🌸 ANEMONE - Flower of the Day

Anemone webcards

Bring into your life to invite joy, optimism and enthusiasm. Give to another to say “I can not wait to see you”, “I wish you happiness”.
If beautiful and divine Anemone flower is calling to you it means that a change for the better is coming very soon.
Bunches of love,
Cheralyn 🌻
Card from ‘The Language of Flowers’ by Cheralyn @rockpoolpublishing @weiserbooks

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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🌹FLOWER OF THE DAY ~ Orange Tea Rose (Rosa spp.)

Mar 4
Bring this little treasure of joy into your life to share new happiness, a second chance at a bright future and to boost enthusiasm! Give to another to say, “Congratulations”, “I’m proud of you” Bunches of love, Cheralyn xx
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🌺 Flower of the Day ~ Princess Flower (Tibouchina urvilleana)

Mar 8
Will help calm anxiety, find lasting pathways to change and is a self-confidence booster.