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Flower of the Day ~ Japanese Cherry (Sakura, Cherry Blossom)

As I move into this week after what has been personally a very challenging fortnight, I feel peace and I can see a way forward but this comes after doing things differently, a lot differently. I wish the same for those of you seeking the same. A Flower to assist you in reconciliation, in seeking calm and peace within and without is Japanese Cherry (Cherry Blossom, Sakura).

Webcards japanese cherry

Sometimes you can find yourself in a domino situation. One thing fails and then a succession of events seems to tumble on with this energy. Japanese Cherry whispers for us to be patient with ourselves but to take action. Look at the seemingly dead branches at the edges of seasonal change that will soon show flowers first to remind us that it is not dead, not over and will soon bring forth the lush healing green leaves we usually associate with growth and life.
Even in Nature, things do not always follow the patterns we expect. So perhaps to achieve Peace, to achieve balance, you may too need to do things a little different. Reach out first, begin now and watch the growth evolve.

May nature always bless you and may you always be a blessing to nature.
Bunches of love,
Cheralyn xx

Flower of the Day ~ Sacred Blue Lily 

Whenever I study and work with Sacred Blue Lily I'm reminded so much of the misunderstands we make when we think we are aligned with something or that we know a thing and really, it is only the echo of what we wish to believe.

Webcard Sacred Blue Lily

Listen to what is in your own heart,
be true to you
because happiness is found right there,
in what you already do
and yes you may need to start again, back to the truth.
May you always be a blessing to Nature
Cheralyn xx

Grey Spider Flower

Good Morning! Some Flower Love for you! ~ 

I'm sharing my personal Floramancy card reading for the day
as I am sure it may resonate with some of you as well. 

This fascinating little flower is named well as there is no doubt that there are more than a few of us who have jumped back on a bush track when our hand has touched or we have glanced the Grey Spider Flower. Looking for all the world like a furry grey spider jumping out of a plant, they delight as much as they startle. 

Floramancy card meanings grey spider flower

The meaning therefore is rather 'easy' in the Language of Nature to meditate on. Things are not what they may seem. If you are brave and get over the initial doubt, you may in fact be rewarded or be encouraged to move forward. A challenge is deception because we can see now how easy is it for a real spider to hide amongst these beautiful flowers after all! 

Look to your situation when reading plants and flowers. There are many layers to the meanings and you know best what needs to be worked with. In a general sense, Grey Spider Flower simply means Trust and issues surrounding Trust. 

Personally, I seem to find this plant growing near Flannel Flowers and here is another interesting exercise you might do, take note of these relationships and what you see around you. Naturally similar plants will share similar environments but it is fascinating to see what is calling you to notice. 
Can you grow Grey Spider Flower? Well yes you probably can, ask your local Garden Centre, they are the experts for your area. It's a lovely Grevilliea and in Australia, becoming a popular garden plant. The best thing about Grey Spider Flower is that although we may find it's appearance a tad scary, butterflies & native bees love it! 

They flower from mid winter through to mid summer, so you should be seeing the first flowering in the wild in Australia from the Mid North through to Mid South East Coast right about now. Word of warning, as with all Grevilleas, some people may be sensitive to the leaves so be careful when handling and in selection of gardening beds. 


May nature always bless you and may you in turn be a blessing to nature ~ 
Cheralyn xx

She learned to let go...

It is hard to trust when you have been misinterpreted and misrepresented.
It is hard to believe when you have been hurt. 
Even the trees know they need to release that which no longer serves them, that which has had it's time and carrying will only limit growth and in times when positive resources are few, destruction. 
Let go, release, be quiet.
Hold and protect what is grounded, true, enduring.

WEB Flora let go 2

may nature always bless you
& may you always be a blessing to nature
Cheralyn xx 

Cyclamen Meanings

Cyclamen ~
These are flowering now in Sydney and often are given to say goodbye. Many traditions involve the sharing of a potted Cyclamen to a person moving away or to assist them in getting over something troubling them. Placing one at your backdoor ensures that whatever was brought into your home unwanted will leave straight out the backdoor to not return. 

Cyclamen Sketch and Meaning Postcard: 
When I create artworks for my decks, I only create them for the deck. 
A deck to me is a tool, it is a complete creative and dedicated resource that must remain pure in this sense. It means a very involved and many faceted exploration with research, study, field trips, with art, with writing. I share these sketches, thoughts and articles from 'the road' along the way in the form of Facebook posts, Blogged articles and other social media updates, e~cards that I create from my sketches with keynote meanings for you, videos, mediations, blessings and so on and really they are very much a large part of the final card you find in the deck I create. I share it because I enjoy the conversation with Nature so much I want you to be a part of it as well. xx

WEB Cards Cyclamen


Cyclamen painting

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E Cards & the Naming of Names!

I just like making these e~cards. 

Web card sturt's desert rose

I guess I like to see everything have a purpose, get it's 5 mins of starlight, be shared. 
Yes they have come around in various versions as I sort out what to call my work and me since being published. So you may of seen them before with different headings and different frames and fonts.
Oh I loved the name Florasphere but it now looks set to be the title of one of the books I'm writing. I'm told people can't relate to Floramancy as it's not very user friendly, but that in fact is what I do, I read the meanings of all Flora, not just Flowers, so it fits.

The images are sketches from my journals. I draw as I'm out in the field or deep in study and research and of course, like all artists, I sketch to assist me in the creation of larger artworks.

The home for these will be here: 
over at my main website and you are more than welcome to download and to share them online as long as you play nice and don't alter them or use them for any commercial purpose. (you business websites, social media is ok, again as long as they are shown exactly as you find them) 

WEB NEW cards bird of patadise

Flora ~ Even the Trees

In Sydney town the chill is definitely in the air this morning, the seasons are changing and with it reminding us of the cycles we all live in. Time to let go of some things, time to withdraw and rest, time to reflect and to change focus. 

POSTCARD let go small

But winter approaching doesn't come without Nature warming our souls with hues of Autumn ~ amber, topaz, crimson, rust and senna. The colours that hold us for just a little longer in the memory of summer. 
Will have to let go soon, but that is ok. Each season holds it's own magic, it's challenges, it's gifts and it's lessons. 
May you blessed with all you seek and all you find in Nature 
Cheralyn xx

Flora's Wonderful Wishing Tea

Good Morning!  
I hope your day is going to be rather wonderful and here is a Wishing Tea that you can create to bring a little extra boost to you or someone you know. Thank you bunches for all the messages asking for MORE of my Flower friend (I think she's called FLORA!) Next year, I'll be sharing a bit more of her but i am very over deadline with a few things right now so I need to clear the decks first. 
It really does make my heart happy to see her bringing joy to others. 
May Nature Bless you with all that you seek & need my friends! xx 

Wishing tea

*ensure you only use food grade ingredients & that you are allergy responsible and aware.

*Sharing my journal pages and even printing them out is ok BUT you must not alter them or use them in any other way except for personal enjoyment. NO commercial use. They are protected under copyright. 

Lovely Lavender Water ~ Florasphere Journal

WOW thank you so very much for your messages and lovely words re my journal page yesterday. To answer a few: I am an Art Journal FANATIC and have kept them all my life. I find it's the easiest way to keep my research notes and ideas for my work. Sometimes the sketches I'm creating for larger artworks are returned to and I will add a recipe or spell or something additional along the way. 
This page was such a sketch in my journal, below it is the artwork (linoprint on bamboo paper, ink, mixed media paints)  for an upcoming card in a deck to be published next.

Lavender water


*Please be very aware of your own health and allergy precautions must be taken.
I'm providing this page from my personal journal as educational information only, not as a prescription or as medical advice.

Release Negative Thoughts Drops ~ Florasphere Journal

Good Morning! 
Another page from my journal... Enjoy! Ok I'm off for an adventure today AND I really must finish my next deck!  don't forget if you are in Sydney, I am at Warringah Mall Dymocks from 2pm to 3pm on Saturday along with Sofan Chan, the author & artist of the new Buddhism Reading Cards so please come along. We will both have the original artworks from our current decks with us for you to see. (I NEVER take mine out of the house so this is a very special day indeed!) 
Happy day my friends xxxxxxxxxxx


Feverfew 2

*Please be very aware of your own health and allergy precautions must be taken.
I'm providing this page from my personal journal as educational information only, not as a prescription or as medical advice.