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Lettuce & Lavender Facial Cleanser ~ Lettuce Cleanser Update

So last week I shared my recipe for my Lettuce Facial Cleanser that I planned to use with my bolted lettuce. 
We had a few over 40 degree days in a row and my Cos just didn't handle it well at all. It bolted! 

Well today I bottled a bit of tweak on that recipe and added some of my home grown lavender as well. 
Found some really lovely simple green glass bottles too! 
Special gifts for lovely people. 

Facial ckeanser bottle

The Language of Flowers
Lettuce ~ Calm
Lavender ~ Cleansing

May nature always provide & bless you! 
Cheralyn xx 

Dandelion Face Mask

Dandelion mask

I create a lot of different things from the flowers and plants I grow and collect and I often think it would be wonderful to share these things with everyone by making them up and selling them but the truth is, I do not have the additional time at the moment at all so I thought I'd share some of my favourite recipes with everyone instead from time to time.

Make sure than any plants you use are correctly identified and are organic.
Cheralyn xx