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Green Witch Gardening with Sweet Corn (Zea mays)

🌽 My little corn corner of the garden! How are you going growing Corn? Even if you do not not have this addition to your garden, you can still immerse in the energies simply through creating and cooking with corn. Sweet Corn (Zea mays) has a deep connection with ritual, return, divination, luck, offerings and fertility.

Sweet Corn can be planted in tropical and temperate climates at any frost-free time and in colder zones from autumn through to early summer. It will need to be planted in a block to facilitate fertilisation in a full sun position with friable rich soil. Harvest can be undertaken once the cobs are standing out from the main stem, the silks are turning brown and the kernels release a creamy juice if pressed.

Though there may be unknown forces surrounding and working for you at present, you are being prompted to join in through dedicated study and physical action. Beneficial esoteric teachings are worthwhile pursuing and a deeper connection with another is being forged, perhaps without you even realising it. Be careful of secrets and confidential knowledge that may cause harm.

Uses: return, divination, luck, offerings, fertility Deities: Quetzalcoatl, The Corn Maiden Celestial: Venus Astrological Sign: Leo

This kitchen spell will bring good fortune to all who join in. Gather popping corn, covered pan and oil. Following corn instructions, heat oil, place corn in pan and secure lid. Once about half has popped, remove lid and let popcorn fly. Catching a popped corn will bring you luck. If this proves too dangerous, simply toss a cup full of popped corn into the air.

bunches of blessings, Cheralyn 🌿
Card: Green Witch Oracle @rockpoolpublishing @weiserbooks

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