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Beautiful Australian Native Orchids

With over 800 species and around ten new plants discovered each year, there will be an Aussie Native Orchid I’m sure you will fall in love with! For cultural and showing purposes, Australian Native Orchids are placed into one of two groups. The first being the most popular with home gardeners and collectors for their relative ease of care. Accounting for around 25% of the native orchid population, this group is known as the ‘Epiphyte Orchids’. These grow upon trees and rocks. In botanical terms, a plant growing upon rock void of soil is further classified as a ‘Lithophyte’.
Orchids 1

The second group, the ‘Terrestrial Orchids’ makes up the rest of the population, which is 75% and although this group is much larger, it isn’t always as well represented in collections as they can be a lot more difficult to cultivate, and many are extremely rare to begin with. As their name suggests, they grow upon the ground.

Central Coast Native Orchids
What’s even more exciting is discovering and growing our own local orchids. These will be easier to care for and the success rate of cultivation will also be higher in general because they are at home here. Still, you will need to be mindful of their ‘micro-environmental’ needs. Just because it is a plant that is native to this area, doesn’t mean it can grow as happily in a shaded mountain-area as it will on the windswept full-sun coast.

Here are a few locals you might like to try growing at your place:

Tree Spider Orchid (Dendrobium tetragonum) grows naturally in trees and upon rocks along small, shaded waterways. In your garden, you will need a semi-shaded, sheltered moist spot. Expect the highly fragrant, spider-like flowers to appear in the springtime.  You will need good air circulation, and although it can be grown in a pot, does a lot better when mounted in a tree or upon a board. Keep moist throughout the year but a lot drier in the winter months.

Ironbark Orchid (Dendrobium aemulum) likes to grow on Eucalyptus trees but if you are growing in pots, use a course, loose bark and make sure that you keep the roots covered. Flowers are a brilliant white that turn pink as they are spent. It’s a late winter through to early spring bloomer which delights with a divine soft fragrance. They are happy in the heat, prefer some humidity but also need very good airflow. Ironbark orchids prefer full sun but will tolerant some shade. Ensure the medium is kept moist but be aware that they don’t like to be overwatered at all. A free-flowing growing medium is super important with this orchid.

Rock Orchid (Dendrobium speciosum) would have to be my favourite orchid. It grows as both an epiphyte and a terrestrial and is rather drought and heat tolerant. They must have good air-circulation and you should give them semi-shade, but they will enjoy full sun from late autumn and then throughout the winter. Rock Orchid likes to grow in a course bark, pine bark is recommended, and watering should be monitored because they easily fall victim to root rot if water is left to pool. As a general guide: water every 3 to 4 days in summer, decreasing to once every week or 10 days in the colder months.

How to Grow Epiphytes & Lithophytes
First, find a tree! No tree or desire to grow your orchid in a tree? That’s ok, you can simply use old branches, sticks and even rocks artfully placed in pots. Under this structure, you will need a medium and that is not going to be soil. Your epiphytes will recoil in horror if you plant them in dirt so fill your pot with a chunky medium like bark chips, gravel or charcoal. There are specialty orchid growing mediums which are made up of these things and having a look at them will give you the idea or a solution.

This is rather general advice so make sure you seek out individual care tips for your species. Feed your orchid with a specialised orchid fertiliser but at half strength, (because this is a native plant), from mid spring until mid-autumn. You will find that most of this type of orchid need daily watering through the hottest summer months then a couple of times a week in mild weather, to once a fortnight through the winter months.

Got a tree? Maybe a big rock in the garden? Just tie your orchid to it. Follow the rest of the instructions I have given but also make sure the position suits the species you have chosen. One tip I will share with you, don’t tie that orchid to a Paperbark Tree or other bark shedder.

How to Grow Terrestrial Orchids
For the strong of heart and the patient, these orchids will give you a challenge. I like to enjoy them out there in the bush, but if you want to give them a go, a good starting point is the Donkey Orchid species (Duris spp.) of which there are many, but all have a pair of distinctive ear-like petals. These are an easier than most terrestrial orchid to grow. All terrestrial orchids will need a situation on par with most native plants and if growing in a pot, use 3 parts Australian Native Potting Mix to one part perlite to increase drainage. Many terrestrial orchids are deciduous and will die back to their underground tubers in summer and flower from very early spring. Water well during the growing period but most need you to stop completely when they die back.

Looking for More Native Orchid Adventures?
Go for a walk in our natural bushland and see if you can spot some Aussie Natives but only take photos, not flowers or plants. Not only is it illegal, but you will also be contributing to the extinction of our flora. If you are interested in exploring more about legally collecting and growing these beauties of the bush, get in touch with a local Native Orchid group. One that services the Central Coast is: the Australasian Native Orchid Society, Central Coast and they meet on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at the Narara Valley Community Centre. www.anoscentralcoast.com for more information. Also check out the umbrella Australasian Native Orchid Society Website: www.anos.org.au The Australasian Native Orchid Society is dedicated to ‘promoting the understanding and appreciation of orchids growing naturally not only in Australia, but also neighbouring New Zealand, New Guinea and the adjacent western Pacific.’ The society members enjoy a type of plant-fellowship that includes breeding of species and sub-species, shows, culture, education, and field work.

Guide to Native Orchids of NSW and ACT

By Lachlan M. Copeland, Gary N. Backhouse
ISBN: 9781486313686 Published by CSIRO January 2022
Orchid book
Even if you never grow an orchid in your life, this book is for all the plant curious out there. With 582 species along with over 600 stunning photographs to discover within its pages this is an invaluable field guide to an often-overlooked plant out there in the Australian wilds. As a garden writer, I can attest to the fact that many are not familiar with the native orchids of our land and don’t recognise what they may come across. Come and explore these beauties from all environments, even the mysterious underground orchids. Personally, I think every home should have this guide and I might be right as it seems to be selling out quickly!

You can plant the following now: Culinary herbs, beans, beetroot, broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbages, carrot, cauliflower, celery, chicory, cress, cucumber, endive, kohlrabi, leek, lettuce, marrow, mustard, onions (spring), parsnip, potato tubers, radish, rhubarb crowns, salsify, silverbeet, swede, sweetcorn, turnips, zucchinis, ageratum, alyssum, boronia, begonia, calendula, cleome, cyclamen, forget-me-not, nasturtium, pansy, poppy (Iceland), stock, verbena, vinca, viola, wallflower

Cheralyn Darcey is a gardening author, community garden coordinator and along with Pete Little, hosts ‘At Home with The Gardening Gang’ 8 - 10am live every Saturday on CoastFM963. She is also co-host of @MostlyAboutPlants a weekly botanical history & gardening podcast with Victoria White.

Send your gardening questions, events, and news to: [email protected]
This article first appeared in Central Coast Newspapers ( The Coast News and The Chronicle)

...and I'm are back! To blogging!

I hope this finds you happy and well and that you have spent at least some time with a plant, in the garden and maybe even getting your hands dirty. 

Personal Things...

I honestly haven't had the time to fit blogging in for so long as obligations and a bit of craziness has consumed so much of my time. 
Living in the Greater Sydney region has meant 4 long months of lockdown but luckily I have been an essential worker (journalist) and so have had some measure of freedom to do my work. 
I was able to go to the radio station to produce and present my weekly live program and to interview people over the phone from there. Lucky as well to live in a very large LGA (Local Government Area), The Central Coast, and be able to go to the beach, the park and the forest for recreation. Not so lucky that I had another nasty fall and completely torn my medial meniscus. With no elective surgery due to restrictions it has meant terrible pain and immobility but I'll be getting it fixed soon. 

Publishing Things...
Other than that? I'm busy completing a large gardening book and putting the finishing touches on a new series that will appeal to the arty gardeners out there. It's always plants from me so it won't take too much to guess. The large book will appear early 2023 and the series, (yes it is one for my Flora Flowers friends!) will kick off in March 2022. Exciting times and busy ones at that. 
My Flora friends?  Thanks for hanging in there with me. I am happy with where she is headed and the additional few years of development have really helped me to craft a strong backstory and foundation. It's a very good lesson for other authors and illustrators to not be so quick to rush to market with concepts before they are ripe. There is no way Flora would be as well developed or be able to hold up to the breath of plans I have created. There is lots of room for organic growth but it will always make sense to the reader as the roots are strong. 
If you want to keep up with Flora, she has her own website now: The Flora Journals

IMG_6715 2

Gardening Things...
The garden is looking as wonderful as it always does this time of year here, Down Under. It's late Spring and the vegetables are sweet, the flowers plentiful and the bees are doing their thing. The thing that has been sad is not being able to go to my community garden with friends and fellow community gardeners because of lockdown. We have managed to keep SWAMP (Sustainable Wetlands Agricultural Makers Project) alive and steady with rotating rosters ensuring only one of us (or family group) was there at a time. Right now our core team is back on deck and we are looking forward to opening to the public again early next year (maybe December!) 

Radio Things...
If you had of told me a few years ago, or even last year, that I would be a trained radio producer, presenter, panel operator in 2022 and would also be efficient with the 'Zetta' operating system and learning audio editing I would of told you to stop drinking the hard stuff! Here I am though doing all this at COASTFM. This is mostly due to necessity as it is a Community Radio Station and we all pitch in to help out where we can. I've loved the training and with my keen interest in IT, I've found it rather exciting. The thing about this station is that it is situated on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia and this is a place where a to of Sydney people retire to. So we have a stunning amount of talented, (and very well known) entertainment industry legends on hand. No true creative ever really retires and so our station is stacked with mentors almost on tap, as long as you are willing to do the work! If you are not hearing stories of 'The Golden Age of Radio and Advertising' then you are picking up tiny tips and helpful insights all day every day. The best thing though is really connecting with the community and making a real difference by sharing what you are passionate about directly. I'm able to craft a program that speaks straight to local gardeners and plant people that is for them, about them and including them. 

Newspaper Things...
My Coast News Gardening page is now syndicated to another weekly newspaper and found online. After a one week absence a couple of weeks ago due to a miscommunication, we all know how popular it is! It's delightful to hear how much people like my column which follows that gardening show I write. I also now get to review gardening books so if you have suggestions for gardening/plant related books that I could give my 'leaf rating' to, let me know! Oh and let's not forget the gardening questions!! I answer way more than appear in the article each week with about 20 coming in every seven days. Again, it's lovely to see and feel that I'm helping out.


I think that's enough things to catch up on to get me back behind the blogging wheelbarrow! 

bunches of love, 

Flora Grows Apples

WEB Flora Grows Apples Cheralyn Darcey
THE MAGICK & POWER OF APPLES (Malus domestica). This fruit can help you connect with energies to assure a brighter future. Apple helps build and hold hope stronger in your heart. If you are working on your future, on goals and re-evaluating past decisions, this powerful fruit will be a strong ally. Those wanting to align with the energy of love and especially on bringing romantic bonds closer together can use apple via essences, cooking, imagery and magic to assist. Apple also beckons us tp look at the individual elements of situations a little more closely and be sure that you do not lose your unique qualities.

Plant apple trees from early winter to mid-spring in tropical zones (suitable cultivars) and late autumn through to late spring in all other areas. Grow in a sheltered, full sun position with a free-draining and fertile soil. Ensure that the young tree is very well watered in the first few weeks. Apples benefit from a nitrogen-based fertiliser each year before fruiting. Harvest apples when they smell and taste ripe.

Uses: immortality, prosperity, love, spirit realm, blockages
Deities: Hera, Athena, Aphrodite, Pomona, Gaia, Morgan le Fay, Idunn, Olwen
Celestial: Venus
Astrological Sign: Capricorn

Apples hide a pentagram within, so use this natural magick in a dried fruit display.
Gather 3 apples, ½ cup lemon juice, 1.5 tablespoons salt. Core apples, slice 5mm (.20 inch) thick. Soak for 15 minutes in a mix of 2 cups lemon juice and 3 tablespoons salt. Pat dry then dry on a baking sheet for about 6 hours at in an oven at 150 degrees. Keep the oven door slightly ajar to ensure good air circulation. Turn the slices when they start to curl.

I know a lot of you love Flora as much as I do so here is a full sized print to keep. 
Click on the image to download a full sized print. 
It is still copyright protected and may not be sold. 
Flora Grows Apples Cheralyn Darcey

Flora Grows Cos Lettuce

I've been asked for prints of this artwork and I thought I'd gift them to those who are interested.Flora Grows Cos Lettuce  Cheralyn Darcey

"Flora Grows Cos Lettuce" Cheralyn Darcey 2020 
watercolour, pen, white ink, pencil on paper 
Click on the image above to download a full sized image
It is copyright protected, can be downloaded and printed for personal use only and may not be altered. 

This post and social media posts can be shared and the image can be shared online with full credit to Cheralyn Darcey. 

(Lactuca sativa)
This vegetable will help you find fulfilment in many areas of your life. It will help you overcome challenges and find new ways to obtain financial gain or recovery. Cos Lettuce helps us get better physically and emotionally and so asks that we watch the way we are caring for ourselves and to be careful about what it is we are focused on.
Flora Cos Lettuce
Usually planted in spring or autumn in most areas or late winter through to mid spring in cold zones. Before sowing, lay on wet paper towels and refrigerate for two days before sowing. Keep well-watered once sown or seedlings are planted out. Lettuce grow best in full sun with an open soil that is rich and kept moist. Although all are annuals, many types are ‘cut and come again’ so can be harvested as they grow until the end of their season. 

lust, renewal, recovery, love, fertility, desire
Venus, Min
The Moon
Astrological Sign: 

Renew your skin and boost your desirability while bring what you desire closer.
Gather 2 tablespoons finely shredded lettuce, 1 teaspoon of corn flour, 1 tablespoon of rolled oats, 1 tablespoon of dried milk, 1 tablespoon fine powered clay and 1 drop of rose oil.

Place in a red bowl and mix together while visualising what it is you desire. Pat onto a clean face, leave for 30 mins then rinse off. 


Frangipani (Plumeria alba)

The last of summer. Not an end but a change. A reminder that the energy of the plant is expressed through its flowers and that the seasons will layer their various gifts and lessons upon what you find.
Frangipani (Plumeria alba) mean freedom and inner beauty, they will assist in uncovering deeper wisdoms and clarity. Picture from a walk yesterday between the rain in Burwood, Sydney 

🌼 Flower of the Day ~ Feverfew

Feverfew webcards vintage flora_edited-1

A herb favoured for the qualities which it's common name indicates (reducer of fevers), Feverfew has been used for various issues, usually of the head and is a modern herbal remedy for migraine. Magickally, carrying the plant on your person is a guard against accidents and viral illnesses.
To give to another indicates a pledge of protection.
bunches of blessings,
Cheralyn 🌼

IMAGE: Flora Flower, Cheralyn Darcey (2017)
Feverfew: Flore médicale, vol. 4: t. 227, Chaumeton, F.P.,  (1830)

*information for educational purposes only.
Never take or use any botanical material topically unless under the direct supervision of a registered professional.

🌷 Flower of the Day ~ Jonquil

Webcards jonquil vintage flora

Although Jonquil are one of the traditional 'bringers of spring', they actually mean desire and power and also endings, both wanted and otherwise. They assist with the passage of change and are lovely way to indicate that you return the desires of another. Perhaps so you may make way for a little change. ;)

collage image:
Flora Flower, Cheralyn Darcey
The Florist, A. Heckle (1757)

Mind Body Spirit Festival, Plant Magick, Garden Goodness

Cheralyn sun
It's been a week of feeling the fresh chill of winter roll in across the Lake and the bracing winds from the Sea, with of which seem to be emulating my tides of life at the moment. I'm slowly getting my feet back after a setback with my work and finding a way forward. It's easy to hide, to hibernate and withdraw completely for the warmth of comfort or the known at times like these but it's very liberating to rug up and be brave and forge forward. That's what I'm doing and feeling enlivened by it. Rug up and don't you give up either! There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing choice. 

Cold flower

Border 2

The Language of Flowers and Plants and Magick

Magic flower

I love to garden, I adore exploring botanical history and I especially find interesting the way folk lore helps us with indications to the energy and therefore meanings of flowers and plants. Through these explorations across time, cultures, places and faiths, time again I find people practicing various Plant Magick. 
But what is Plant Magick? Does it exist? How can you experience it? 


Border 2

My Garden This Week 
We found a daybed for the garden! *yah* 
This meant we needed to quickly learn how to build a retaining wall and do a bit of serious landscaping.


Beans! More beans are sprouting this week and making their way up the fence. 
I put in a new eggplant. 

image from http://s3.amazonaws.com/feather-files-aviary-prod-us-east-1/98739f1160a9458db215cec49fb033ee/2016-05-18/a88be8258b334d11965aeef9cdac2e00.png
only two so far before the cold sets in I hope more might make it!

Harvesting: beetroot, celery, silverbeet, spinach, french beans, lettuce and a late tomato struck from some dug in compost. Very sweet tiny toms! 

adore my French Beans. Such pretty and delicate beauty

Border 2

In The Studio
I am creating new labels and expanding the range of my Flower Mists. Many stores have now asked to stock these and I am busy making that happen. There's a lot of logistics that need to be properly set up. It's exciting getting this interest from people and places who already have my cards and now would like to make a deeper connection with my work. Very grateful. 
I will have a list of stockist available on my website soon and for those not able to find a nearby stockist, I will have them in my Etsy store

Mists 2

A flurry of joyful activity surrounds the creation of a Flora Flower series of books and I am incredibly grateful for a business which is encouraging me to "get her out into the world!" Flora loves plants and people and is looking pretty good in a series of books I hope to share with you all very soon. 

  Flora drawing

Border 2

Mind Body Spirit Festival, Sydney 
Mbs banner spirit

I am delighted to be sharing two seminars at the upcoming festival in Sydney. 

Seminars are free for all Festival visitors and Festival entry tickets are free for those who register online  at this link: https://tickets.exponews.com.au/822

"Flower Reading for
Divination & Healing"
Saturday 29th May
11:30am Seminar Room B
Learn how you can Read Flowers
for healing and for insight in this interactive
I will also gift a mini reading to each participant at the workshop.

"Sacred Flower Meditation"
Sunday 30th May
2:00pm Seminar Room B
Cheralyn invites to a beautiful healing
Flower meditation. Let us explore your
Flower Guide and hear what he or she has
to say to you.
I will also leave each meditation participant with a beautiful 
Spirit Guide Flower Reading.

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Plant Resource of the Week
Every now and then the work of this wonderful author comes up in conversations and I love to share it. This week it was during an interview I was giving for a magazine. For those of you who have not explored the botany of desire, I'd really love to suggest the book/documentary. I'm not 100% aligned with Pollan's views on flowers but the heart of what he explores and sets forth is fascinating and will really help those of you also interested in ethnobotany and the language of flowers and plants. 
The Botany of Desire by Micheal Pollan book enliven my work and sent me on many different areas of thought and research when it was released and for a long time now the documentary has been around based on this amazing book.
I've mentioned both a lot throughout the years online, (on my blog and social media) and in my every one of my workshops and presentations. Again the past week it has come up again with those I've connected with.
Here is a link to a preview. It is shown from time to time on various services and available on DVD or you could read the book!


Border 2

If you follow my Florasphere Facebook Page you will find I share a FLOWER OF THE DAY postcard with interesting additional information, like the one below each day (at about 8am Sydney time). The artwork is either from one of my decks or books or from my journal or other art. I share the flower which I feel best connects with the energy of the day and perhaps it may contain something for you as well. To enjoy a new card each day which you are welcome to download and also to share them online, go to the Florasphere Facebook Page and click like and then click the like button again to set up how you would like to see the page in your timeline. 

Webcards blue gum
The floral emblem of the Australian State of Tasmania is the flower of the magnificent Blue Gum Tree. They can grow to 70 metres in height with a 2 metre diameter trunk, an impressive guardian of the forests, plains and coastal regions of southern Victoria and Tasmania.
If this flower connects with you it may be indicating a need to look after yourself physically at the moment and to take a little extra care.
Be very careful of losing faith and hope with things which are challenging you at present. Stay the course and look at what you may need to let go of or even accept in order to move forward.
Can you grow a blue gum? Of course you can and you should grow trees! I would suggest that you go and have a chat with your local council and look at planting 'local native gums' as well. Your local wildlife and other plants will love you.
I would also suggest you chat with a local arborist/garden centre about the best places to plant in your garden so you do not have problems later on.
Flower blessings,
Cheralyn xx

Border 2Florasphere Flower Colouring Sheet 
Thank you for the many emails and messages thanking me for last weeks' sheet. This week, on request, i've created another Chrysanthemum Florasphere to colour with a larger blank centre. You can use this as a frame for an image or perhaps to add a name of quote. If you share online once finished, please ensure you add credit and if you share uncoloured, please do so as is (with all credit information). 

click on image for a full sized copy

Chrysanthemum colour 2

Border 2
The More I Know Bees ~ 
Colour is often explored for it's meaning and the ways in which it corresponds and interrelates with other energies and lifeforms. I found this article very interesting about iridescence this morning. Another layer to explore ~

Article link: 
Less Brilliant Flowers still keep Bees coming back
Bumblebees prefer petals that have a bit less shimmer
Bee flower

Border 2

Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera Exhibition Sydney
I have two dates in July, and spots are now nearly filled ~ 
TO BOOK : Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera Exhibition Sydney Bookings

From the renowned collection of Jacques and Natasha Gelman, 40 brilliant artworks by Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera.

Complimenting this important collections is a selection of 50 photographs by Edward Weston, Lola Alvarez Bravo and Frida’s father, Guillermo Kahlo, to share with us insights into both artists’ worlds and their relationship.

Facebook Event Page (which has gone a little crazy) 

Join me for a relaxed friendly gallery tour with like-minded Frida & Diego lovers.
After our walk~through, you are welcome to join us for light refreshments to chat
​and share our experiences.


The cost of the group visit will be the face value of the tickets ($30) plus $5 donation to the Frida Kahlo Foundation, helping children and women in need.
In the unlikely event that circumstances prevent tour, a full refund will be sent to you immediately. Refunds are not available for other reasons, sales are final, tickets are transferable.
TO BOOK : Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera Exhibition Sydney Bookings

Wishing you a wonderful week ahead,
may Nature fill it with beautiful blessings,
Cheralyn xx

This Week ~ Book Completed, Yoga & Free Running Nasturtiums


To finish creating anything , a book, an artwork, anything creative, is a very strange mix of emotions. 
This week, Friday at 2:30pm Sydney time to be exact, I completed writing what I refer to as my 'Big Book'.

Well, it's not particularly big but it has filled a very big part of my world for decades. It's a book I wanted and couldn't find and it's a book which is particularly special as I feel it brings all my work together and provides a very good foundation for what is to come.
I got to a certain point with the book two months ago and I realised something additional needed to be included and I have worked solidly around the clock to make that happen for Deadline. It has meant that I did need to put many things aside and I haven't been the best friend, family member or even participant in a lot of things while I made it all happen. My mind, body and soul were 100% focused on the book for that time.
Some relationships were tested and others strengthened by it and new ones emerged because there is no more selfish thing to do than to completely give yourself over to a creative project, without out-sourced administration or a daily living infrastructure to support you. The bottom line, I can not afford either and need to be pretty much the soul provider of these these things for various reasons.  I think if I could afford to provide these things? I would probably love a cleaner, a manager and an assistant. In that order. 
Now I am out the other side, I have to say that as wonderful as the moment is, it didn't come without a few scars. I've put on a few kilos. I went to the gym 5 times a week but sitting on your bum all those hours and getting the nibbles because you gave up coffee will do it! So the mission is on to remove those now. I've missed really good opportunities as I have not been able to follow up on them or notice them before it was too late and I've not participated in many activities, groups and involvements which I enjoy. Oh and my house is as dusty as a haunted house and let's not go into the fridge/science experiment! 
But the garden is wonderful.

planting winter crops
planting winter goodness

The seasons stop for nothing and without my dawn gardening daily ritual, I think I would of 'lost it'. 

I am incredibly grateful for those who supported me with their friendship, love and interest. 
There are many people who follow my work surrounding Botanical History and the branch of Ethnobotany I follow with the focus I have with Flowers and I am blessed with the path crossings and the time we spend together. While it is also true I have also experienced a few disappointments along the way recently, the majority of people are really lovely and genuine, without an agenda and with an honest interest in this field of work and for that I have found a lot to be grateful for. 

So the 'Big Book' is completed and I have illustrations to tidy up and finish over the next week and then await the machinations of publishing to happen. It's an exciting time and a funny time. You finish and now you wait and wonder what will be for your baby, but you need to let go. Of course I wonder and worry if I did enough, if I did it 'right' but I did what was in my heart and I created from a place of loving nature, botany, gardening and people and it comes from the foundation all the work I have done and all the experiences I have had in this field for over three decades so if nothing else, there is complete truth to the work.

Now off you go book, fly and be free and may you land in the hands of those who love the subject as I do and perhaps bring sunshine and warmth as you have me.

So through all this last couple of months, I joined the local gym, found an amazing Personal Trainer, who happens to be the gym Yoga Teacher so not only did i start doing some more serious working out but I began doing Yoga. I love both. Firstly Helen, my trainer, has done amazing things getting me to do weights again by working around the injury issues I have, to the point that I can now raise my arm to all extension (yes I'm amazed!) I've also overcome my fear of Yoga. Well not Yoga itself, just the uber competitiveness and cliqueiness of any classes I've tried. Helen runs the most wonderful space and I adore going. 
Not only have I begun Yoga, so has Mr Darcey!

that's a pretty good tree

Sadly we have had to postpone our trip to Uluru in a few weeks for personal reasons. We did share with all our friends and family that this was happening but as those close to us know, it really won't be possible right now. All things sometimes for a reason. 
We are now looking at September and perhaps may even be able to extend to a bit of a Wildflower Trek as well.

It's defiantly Nasturtium time for me!

Yes they can run wild and need to be looked after but there's something uplifting and enlivening about these flowers happily tumbling over everything isn't there? They are connected with vitality and victory and heal those feeling deflated or exhausted. They seem to give you that kick you need to get over the line. Yes yes, I did find much strength with my Nasturtium friends in the garden the past few weeks myself ;) 

Web card nasturnium

So easy to grow and they are delicious in salads, wraps and sandwiches. I grow mine in areas which are challenging for other plants as they provide a pretty fill while still being useful. As I said, you need to watch these cheeky guys as they will take over! I've planted standards, climbing and dwarf and hopefully will have some black velvets to show you in the coming weeks. 

Well my poor old social media sites, websites and so on are looking sad at the moment so you can look forward to new energy over at my Youtube Channel this week with Flower of The Day Videos beginning! I know how much you all love the postcards so this is an extension of that 

Hop on over and subscribe so you never miss an episode: 

Cheralyn video 2
More colouring in and creativity videos are also on their way ~ all with Flower love and inspiration!  
I have just noticed I seem to have somehow lost my URL and need to find out what happened there. Ah another technical task to do this week. 


I have shared Flora publicly for a few years now after being frightened for a very long time of someone 'stealing' her.
Silly as she deserved to be out in the sunshine. 
Flora stories
I've shared the story of the young flower girl who loves gardening and nature with many people for many years before that and I've often wondered where she would 'end up'. I'm still not sue but rest assured that behind the scenes I have been working on a few projects which involve her. My dream is to see her animated one day but before that in a series of books. 

You can be her friend on Facebook
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So looking forward to this wonderful day at Sydney's Royal Botanic Garden. 
I have a few of these days planned for the rest of the year too and one later in the year in Brisbane. 
If you are in Sydney, you are most certainly invited. More information here: https://www.facebook.com/events/186234388411774/


So until next week, 

May Nature always bless you and may you always be a blessing to Nature! 

Bunches of Love, 

Cheralyn xx