't' do it. 

Meditation is simply the quieting of  the mind to focus on something else. 
You can meditate on nothing. This is the form that various religious orders employ and it is very beneficial as a healing and spiritual method though extremely hard for most people. 
Try it right now. Close you eyes and think of...... nothing. 

Yes it can be done and usually takes years of dedicated practice. 

The most familiar form is GUIDED MEDITATION. 
Someone leads the meditation by the telling a calming and healing 'story'. 
The narration will begin with the meditation leader guiding the listeners to relax and 
then they will paint a scene which will include suggestions to induce a change that is beneficial. 

What should you experience? 
Everyone hs a different experience, there is no right or wrong way. 
I have been to meditations circles and listened to others talk of how much the 'saw' with great detail afterwards and just as many whisper in frustration that they didn't SEE anything. Actually 'seeing' things with your eyes closed is a different experience for each person. I can tell you that I see but its not as if a flat screen tv rolls down behind my eyelids and projects a HD movie. 

I think for most people its pretty intangible. It is like daydreaming. Have you ever drifted off thinking about something else in the trance of daydreaming? 
You are IMAGINING something else, not looking at the scene in front of you? 
When you 'snap out of it' you can easily talk of what you where IMAGINING. You where SOMEWHERE else and you can describe it pretty easily. 
"Oh I was at the beach, not here in the office!"
"lol, yeah I was back with my date on the weekend!" 
You may not of SEEN the daydream in Technicolour awesomeness but you definitely 
RECREATED the scene in your MINDS EYE. 
It is far easier to do this with things we have done before. 
The key to daydreaming is that for some reason you got relaxed first. The boring lecture, the tiredness of a big day, the rhythmic tapping of keyboards. These things lulled your physically into a relaxed state and then your mind.... ESCAPED! 

It is far easier for the mid to escape to what makes it happy and it knows well or even what it worries or fears than to meditate on something new and different. Your minds eye just needs practice. 
But never force it. The secret to meditation is that the entire process is beneficial. There is no more gain to be had with the degree of definition of your internal tv screen in  guided meditation. 

All you need to do is relax and listen. 

Do not strive to see more...... give in, let go and relax. 
What ever happens, however you see is really not important. 
What is vital is that you relax because the suggestions in the meditation work best in a relaxed mind. 

Also remember, each person, each mind, each meditation experience is completely different for each person. Do not compare and do not measure. 

I have used meditation in my Art, Craft, Tarot and Metaphysical classes as a tool to relax and focus students on the path and the skills they are seeking in my courses. Many times it's been the favourite part of the lesson for the week with great revelations, much needed time out and shared focus. 

Meditation at present for me is vital in my work developing my oracle decks and the associated work with Flowers. I have also found that I am changing while I am connecting deeper with Wildflowers and the connections that each are making is a gift for everyone.
Now I'm sharing the things I am learning with everyone. 

Thank you so much for joining me. 

I would love to hear about your experiences, see artworks, scribbles, doodles, words, poetry dreams and affirmations and I am happy to listen to you and answer as best I can any questions you may have.
You can leave your comments below on this post and links to your images are very much welcme. 

May you be Blkessed with all you every Need my Friend.... 
Cheralyn xx