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🌸 Flower of the Day ~ Everlasting Daisy

Everlasting daisy webcard

I could not resist this bright bunch this morning so here is your FLOWER OF THE DAY - Everlasting Daisy will help you stand strong in your independence, provide
needed dietitian and resilience and is an excellent flower to give those who are struggling to get well or with a demanding challenge.

Bunches of love,
Cheralyn 🌸

Card: ‘The Language of Flowers’ by Cheralyn and published by Rockpool PublishingRed Wheel / Weiser Books

Valentines Day and The Flowers of Love on Studio10


On Valentine's Day I was again a guest of the Australian national morning show ~ Studio10 on Network 10. 
As always, it's a fun, fast and uplifting time and I really do love sharing a tiny bit of what I love with others. I hope those who watched got the gist of my bouquet and to look a little beyond roses when seeking flowers to express love. 
If you missed it or it is not available to watch in your country,
I've popped the clip up on my Youtube Channel and here it is ~ 

How did Valentine's Day begin? 
Valentine's Day originated during the 3rd century in Rome. 
Emperor Claudius II outlawed marriage for his soldiers as he felt single men made better warriors. A young priest named Valentine did not agree and defied Claudius by performing marriages for young lovers in secret. This could be the origin of secret love letters, cards and gifts on Valentine's Day. Valentine also fell in love with his jailer’s daughter, who visited him in prison. Before he was put to death, Valentine sent a letter to the girl and signed it, “From Your Valentine” — an expression we still use today. 
Valentine was executed on February 14, 270 AD. Later, around 496 AD, Pope Gelasius declared Feb. 14 a day to honour Valentine, who by that time had become a saint.

Why do we give Flowers on Valentine's Day? 
In the Northern Hemisphere, for thousands of years, this time of the year has been a period for fertility festival celebrations as Spring approaches such as 'Imboc' in the first week of February and 'Ostara' in March. Flowers are used during these festivals to symbolise beginnings, fertility, love, marriage, and romance.

The Flowers of Love 

These are just a tiny few flowers and she of their romantic meanings ~ 

“I love you”

Red Carnation (Dianthus caryophyllus) 

Red Rose (Rosa spp.) 

Australian Native Passionflower (Passiflora herbertiana) 


“I love you too!”

Love-in-a-Mist (Nigella damascena) 


“I am your secret lover” 

Or “I want to be your secret lover”

Gardenia (Gardenia spp.)


“I will love you forever”

Orange Blossom (Citrus x sinensis) 

Magnolia (Magnolia spp.)


“Love at first sight”

Mauve Rose (Rosa spp.)


“Let’s stay together”

Geraldton Wax (Chamelaucium uncinatum)


“You are beautiful”

Frangipani (Plumeria alba) 


“I’m sorry”

Flannel Flower (Actinotus helianthi)


“I have new feelings for you”

Delphinium (Delphinium spp.)


“No one could love you more”

Cosmos (Cosmos spp.) 


“Will you marry me?”

Lisianthus (Eustoma grandiflorum) 

Grevillea (Grevillea spp.)

Wild Rose (Rosa acicularis)

💐 Hand Tied Week One @Pearsons School of Floristry

This bright orange coloured rose with a touch of yellow would mean happiness in love, desire and enthusiasm and say “you make me happy”, “I want you!” I missed this Cluster in my full Florist qualification, so for the next couple of months, it’s back to school @pearsonsschool to complete HandTied! Today I learned to roll wrap, create a presentation box and make a simple straight stem bouquet!
I need to practice by bunch rolling!! 

Flowers 2  Flowers 1

🌼 Flower of the Day ~ POET’S NARCISSUS (Narcissus poeticus)

Poet's Narc

If the truth is alluding you, then this Flower May help you! Poet’s Narcissus will also boost confidence, renew hope and provide clarity as well as open up new paths to greater success. A really good botanical friend for those working on creative projects and those looking for love or to take a relationship to the next level. 
Bunches of love,
Cheralyn 🌻

Card: Flower Reading Cards, The flowers of sacred places,
written and illustrated in block print by Cheralyn
and published by @rockpoolpublishing and a viable via @weiserbooks

🌸 Flower of the Day ~ Zinnia (Zinnia elegans)

Zinnia webcards

If you wish to let someone know you are missing them or that you want them back, then gorgeous Zinnia will do just that!

Bring this flower into your life if you wish to regain something you have lost or you are struggling to find what is missing to make your life whole.
The message of Zinnia, if you find you find drawn to it, is to focus on what you have perhaps overlooked in the past.
Bunches of love,
Cheralyn 🌻🦋 xx

card" 'The Language of Flowers' affirmation deck, Cheralyn Darcey 
and published by Rockpool Publishing

🌺 Flower of the Day ~ Bird of Paradise ( Strelitzia reginae)

Bird of paradise
This tropical beauty assists us with what we seek above us or before us but it also reminds us to be very careful of unhealthy competitiveness which will likely lead to self-destruction.

For those looking for new opportunities, it really is a perfect flower to stir these energies up for you and illuminate ways for you that you may never of thought possible.
One word of caution, especially for those working with Bird of Paradise magickally, the flower is an imitator, one that looks like something it is not. Be careful that what you are working towards, wishing or casting for is really what is seems to be. Often Bird of Paradise also comes to us to remind us to trust our intuition.

bunches of blessings,
Cheralyn 🌻

🌸 Flower of the Day ~ African Violet (Saintpaulia spp.)

African Violet Webcards

Add a little African Violet to your space and day if you need help with study, any type of learning and if you yourself are presenting, teach
ing or sharing information with others. This flower will help bring clarity and understanding. African Violet will also deepen spiritual understanding and offer deeper insights to faith.
Bunches of love,
Cheralyn 🌸

Card: 'The Language of Flowers' by Cheralyn, Rockpool Publishing

🌻 Flower of the Day Lenten Rose (Helleborus spp.)


Divine precious flower that will share with us the gifts of mental healing, protection and will help increase our knowledge and intelligence. The Lenten Rose, also known as the Hellebore, is said to help give one the power of invisibility and will be of assistance for those wishing to remove and banish something from their lives.
bunches of love,