🌿🌻🌳🐝 FOUR new (garden genre) publishing contracts!


A huge thank you to my publishers Rockpool Publishing for their amazing support of my work! Signing four contracts for titles coming your way over the next year! That will mean I have had published 19 Botanical titles in 6 years once these are on the shelves. That’s a lot of Flower and plant love!

So how did that happen? Well I started writing and creating botanical focused work when I was in my early 20s, so that is over 30 years of research, development of style, voice and vision and I never ever gave up, even though I was rejected more times than I can even remember. I was always told that no one was interested in ethnobotany, plant metaphysics or plant lore. It was there is older texts if someone wanted to look for it and it just wasn't of public interest. BUT I NEVER EVER GAVE UP. I wasn't writing to get published, to be famous, to be an expert, I was simply wanting to my work to be published so that others could benefit from it. There a huge difference between wanting to be a published author and wanting to share your work.

So...I kept writing, I kept gardening, I kept exploring and I kept teaching what I was learning in various ways and I kept creating art devoted to my passion for plants. Then one day it did happen, I was published and I had (and still have!) dozens and dozens and dozens of manuscripts, journals and artworks ready to share with the wider world.
I kept my focus, I kept my passion and I never gave up. You should too! 


bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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