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Learn Green Witch Gardening Online with Cheralyn Darcey

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Learn Green Witch Gardening and how to Create a Home Apothecary​ Online 
lifetime access online
 with ethnobotanical gardener, author and artist Cheralyn Darcey


begins 1st March 2020
​(start anytime thereafter and complete at your own pace) very special early bird enrolment $66US booking now
with Instagram code:
(code expires end of first week of Feb) 

No experience is needed. 
Content is suitable for enjoyment and knowledge no matter current garden setup. 
Suitable for indoor or outdoor plants. 

Work at your own pace with information that is relevant anywhere and any climate in the

Garden Design with Magick
​You will learn how to plan and design a beautiful garden space (indoors or out) while learning magical correspondences that will empower, protect and boost the energies you will be working with.
​Plant, Grow, Nurture
Lessons to help you start, renovate and get your garden growing with plants you can use for healing, magick and culinary purposes, all grown naturally by you. 
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Create A Home Apothecary
Learn how to best gather and preserve your harvest and where to obtain additional items to create your personal at home Magickal Apothecary.

MBS Sydney this week!

We all can't have huge Garden but we certainly can have a Magical, Healing Nature Infused Space. Whether you rent or own, a house or an apartment, I'll show you how you can encourage a beautiful, helpful Nature connection right where you are. No need to wait for the perfect place or time. 


I am presenting 'Urban Garden Magic ~ Healing & Guidance with Nature'. a free 45 min presentation at 11:30am next Friday, Saturday & Sunday at Sydney Mind Body Spirit Festival Australia and your personal flower & plant connection & ways to future your relationship with Nature through it. It one of the topics we will be exploring together. I hope you can join me! 

More details about the festival, my presentation and all the wonderful other workshops & events, can be found at this link:

May Nature always bless you and may you always be a blessing to nature! 
Cheralyn Darcey xx


What is your Spiritual Focus Plant or Flower in your Garden? MBS Sydney, Urban Garden Magic with Cheralyn

Do you always seem to have one plant that flowers a little longer or first before others?
For the past few years, mine has been Gardenia and I know why.

Gardenia snap

She is a Spiritual focus in my little Urban Garden and that focus has provided a very deep connection with Nature which let's the conversation in the Language of Flowers flow between us. 


I am presenting
'Urban Garden Magic ~ Healing & Guidance with Nature'
a free 45 min presentation at 11:30am next Friday, Saturday & Sunday
at Sydney Mind Body Spirit Festival Australia 
and your personal flower & plant connection & ways to future your relationship with Nature through it. is one of the topics we will be exploring together. I hope you can join me! 

More details about the festival, my presentation and all the wonderful other workshops & events, can be found at this link:

Cheralyn Darcey



PAN ~ Festival of the Minds Sydney

Thank you so very much Festival of the Minds for inviting me to share a little more on reconnecting with Nature in my presentation today. You were one of the most lively and interesting bunch I've had the pleasure of talking with. 

Festival of the minds

Resources I mentioned today:

'The Botany of Desire' Michael Pollan book and video (youtube available) 
~ I don't agree with everything Mr Pollan believes but I do love his depth of historical research and sharing and aspects of his work. 

any old field guide you can get your hands on (Old Botany Books!!) 
I had: 'Wildflowers of New South Wales Vol 1' Florence Sullen with me today 

and MODERN (great for the current defined Wildflowers & Plants)
'Cronin's Key guide to Australian Wildflowers' Leonard Cronin 
'Cronin's Key guide to Australian Trees' Lenord Cronin 

and mentioned in conversation but I would like to extend to all of you particularly in the Sydney region: 
'D'harawal Climate & Natural Resources' France Bodkin 

AGAIN, thank you so much I am so sorry I couldn't stay for the day today. 
May Nature Always Bless you! 
Cheralyn xx 

PS: Now go to your local council and find what NATIVE LOCAL PLANTS they can share with you!

Flower Reading Retreat, Sydney Botanic Gardens BOOKINGS CLOSING

YES, our Sydney Botanic Garden Flower Reading Retreat

Sunday 7th March 2015  is going ahead!


An email this morning asked if there was a chance the Retreat would be cancelled due to low attendance numbers. I completely understand this is a concern for any retreat or course. There are NINE lovely Flower Reading Retreat Attendees all booked and eager to come along, so yes my friends, we are defiantly meeting in the Gardens next month!  

Thank YOU all for your support of this very special day
and as you can see, there are THREE spots left. 
I will be closing the bookings this weekend. 



Nature ATC Collective

I am the organiser of an Artist Trading Card Swap Group called 'Nature ATC Collective'.

I remember falling in love with these years ago at an Art Retreat watching my American friends busily swapped the tiny colourful miniature works of art. Over the years I've been a part of ones and enjoyed carrying them with me to events and swapping but I haven't done so for a while and after listening to many of my Flower Reading and loving Facebook friends lament their lack of creative outlet or worry about their skills I thought this would be a great way to encourage art bravery and inspire creative journeys. 

I adore being part of this group of inspiring people. All walks of life, all levels of creativity and all willing to share their love of Nature, creative expression and to help each other realise a dream to do so. Each month we swap ATCs (miniature artworks) and this was the collection from our September theme..... each is just 3.5 x 2.5 inches in size in line with the international standard of ATCs. We all end up with a miniature collection of art too!


If you would like to a part of the group, hop on over to the Facebook Group page and ask to join. You are welcome to just be a part of this group and enjoy the interaction, learn about ATCs for a while and what we do. There is no obligation to join a swap each month but we really hope you do! 
When you are ready to join one, watch for the notice and instructions in the group. 

Canberra Visit TWO Events ~ Flower Readings & Mini Workshop

SOOOOOO excited for weekend trip to Canberra!!
Friday I'm spending the day researching at the National Library THEN I will be at: 

Dymocks Canberra Bookstore
Flower Readings with Cheralyn Darcey 
Saturday 1st November between 11am and 1pm
ADDRESS: Shop CL17,  Canberra Centre, Bunda Street, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory

Cheralyn will be offering free mini Flower Readings. Bring a fresh flower/I will share with you my new deck Australian Wildflower Reading Cards. 
Looking forward to sharing the magic and love of our Australian Wildflowers. 
PS... All purchases go into the draw to win a signed original Wildflower Canvas by me featuring artwork from the Australian Wildflower Reading Deck
No need to book, just come along 

Cheralyn artwork dymocks

Canberra Free Mini Flower Reading Workshop 

WHEN: SUNDAY 2nd November 1pm ~ 2pm 
WHERE:  Crystal Chalice 
ADDRESS: Shop 1 Ginninderra Village, O'Hanlon Place, Gold Creek, Nicholls, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory 2913​

join Cheralyn Darcey Flower Reader, Artist & Author of the Australian Wildflower Reading Cards with Rockpool Publishing Cheralyn will be sharing a FREE one hour mini workshop to guide you in traditional flower reading for guidance & healing. Cheralyn loves to hear your connections, dreams, stories and experiences surrounding Flowers and everyone who attends will receive a Flower Guide Reading and card to keep.
PS... All purchases go into the draw to win a signed original Wildflower Canvas by me featuring artwork from the Australian Wildflower Reading Deck.
To book either: 
02) 6241 0799


Balmain Library Visit 6:30pm TONIGHT

What is Traditional Flower Reading? 

We continually ignore what is already here or worse, manipulate it to suit us. 
Flowers are not the mouth piece of a belief system. They are pure, honest, Nature energy which works alongside us. 

Tonight I will be sharing in this hour long talk and discussion what I have worked for over 30 years uncovering and preserving, Traditional Flower Reading. 

You can Read Flowers for yourself and once you begin, the entire world will become more meaningful, the pathways to balance, healing and understanding become clearer and easier to connect with. 
Love to share your company tonight.

I adore meeting people and hearing their Flower connections.
Balmain Library from 6:30pm to 7:30pm 
370 Darling Street, Balmain 2041 
It is a FREE event but you need to book (02) 9367 9211

The additional details can be found at this link at the Library's website: BALMAIN LIBRARY

*It begins at 6:30pm and finishes by 8pm 
*It is FREE but you need to book
*more information & bookings: phone the Library on 9367 9211
*more information about what I am presenting can be found here:
*more information about what i do can be found here: 
and at my new website here: 
I look forward to meeting you and sharing a discussion about Traditional Flower Reading. xx



Balmain Library Talk~ Tuesday 21st October

West and Inner City Sydney friends ~ 

I'll be at the Balmain Library in a couple of weeks time! 


A Tuesday Evening Balmain Library Author Talk
with Environmental Author & Artist & Flower Reader Cheralyn Darcey 
Tuesday 21 October
6:30pm - 8:00pm

Balmain Library
Light refreshments

Free event - All welcome


REALLY looking forward to this as it's my home. I began flower reading as a child, not in some majestic garden estate but with the daisies and dandelions of the back lane ways, the jump up Johnny's along the waterways of the place I will always call home.

Thank you so ver

I will be sharing the Language of Nature and discussing how you can connect, understand and then grow from this knowledge. From traditional flower reading to modern science's affirmation of what we all inherently know and live, come with me and let's see what Nature is saying to you! 
As I do at all my get togethers, I will also be reading your flowers. 

It is a free event but you will need to book by visiting the Library Event Booking page here:

LOVE to see you there xx

PS: There is a Facebook Event Page to keep updated if you would like to join here: 
FACEBOOK Cheralyn@ Balmian Library EVENT PAGE 

You can also contact me at [email protected] for more information