August 16, 2020

Where have I been!!

I think this is the longest I have been away from my blog. 
Things have been incredibly busy for me as I have been asked to step up and help out more with various community projects I am involved in due to COVID. 

with my new friend Julie at
The Doyalson Community Garden

The juggle is real. 
Currently I am completing two gardening titles that are under contract and developing a children's gardening book series, producing and presenting a weekly gardening radio show keeping things afloat online, running a community garden, consulting and helping other gardens, doing my own admin while you know... lol LIVING! I still have to clean the house, cook meals, shop, tend my own garden and be a family member and friend. 

I also find it so much harder to run things as technical support is pretty much zero because companies have naturally scaled back their staff during COVID. I can't afford assistants, I just don't have a large enough outside income or capital so yes the juggle gets even greater but I am happy and working through things. These are v very much 1st world problems and really, I'm blessed to have them in a way. 

Last night, the tv was on in the other room as I was sitting at my desk completing a task that didn't require my full attention and Dragons Den was on. My focus was pulled in and out and then I heard one Dragon tell someone pitching something in the creative field something like this:
There are hundreds, no, thousands of people in creative fields not even half as talented as you that have fortunes behind them. You need infrastructure, teams and a lot more money that you must be prepared to probably never see again in order to succeed these days. True, the rare success story from nothing is out there but it is becoming very rare. 

While I am not looking to create a business, it did resonate with me as the world has gotten much larger and we more isolated, virus or not, and this means we need to do more, pay more, lose more in order to just get out 'stuff', whatever that may be, out there. 

I lose money hand over fist every month, just staying online and that's not advertising dollars as I don't advertise. The cost of websites, course platforms and creating content far outweighs the small amount I earn in royalties each year. While I cannot disclose the exact amount, with seventeen titles in print internationally, I currently earn about what a person working in retail a day a month would earn. Publishing costs lot of money for the companies involved in bringing visions to life and so for authors it really is a labour of love. Which is ok if you have some other financial stream helping you live! 

The plan I think that works best for most authors is to build some sort of business attached to their publications but I don't have the time for it or the capital to set it up. It would mean giving up my community involvement and I can't do that. Especially now! What was one to two days of volunteering a week has exploded to practically a full time job as people just need people right now and my gardening skills are in very high demand. 

So that's where I have been... busy! Just busy. 
I know I am slow to attend to things at times as I am needed, boots on ground at the moment more than usual. Things I set up or began long ago, like courses and online free garden resources, lol MY BLOG, need constant updating and care and while that was ok being a one-woman-band pre-Covid, it's not so now.

Boredom, being over stretched, loss, frustration, mental stress and health concerns are various things we are all struggling with. We are being challenged as we constantly regroup to deal with the 'new normal' and I have learned that we need to be patient more than ever with each other, ourselves and the world. 

I'm here, I'm learning how to juggle more efficiently and I am so incredibly blessed that there are people out there who actually do like what I share and I call friends. Oh and read my blog!
Thanks for dropping by and I hope you are doing ok. 

May nature always bless you and may you always bless nature! 
bunches of blessings, 

Cheralyn 🌻

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻