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Creative Meditation Tutorial


Mosmanbaytuesday"Mosman Bay Early Monday"
oil on canvas
Cheralyn Darcey 2005

After a lifetime of creating Art, I find the process itself to be a meditative activity. 
Easily I find myself in the state of mind which feels very much like deep meditation 
as I create. I do realize that this takes time, practice and development. 

It is also the Gateway to creating Art and Crafts which are more closely aligned
with your Spiritual self. To help you find that space, I have developed a little 
meditation exercise which ANYONE can do. It also helps unlock creative blocks
(yes even you "I'm not at all Creative" types!) 

Here is my little creativity visualization and meditation exercise for you
to try that will help you find your creative space . 
This Meditation is in two parts. 

The first, which you can use on it's own as a relaxation meditation,
features a walk through the forest. 

Part two is an 'awake' meditation.
Make sure you do part one first to lower yourself into the frame of mind
and calm centered focus to enable you to benefit deeply from part two.

You will need:
A comfy quiet place to sit or lie.
A big blank sheet of paper A3 or bigger!
One of those cardboard sheets from the newsagent cut in half is a great size.
A collection of coloured pencils, markers or crayons 
(I LOVE crayons for this as the texture and blending works wonderfully!


Creative Witchery Meditation Forest Relaxtion with Cheralyn Darcey


Creative Witchery - Creative Meditation Exercise with Cheralyn Darcey

I would LOVE to see your results and hear about your experiences!
Post in the comment field below and links to pictures PLEASE :)  


Next Session: Create & Self Publish YOUR Oracle & Tarot Deck ONLINE COURSE

It was so exciting earlier this year when my dream became a reality
and I published my first Deck. 

RIGHT now I'm up to sharing Week Three with the first Session of my course and the excitement, progress and energy in our classroom and private forum is just wonderful. 

I'm also about to publish my next two decks.....
"Wildflowers of China Oracle" & "Wildflowers of the Earth Oracle" 

Self Published with my complete control and seeing what I dreamed come to be, exactly how I had seen it in my vision! 
Along the way so many people have written to me and asked me how I did it, how they too can do it and so because I already teach in person and online I began putting this course together. 
In it I show you exactly how I self publish my decks and yes I did do it with NO MONEY upfront at all. 
And you can too...... 

ONLINE COURSE: Creating & Self Publishing Tarot & Oracle Cards
with Cheralyn Darcey course fee $130
videos, audios, worksheets and comprehensive notes 

This 6 week course begins ON  MONDAY 14th OCTOBER 2013
You can start when you like, come and go as you please and you can have access for a full 12 MONTHS as well as have full access to the private forum for that time. 
You do not need to be online at certain times, the classroom with all the features is open 
all the time. The forum is open all the time for you to access too! 
I LIMIT Spaces to 20 to ensure my commitment to each student.  
We booked out last time.... 

to book  (option to pay via deposit or in full)
and for lots more information GO TO THIS LINK:



"Yay thank you so much for the motivation Cheralyn Darcey. I was thinking of looking into getting someone else to do the paintings for my deck until I started your course ......... I know that if we all let the artist within come forward in what ever medium speaks to us we will all create something special, unique and heart felt. The creativity is amazing." Laura 

Oh My Goodness Cheralyn I cant express to you how grateful I am for the information you cover ........ You have covered everything and I mean EVERYTHING! Thank you soooooo much!   
I had been getting a bit overwhelmed by all the questions being asked on the forum and I was thinking "how come I'm not thinking of these questions?" but I took a step back and thought "dont panic this is what the course is about and you will learn all of this". After reading this weeks lesson I am VERY assured .........
Thank you again!   Pam xxx


Possibly the most worrying aspect of creating your cards but I have tried so many different ways, done the legwork for you and have found the Holy Grail. After years of trial and error and giving lots of companies the go, I have found a few options that I will present to you and my favourite. Then I will walk you through the entire process. The quality of the cards is beautiful! Professionally printed and everything I dreamed they would look like. That deck "The Australian Wildflower Oracle" has been sold all over the world. 

In my course I not only share with you how to publish but how to create a deck from scratch. I am a lifelong tarot and oracle reader, a very dedicated student of the cards and a collector with well over 150 decks and counting!! You may already have a fantastic structure idea, or none at all. I really cant wait to get our forums open to let the discussions, learning and sharing begin!

Some of you will have artwork ready in full, begun or perhaps you are not an 'artist' at all. (Well thats not true as we are ALL Artists!) I will be sharing with you how to make a Deck a reality through whatever level of Artwork you have from none to a gallery. Those with none? I have a few really easy, very effective ideas that you can use to create decks using collage, photography and even children's artwork! We shall also discuss finding Artists and collaborations and you can start right here in your Course Forum, who knows that amazing idea for a Deck of Sunrises COULD include a Watercolour Painter who would love to work with you! 
I will be assisting you and sharing with you EXACTLY how to prepare your artwork for printing too. YES it is a little tricky at times but thats ok, again I've done it, I've worked it out and no matter your skill levels with computers I do have easy tricks to make it happen! 

I am so excited already meeting those who are joining me in the course. 
There are authors, there are artists, people with dreams to do this, people who are interested in seeing how its done and can't wait to get started. Some just thinking about creating a deck and looking at how to start. There are those who have been trying unsuccessfully for years either to finih their decks or have been rejected or ignored in mainstream publishing and just need that little bit of extra help to make it happen.
Seriously, no matter what level of experience or length of time you have been 'at it' I am ready for you to come and share my enthusiasm to make your dreams and visions realities. 

 to book and for lots more information GO TO THIS LINK:

Drawing Again

I just wanted to MAKE SURE you lot knew about this gorgeousness of an Artist I've found.....!
 Jane Davenport!!!!!!!!!!

I'm doing her online course at the moment.
Well I'm doing ONE and am itching to do the next. 
Jane teaches something I'm a bit crap at, drawing people. 
So all those pictures you have been seeing of me saying check out this girly face, look at this, and this and THIS... (heh heh heh.... sorry for boring you I AM EXCITED!!!!!!!!)... well they all are results of Janes teaching. 
Here's one  again.... just incase you missed my Facebook Explosion... 

SEEEEEE told you all I'm not this PERFECTLY PERFECT Artist of PERFECTION. 
I take courses all the time, you know no one knows it all and if you think you do, actually if you think you do, thats just very sad because you are missing out on a whole lot of joy, fun, excitement and enchantment. 
I find that there is nothing as magical as discovery and learning is such a beautiful feeling! 

I am LOVINg the results I'm getting while learning from Jane and I just LOVE ♥ ♥ her videos, fun and awesome attitude.
ANYHOW... if you want to check out an awesome Arty girl and if you wanted to learn to draw Peeps... check her OUT! ..... 
Jane dave

ONLINE Talisman Creation Course with Cheralyn

Do you wish to create Talismans and Empowered Magickal tools? 

BeessCreated and aligned with your energy, new skills and with a deeper and greater understanding?
I am lifelong Artist, Teacher and above all, Talisman Creator.
I do say "Passion Decides Fate",
the thing I'm MOST passionate about is Teaching and Teaching Talisman creation in all its magickal layers brings together my connections with all I truly believe ~
That we are here to make a difference with the skills we have been blessed with.
I teach art as a volunteer once a week in a very challenging situation but it has given me the gift of greater teaching skills and infinite patience. 
My Traditions and Beliefs are aligned in my heart when I am Teaching Magickal Tool Creation and this is why I am happy to share all that I love and know with others. Though I do in fact sell Talismans and purchase them from others and these have wonderful powerful attributes and energies that I seek and adore connecting with,  
to a Magical Tool CREATED BY YOU for YOU or those you LOVE. 

This is a Course not about what I do, its about what YOU can do and believe me YOU CAN!  
I show you what I have learned, the technical skills, the traditions and
most importantly, we explore what you want to know. 

The Path is shown and you can follow along and I will give you the confidence to explore and create your own Path, aligned with YOUR amazing energy.
The power to connect is why we are human.  


"Intuitive Talisman Creation"
                                 with Cheralyn Darcey 
            an online seven week course
includes: Blessing Beads, Meditation Bracelets, Protection Amulets

Course begins  7th May 2013 
12 students only



$130 which includes Charged Crystals (see below) 
Click on the Paypal button to pay and book 

your confirmation will be sent to the PayPal email address you use


I only take a VERY limited number of students so I can look after each. 
There are a few Testimonials at the end of this post. 



This is not just a technique course,
it's a course which guides you in the magical grounding of creating magickal tools.
We explore the History and long traditions through many beliefs and cultures  associated with Taisman creation. Amulets and associated Magical adornments are also included! 
You will learn how to create a space of magic and dedication to create in through rituals that are presented in ways that suit any path or belief. Traditional practice and example are discussed and watched. 
You will connect with  the tradition and magic of Talisman Creation and your inner messangers
through provided downloadable meditations, journalling exercises and class discussion. 


Are you not VERY creative but long to be?

Well thats ok as my speciality is teaching ALL levels and through extensive video presentations, which you can keep forever and watch over and over as you will build those skills.
If you are somewhat advanced along the way, thats ok too as I present extension ideas and techniques for you.
There are DOZENS of industry 'secrets' and I share my recipes, ideas and suppliers too, though you maybe surprised! ;)

Seven MASSIVE lessons presented over six weeks which you can actually start and do whenever you like. Each week you can download everything for later. You don't have to 'keep up".

There are tons of photos, lots of links, notes and as I said Videos. 
I also run a forum which is private and you can have access to it forever more once you are a Talisman student. (PS old students, ask me to pop you in the new forum!) 
Here you can share ideas with other students, ask me questions and you can even post your own progress photos for help. 


I've not offered this course for a while as something very special is happening... 
I'm off to the UK and as part of that trip will be visting Stonehenge on the Summer Solstice and then I'm off on a journey to Goddess Brigid's Flame in Ireland. If you join the course this time around, I will bring you back a crystal empowered through ritual and charged at both sacred places to include in a Talisman of your creation. I will be leaving connecting crystals at these places.   






You dont have to use all of these, but I certainly cover them and you can pick and choose. 
I am FOREMOST the Magician of recycling and I will share with you loads of ways to use everday objects and elements to create art materials. Along with these things I cover Resin (I know we all want to master it at some stage!, basic metal smithing, power and hand tools, clays, LOADS of jewellery techniques, painting metals the RIGHT way, combining textiles, how to save disasters and so much more! 
PLUS along the way I am happy to answer questions in the forum on things that may not be in the class (though there might not be much!) 


We are making magickal tools and it is the power and the dedication you put into your piece which makes it a Talisman. There is real magick in Art  & Design, in emulating the patterns of nature, the laws of geometry and in creating a thing of beauty. I teach you to bring these elements into your Talismans and I've been so happy to hear how past students have then used these new skills and insights in other Creative areas of their lives. 

Blessing Beads
A great example of one of the 22 videos available in this course. 
What People Are Saying About 
"Intuitive Talisman Creation with Cheralyn":
You make everything so easy to understand and do. Your energy is amazing and you are so generous with your time and the things you share. I feel like I'm at a wonderful art retreat with a bunch of friends in my PJs. I work full time and have a family so that would never happen. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts so generously. 
Christina, USA
Where have you been all my life? I'm sure you could teach birds to soar. You crack me up as well. Loving every single moment of your classes and you.
Peta, UK
I am writing to say thank you for the wonderful Creating Talisman workshop you are running. I am enjoying this workshop very much and look forward to receiving each new lesson. I am only a beginner and not overly creative and have been wanting to awaken that side of myself. Your workshop format suites me perfectly it has been set up professionally with detailed notes, videos and online sharing and there is something here for everyone from beginners to those more experienced. You make the process seem fun and easy, yet I feel challenged and inspired to start creating! A whole new world has opened up for me, I find wherever I go I am looking for treasures that I can use in my creations! Although I am studying at home via the online format, I feel like I am able to make a personal connection with you through the videos and the online sharing. It's been great to see what the other participants are doing too. You are very generous with your time, enthusiasm and creative ideas. And I like that I can use these ideas to enhance my life on a personal and professional level. Cheralyn, I have appreciated your ethical and spiritual approach to the creation process as this is very important to me. I love the Creating Talismans workshop and highly recommend it others.
 Blessings & Gratitude,
Cheryle xxx (Australia) 
All this information at such a great price?  I love your work and energy plus your videos make my day. You are so enthusiastic and loving it just jumps off the computer. 
Gail (New Zealand)
I just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying the course already. I would never do something like this on my own but I feel like I am part of a group (which I am!) and that support and group energy really helps a lot! And you have formatted it perfectly! I would finish reading something and maybe have a question or two about how to do it, but then find a video explaining it exactly!! I love it so much! It is allowing me to really BE creative in ways I have been scared to be creative in before. But I feel bad that I am paying so little for SO much!
Rory (Australia) 
I really thought I would just look at this course for entertainment because I met you in person at a tarot workshop and thought it would be interesting but I made things. Me! I can't draw a straight line or make anything but I have two beautiful talismans now. You have a real gift Cheralyn and I love you for sharing it with us. 
Samantha (Australia) 
I have been LOVING every second of this class.....xxxxx
Sonya (Australia) 
Cheralyn I can not thank you enough for teaching these classes. They are fresh and fun. You are so funny and make even mistakes turn out right.  The  environmental things you share and tips for artists show me ways that are enlightening. Keep up the great work girl!
Blessings and Love,
"One of the Blokes" (Australia) 


Can I sell the things I make using what I have learned in this course? 

Absolutely and in fact many have. I dont permit direct copies, but I dont teach you that way. This is a step by step course but with EVERY single step I assist YOU in finding your inner voice and developing YOUR style as well as bringing your energy to its best and highest connection to create magickally!  I teach TECHNIQUE, I teach DESIGN SKILLS and I guide you to find your PERSONAL STYLE and find the MAGICKAL CREATOR within. 

Do I have to be online at certain times to see the class?

NO! You don't even have to start on the starting day. The content is uploaded to a locked website which you given a password to (it can't be shared) You can access this website anytime you like. The forum is open to you as well at all times.

What does an Online Classroom Look Like?

Check out the video above . I run my course through Creative Witchery Online Course.
If you can read a webpage, click on video links and audio links, then you can do these classes!
It is a private locked website with embedded playable videos, audio links, photos, loads of photos and class notes. There are links to all relevant resources and a link to your private teacher/student forum.

Can I download things?

YES you can for you own personal use. NO SHARING online or in person.

I'm not so great with computers, do you think I'd be OK?

Simply by being able to read this page is more than enough 'skill' to do the courses.

I'm going away for two weeks right in the middle of the course, what will happen?
You will have an awesome holiday I hope and when you return your course will still be here.
Just a few more things to enjoy!
You can still access everything if you have an internet connection while away too, no matter where you are in the World!! 

I can't finish by the end date!
That's ok, all course content will be available to you for TEN weeks and you can save and download everything!
The forum remains open to you FORVER!


CdA"Intuitive Talisman Creation" 

             with Cheralyn Darcey 


Course begins  7th May 2013 
12 students only
$130 which includes Charged Crystals
Click on the Paypal button to pay and book 

your confirmation will be sent to the PayPal email address you use

Blessing Beads FREE Video Tutorial

Like to create Gypsy Style? 
I've created these Blessing Beads for many years as part of my Talisman Making
The elements are mostly gleened from found treasures and I'd love to share the Magic with YOU.
The FULL video Tutorial to create my Blessing Beads and an online chat can be found
at THIS Facebook Event page:
or search "Creative Gypsy Art School"  on Facebook. 

I'm teaching an amazing in person workshop in Sydney in May
"Creative Gypsy Art School"
and this little tutorial showcases the style of the creativity you could enjoy with us. 

Happiest Creative Blessings! 
Cheralyn xx

Creative Gypsy Art School WORKSHOP in Sydney!

Very busy last month full of fun, excitement, changes and new directions! 

Hope the Energy that many seem to be similarly experiencing is touching you in Blessed ways as well.
If you haven't gotten your Creative New Years Wishes & Goals started yet, here's a GREAT kickstarter... 
a day in my portable Magic Workshop in an awesome Function Room RIGHT ON the Beach in Sydney!!
Imagine a day of creative fun, new friends, improved or found artistic skills, oh and lets not forget LOTS of beautiful, magical tools & talismans to take home!!

Creative Gypsy Art School
Sydney 5th May 2013

ALL DAY Workshop with Cheralyn 
My passion is finding, kickstarting and extending the Magical Creative in YOU!
SO no matter how experienced or unskilled you THINK you are I will get 
you creating, having fun and making art with true personal meaning.

Early Bird Fee is ONLY $240 
$50 deposit secures your place  (12 places ONLY!!) 
 (FEE: $280 after 15th April) 

9am: Opening Circle & Welcome followed by centering 
meditation on the beach to relax and open ourselves to our 
inner creative.
9:30am: Discussion on the history, techniques and 
considerations when creating ritual and spiritual pieces 
begins our workshop along with Creative Gypsy kick-starter fun!
10:00am: The Magick BEGINS! Divine Goddess Clay & Crystal 
Pendant Creation
11:00am: Mystical Reclaimed Dreamcatcher
12:00pm: LUNCH
12:30pm: Meditation/Prayer/ Blessing Beads
1:30pm: Wand Making Magick
2:30pm: Found Treasure Talisman
3:30pm pack up
4:00pm Closing the Circle and Farewell on Long Reef Beach

ONLINE SUPPORT: Cheralyn will open an online Private Forum 
for students to provide continued technical and artistic support 
and a place for all students to keep in touch

The View from our beautiful spacious, comfortable studio for the day. Full glass wall looking at this!


including many developed by Cheralyn herself (secret recipe sharing time!).......
simple easy metal working, rotary tool usage, engraving, creative mould 
making, beading, jewellery design, textile art,
clay sculptural methods, metal painting techniques, art secrets & design 
methods, colour skills, how to create from and with the messages, 
dreams and passions we all have within while creating beautiful, 
meaningful artesian pieces and ritual tools.

Cheralyn has taught fine art and artesian craft workshops for over 30 years.
Its her passion! To see more of her work:
YES you can use these techniques in items you sell in the future.
YES Cheralyn will share suppliers details with you on the day.


*an amazing Found Treasure Talisman Pendant 

to see examples of the style you will be creating in go to:
DSCF3342 6a00e54f9bc06488340162fdf58f9e970d DSCF3373 DSCF3452

I will be bringing along a stash of found treasures but please feel free to bring an orphaned earring, a broken ring, or anything else you may be drawn to give a magical new purpose and life to! 




*a divine Clay and Crystal Goddess Pendant

this is an extremely popular technique which I first saw in a workshop in the USA in 2001.  I will be working with you using various moulds but will also give you lots of direction if you would like to extend and hand scult the face yourself. We will also look at other designs other than faces to set crystals and other objects in clay. 

*a personal Meditation Pagan Prayer Beaded Talisman
(my own design)
Gypsy2  Gypsy5

i LOVE Meditation beads. Some people call the Prayer Beads, Blessing Beads and so on. Basically it is a string of Beads (preferably natural crystals) strung in number and order to use as Talisman and Focus during Meditation, Spelcasting, Prayer and so on. The 'problem' I used to have is that due to the resukting size, they often are too short for a necklace and too long for a braclet. 
This design I have developed is completely convertable. Easily unhooks to join together as a circle for your Spiritual purpose and then rehooks to wear. 

*a reclaimed textile & Crystal Mystical Dreamcatcher

Gypsy14 Dreamcatcher2

*your own Empowered & Dedicated Wand

Gypsy1  Gypsy56
Your own wand! Made by you using any combination of the many many embellishment techniques I will be sharing with you. 
This photo shows just two!! We will be working with various textile, metal working, carving, painting and jewllery making techiques and your final design will be something that you want, you love and sings to your heart. 

* new ideas, skills, friendships & magic!

my Workshops are BRIMMING with tips, tricks, techniques, some you may of experience, some you may of wondered about, some long forgotten favourites! The important thing is that this is a day for YOU! Meeting like-minded new friends, developing your Creative Heart in a beautiful, friendly, happy environment. I have FUN in my Workshops, we all do  and I dont care if you cant draw a straight line, I've taught 100s of people, all ages, all skill levels and never once had a 'failure'. I promise: You will have fun and you will find you CAN do it. If you are 'experienced' then join us for a day of sharing, creating and making magic. :) 

*an ongoing student/teacher forum will be open online

Cheralyn will open an online Private Forum 
for students to provide continued technical and artistic support 
and a place for all students to keep in touch



Online Courses with Creative Witchery

Bookings are OPEN for NEW courses at Creative Witchery.....

Real online interactive courses featuring videos, photos, audio and lots of notes. 
These are in an online locked classroom which you can access at anytime and though lessons are posted weekly, you can work at your own pace.
An additional popular feature of Creative Witchery Online Courses is a Private Facebook Forum where you can interact with the other students AND the teacher through weekly course disscussions.
~booking now~ 


an online course with
Lucy Cavendish

This 6 week Course Begins on Monday March 11th 2013 

An online course supporting and developing your talents and ideas, and helping you develop
strong skills and practical knowledge about writing and publishing in the spiritual genre.
To ensure a fully supportive & interactive course space is very limited. Course includes private forum facilitated by Lucy, weekly lessons, a classroom full of notes, audio and videos and supportive classmates.


an online course with
Natasha Heard

this 6 week course begins 4th February 2013

Tash4-279x396Create your own Blessed Branch!
Six magical weeks of interactive, online 
instruction with an amazing teacher! 
Each week features videos,
audio, notes, 
photos & a private forum
For years many have wanted to know, begged and pleaded
for Natasha to share her magical tool making secrets!!
Here in this course she will show you step by step how to create and how to use these magical tools!

"Green Witches Garden & Herb Crafting"

 with Sonya Lowe 

this 6 week online course begins Monday 28th January, 2013 

From potted window boxes to country gardens, Sonya will show you how!
SIX amazing magical weeks of interactive, online 
instruction with Sonya!
Each week features videos,audio, notes, 
photos & a private forum

This is an amazing course and so popular! 
Sonya puts so much into her courses with gardening knowledge, plant uses both magical and practical, an amazingly huge amount of historical facts, myths, interesting stories, culinary yumminess (oh her Elderberry Wine!)... you will learn to create incense, bath bags, fairy gardens,... the list goes on. 
Most importantly Sonya is so helpful in her forum, no matter if you are buying little pot plants for magical window sills or creating your dream garden of magic! 
THIs is Green Witch Craft at its best. 
Oh don't worry about where in the world you are! Sonya is awesome at providing information for you, no matter where you are. We have students from all corners of the globe doing Sonya's course and loving it! 

"How to Craft Your Personal Vibrational Essence"
an online course with
Trish Anderson-Young of Mermaid's Garden

Come and join Trish for 6 weeks Essence Making Magic!
Begins.... Monday 11th February 2013 


SIX amazing magical weeks of interactive, online 
instruction with Trish!
Each week features videos,audio, notes, 
photos & a private forum

Restoring balance to our emotional and physical wellbeing. Like all life on Mother Earth, flowers 
and crystals carry a unique vibration and it is through working with flowers, crystals and nature 
spirits that we can craft vibrational essences to assist our journey through life.

"Sacred Journey into the Animal Realms" 
an online course with
Kye Crow & her partner Gill Wheadon

this 6 week course begins 12th March, 2013

SIX amazing transformative weeks of interactive, online 
instruction with TWO teachers! 
Each week features videos,audio, notes, 
photos & a private forum

You can enjoy this amazing experience of 
transformation anywhere, anytime
with two of Australia's most dedicated 
intuitive animal guardians. 
Through video, audio, an online classroom 
accessible at all times and a weekly 
teacher/student private forum Creative 
Witchery takes you to Outback Australia to 
meet with Kye & Gill to learn, experience 
and begin your Sacred journey 

an online course with 
Sonya Lowe & Cheralyn Darcey
this 8 week course  begins 11th February 2013


Eight magical weeks of interactive, online 
instruction with TWO teachers! 
Each week features videos,audio, notes, 
photos & a private forum

Sonya Lowe opens the gates to her Green Witches Garden and shares with you her incredible passion and knowledge. No matter if you have fields or a window box, Sonya shows you how to create your own magical garden space. THEN Sonya shares with you Herbcrafting magic! Make your own smudge sticks, incenses, bath bags, cordials, edible feasts, candles and much more! 

Cheralyn Darcey takes you in her Magic Workshop and leads you through creating your own deck using easy collage methods. The foundations on what makes an Oracle and how to weave these into your deck, how to read with Oracle cards and how to use your cards. Cheralyn also shares Flower Magic, history, Flower Divination and THEN loads of art and craft projects each week including a Tea Leaf Reading cup, Silk Flower Crowns & Tiaras, Fresh Flower Crowns & Tiarias, Flower Dreamcatchers
and again lots and lots more! 

Stone Altars ~ Inspirit Magazine Article

This months Inspirit magazine features an article I created on Stone Altars.
These small Altars can be created for specific purposes,
in any design and incorporating any path or belief. 


These are a really wonderful hands on and EASY Creative Project. 
You don't even need a kilm, oven or special tools! 
I've created mine from easy to obtain art materials and recycled found treasures. 
The magazine has step by step photos and instructions but the finished Altars where not shown... 
Here they are! :)
ENJOY.... oh and remember your treasure trove of finds and your imagination are the only limits! 





I also teach online courses over at Creative Witchery! 


In~Person Workshops ~ January

Everyday Magic ~ Oracle, Tarot & Tealeaves
A Introduction to Oracle, Tarot Cards & Tea Leaf Reading.
7pm ~ 9pm Tuesday, January 15, 2013
Laneway Art Depot
5/8 Orchard Road, Brookvale, NSW, Sydney

Local Environmental Artist Cheralyn Darcey, is a 4th generation Divination Consultant. She is about to publish her first title and tonight presents a chat, demonstration and beginners guide to get you started on your journey of discovery.

*How does Divination and Reading work? 
*Everyday Oracle consultation you can do right now.
*Incorporating Divination as part of a Healing & Meditation. 

*A little bit of Spell Magic!
*includes a short reading for participants, take home notes and access to a continuing private online forum 
*optional: please bring any tarot or oracle cards you may have

Tue 15 Jan 7-9pm
Gold coin donation at the door
Booking essential, limited space available
Contact [email protected]
or call Midori 0431 895 757


Native American Dreamcatchers 

An afternoon workshop of recycled art & traditional magic for primary aged children
1:00pm ~ 4:00pm Tuesday, January 8, 2013
Laneway Art Depot
5/8 Orchard Road, Brookvale, NSW, Sydney


It is a delight to have environmental artist and writer, Cheralyn Darcey to Laneway Art Depot for the primary children's workshop. 
We will explore the magic of Dreamcatchers, while weaving our own stories with those of tradition. 
In his workshop, each of us will make Native American Dream Catcher from upcycled materials, found treasures, and crystals and learn a little more about our dreams!
Suitable for primary school aged children
All materials and treasures supplied

Date: Tuesday, January 8, 2013
Place: Laneway Art Depot (5 / 8 Orchard Rd Brookvale, Sydney )
For 8-12 years old
Cost $50 ( all materials included)
Booking essential. Contact Midori 0431 895 757



The Flower Oracle Online Workshop

Our main website page for the Flower Oracle has a little glich this morning! 
We are ALMOST full and the link had a little melt down.... we are working on it BUT
You can book still... here via this link below

The Flower Oracle

messages, growing, herb-crafting, art and magic of flowers

onya Lowe & Cheralyn Darcey.
EIGHT weeks featuring videos, audio, notes, photos & forum
Begins 14th November 2012
on the Solar Eclipse & New Moon

lower Oracle

You will learn
*to read flowers as oracles
*create spirit flower art
*make flower talismans
*flower blessing and spells
*make you own flower collage oracle or tarot deck
* Growing & Caring for Flowers - Living Floral Magic
* Creating Floral Waters & Oils
* Floral Incense Blends - and their uses
* Edible Petals - A Magical Feast
* Magical Correspondences (a selection weekly!!!)
* Preserving Flowers - Pressing & Drying
* Floral 'Nectar of the Gods' - Champagnes & Cordials
* Growing Flowers for Magic & Spirituality - Scent, Colour & Styles
* Conjuring a Night Flower Garden
and believe it or not much more!

This course  of flower love magick consists of eight weeks tuition by both Cheralyn & Sonya
Each lesson includes:

One audio lesson with C
heralyn(mediations) downloadable to your computer or music player.
(Audio lessons vary in length, from 15 minutes to 35 minutes, depending on the content to be covered.)

ideo lessons by Cheralyn & Sonya : Each video lesson runs between 7 to thirty minutes.
This is available via private Youtube link.

LOADS of written lessons including photos, enough in fact to fill more than a book! 

An online forum exclusive to class members
 and attended to by Cheralyn & Sonya.

The Flower Oracle Online Workshop
with Sonya Lowe & Cheralyn Darcey 
8 week course ~ $130