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Herb of the Week ~ Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris)

In many traditions, Mugwort is considered a plant of protection, especially against evil spirits, witchcraft and for protection of the home.
In Japan, it is used by some to rid the body of the forces/spirits which cause illness. Native American use includes wearing mugwort to prevent the influence of evil spirits.
The use as a herb which assists divination is fairly widespread. Teas and incenses are said to promote psychic and clairvoyant abilities and creating a mist or wash to bath divination tools can cleanses, protect and boost their energies. Astral projection and prophetic dreams can be supported by sleeping with mugwort in a pillow.
Flora Danica [G.C. Oeder et al], fasicle 20, t. 1176 (1761-1883)
The common name is derived from it's use to flavour beer before the use of hops. As the family latin name suggests, it is strongly associated with the Goddess Artemis and it is an interesting exploration through herbal lore and the use of mugwort in anything from **female fertility to the healing of wounds from wild animals. Mugwort is also a natural insect repellant and can also be made up into a general household cleaner.
Perhaps my favourite piece of Mugwort Botanical Lore comes from the Ancient Romans: If you face a very long walk or day of walking (as their soldiers often did), place a piece of mugwort in each of your shoes before sunrise. This is said to not only stop your feet hurting but will keep you going as long as you must!

Gardening Notes
Oh yes you can grow mugwort, it really is fairly easy. Although it will prefer sun, it can tolerate semi shade and make sure you have soil well-drained but a little on the moist side. You may prefer a large pot as they have a fast spreading root system which will, (as with others of this family), adversely affect neighbouring plants. The roots actually leech out chemicals which will kill off the roots of other plants. Native to Africa, Europe and parts of Asia, this is a tall perennial shrub that can grow up to1.5m (5ft) in height. Leaves are a dark green with a smooth upper side and an underside covered in fine matted white hairs. Flowers are tiny and red-brown or yellow-green.

Oracle Meanings
Step back and observe because you are being giving the opportunity to find pathways to the freedom you desire. Meditation, divination and visionary practices will help you find and explore major themes right now. You are being reminded to take heed of an intuitive experience or message that you may of either ignored or not really understood. Now, today, is the time to trust what you feel inside, what you know to be your personal truth and take the road to freedoms it will offer. Remember, what is right for others will not necessarily be right for you. Listen to your own heart.

Magickal Correspondences
Uses: clairvoyance, exorcism, divination, healing, lust, psychic powers, protection
Deities: Aphrodite, Venus, Artemis, Diana, Hecate, Persephone, Sif, Audhumla

Planet: Venus
Signs: Libra, Taurus

Elements: Earth
Lobel, M. de, Plantarum seu stirpium icones, vol. 1: p. 764, fig. 2 (1581)


Mugwort Freedom Spell
Mugwort is mostly used in visionary work and can be used to improve psychic abilities and to enhance dreams and visions. Hung over doorways, it will repel evil and negativity. Mugwort can be made into a very effective wash to smudge magical divination tools such as crystal balls, pendulums and scrying mirrors. The smoke can also be used to empower oracle and tarot decks. In this spell you will be drinking a little Mugwort as part of a spell. Mugwort was used originally to flavour beers.

a glass of beer

  or sparkling spring water
a tiny pinch of dried Mugwort

a slice of lemon or lime

Take your glass of beer/sparkling spring water outside and stir in a mugwort and say,
“Freedom and paths open for me.”
Drop in the slice of lemon or lime and say,
“Alive and awaken and away I shall be!”
Drink the beer/sparking spring water and drip the last few drops onto the ground and say,
“This is the start, the journey begun.”

bunches of blessings,
Cheralyn 🌻
*all information for educational purposes only
**PLEASE NOTE: pregnant woman must not handle or consume mugwort as it can bring on contractions.

Spellcasting Basics
1. Select or create your spell.
 This can be a spell in this book or you could write your own.
2. Gather your ingredients.
Ensure that you have everything ready and that it has been sourced ethically and
with positive intention. Cleanse any tools or items by passing through running
water or a smudging smoke.
3. Create a magickal and safe space.
Limit distractions and cleanse by smudging with sage or the like or misting with
botanicals created for this purpose. If indoors, open windows and doors to let
negative energy out. Sit or stand, centred and quiet and visualise a white, clear
bubble surrounding you and your space and keeping anything negative out.
4. Focus.
Some call this part of spellcasting intention and it is your complete commitment to
the energy and the outcome that you desire. Focus will assist you to keep
your energy and your everyday commitment to the change that you are trying to
achieve. Spells do not work on their own, they need your energy, focus and action.
Think about what you are doing and hone your focus as sharply as possible on your
desired outcome.
5. Raise the Energy.
Focus will raise energy, as will the actual steps of each spell whether it be an incantation you make or a musical sound or action you create. You may wish to raise additional energy to begin with and this can be done by ringing bells, beating drums, raising your hands, singing or simply visualising energy rising from the ground, from above, from wherever your preference is and working with it.  
6. Cast your spell.
Follow the instructions in the spell that you are casting.
7. Close your magick space.
Thank the earth, thank the plants you have used and close the space. You can do this by making noise and visualising the closing of the space. Clapping hands, stamping feet, beating drums, are all popular ways of doing this. Have a glass of water to bring yourself back to the now and ensure you cleanse any tools you have used and that you return to earth any botanical items used.
8. Journal.
Whether it be a journal, a diary, a book of shadows, a grimoire, however you wish to contain your notes and experiences, I do suggest that you write your spell down along with your personal notes somewhere and that you add to them over time. This helps give the spell more energy and you more focus.