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Flower of the Day ~ Japanese Cherry (Sakura, Cherry Blossom)

As I move into this week after what has been personally a very challenging fortnight, I feel peace and I can see a way forward but this comes after doing things differently, a lot differently. I wish the same for those of you seeking the same. A Flower to assist you in reconciliation, in seeking calm and peace within and without is Japanese Cherry (Cherry Blossom, Sakura).

Webcards japanese cherry

Sometimes you can find yourself in a domino situation. One thing fails and then a succession of events seems to tumble on with this energy. Japanese Cherry whispers for us to be patient with ourselves but to take action. Look at the seemingly dead branches at the edges of seasonal change that will soon show flowers first to remind us that it is not dead, not over and will soon bring forth the lush healing green leaves we usually associate with growth and life.
Even in Nature, things do not always follow the patterns we expect. So perhaps to achieve Peace, to achieve balance, you may too need to do things a little different. Reach out first, begin now and watch the growth evolve.

May nature always bless you and may you always be a blessing to nature.
Bunches of love,
Cheralyn xx


When I read a book or use a tool or partake in an experience,
I'm looking for 'true'.

Flora true

True isn't perfection, it isn't the most authoritative either or the most popular.
True is work with a foundation based on passion, not opportunity.
True is mistakes with ownership and willing to do better.
True is transparency and safe discussion.
True is listening.

HINT: If you make things from personal experience: books, art, retreats, courses, jewellery, furniture, clothes, anything in fact,
you will find your 'TRUE'

Listen to your Dreamsong but be prepared to find new ways to Sing It!

Have you ever been at a point in a project or a plan when things seem really dark and bleak, when people reject what you are doing, ignore your efforts or you just can't seem to break through and then you find a new way to do things and the sun shines again? 

Well I just have and it will happen again for you too.

Dreamsong flora

You have to keep trying, you have to keep pushing boundaries, you can't just sit still waiting for others to 'give you a go'.

Every single thing that I have had success with,
never ended at the destination I saw when I began.

The essence is there but I have beaten fresh paths, travelled new roads and I have been brave. I've challenged myself and I have never remained fixed in my thinking.

You do not need to know the exact address of where you want to go, just the general area and the direction. Take along a backpack full of adaptability, optimistic realism and with a bit of patience, you will get there!~

Happy Travels
Cheralyn xx

Flora Colouring In ~ 'Sydney Harbourside Flower Sketching'

Hello Colouring~In friends!!

I have been asked if I have any colouring in of me to share, well yes I do.

Here is one of me a few weeks ago sketching some Red Waratahs, Orange Banksias and Creamy White Flannel Flowers.

Flora Sydney colour in one

*click on this image to be taken to a full sized sheet for you to download 
Now these sheets of me are for personal use only and you can share them online but you must keep Cheralyn's name on them (it's in tiny grey text on the bottom) so people know who created them. 

I think Flannel Flowers are the same colour as the Opera House!
Anyway have fun colouring friends! Actually I can't wait to see how you colour me in SO~
If you want to share your finished Colour In, go to my Facebook profile and add it to my wall: https://www.facebook.com/MsFloraFlower

Flora headLove, Flora Flower 

She was always willing to learn...

Hello friends! 
Wishing you a lovely weekend ahead. My Florasphere message this week comes from my experiences this month. Maybe it touches on something for a few of you also....
This past month, I have found myself defeated and blocked by slow processes and in these moments I have at times fallen and felt like giving up entirely on certain things. Things I really thought held true for me and that I could do. 

Florasphere learn

Out of these times, these moments, I have learned something. I have been willing to explore and I have been willing to say, "This isn't for me, but I have learned something of value from the experience", even if the only thing I can take away is that I now know what I simply can not do or continue with or wish to connect with. 
Also, admitting that you need to learn more, that you are not the end source of all that you aspire to be goes a very long way to ensuring personal happiness and lays a foundation of strength to build upon. 
I try not to be dismissive of things I have not had success with in the past. I try to be open and to give things another attempt. Most of all, I am willing to learn. 

May Nature always Bless you! 
Cheralyn xx 


She learned to let go...

It is hard to trust when you have been misinterpreted and misrepresented.
It is hard to believe when you have been hurt. 
Even the trees know they need to release that which no longer serves them, that which has had it's time and carrying will only limit growth and in times when positive resources are few, destruction. 
Let go, release, be quiet.
Hold and protect what is grounded, true, enduring.

WEB Flora let go 2

may nature always bless you
& may you always be a blessing to nature
Cheralyn xx 

Nature Inspired Colour In Time with Flora Flower!

A few years ago I did put a few of my designs up on this blog with colouring~in versions for everyone.
I noticed that adults seemed to like them just as much as kids. That's rather awesome! 
I have been asked A LOT this past few weeks for colour in versions of Flora Flower because the school holidays in Australia are approaching, but I think it's just a cover that the big people are using. ;) 

Oh and this was my 'helper' Sundar  this morning as I drew Flower Flower for you all.
YES!!!...I had to stop for cuddles! 


Well here is Flora Flower with a Happy friend in the garden to get you started and I would LOVE to see what you do (no age barriers either!) 

Post them on the Florasphere Facebook page: www.facebook.com/florasphere 

Flora Flower C1 by Cheralyn Darcey
*to download: click on the image and you will be taken to a new page with a full resolution image. Simply right click and save to your computer. Please note that this image is protected under international copyright laws and is for personal use as a colouring in page only. It must not be used or reproduced in any other way.