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🌸 33 Flowers for Protection

A tiny blossom tucked into a locket, 
Cheralyn sunflower kisses

a sweet petal deep in your pocket or the image of a flower on a pendant or perhaps the aromatic oil of these plants dabbed lightly upon your skin will all help you to connect with the energies of flowers, of plants and bring their gifts of guidance, healing and inspiration to you.
Flowers you are drawn to will help you and those that are your birth-flowers, your personal flower of the current year and ones that are growing in your gardens or in your local environment will naturally offer support, but which flowers are best for what you are seeking to do? You can bring greater change to your current situation and disrupt the atmosphere to something more to your favour by focusing on flowers that inheritably have the qualities you are seeking.

For years now, each day, I have shared a ‘Flower of the Day’ on my Social Media places. I love to show people how they can give flowers with greater meanings and benefits for the receiver, how they can garden with this plant, a little about its history (because it illuminates the personality of the flower!) and I also share magickal correspondences and uses along with oracle meanings.

My meanings come from the flowers and plants themselves. They are the result of a multi-faceted approach I take to discovering the true Language of Flowers and plants through research, training and experience. I consider the ethnobotanical uses, herbal medicine practices, cultural significant and the botanical history of each before sitting down to write the meanings and share these correspondences with others.

These are some of the Flowers of Protection. Ones that you can connect with to bring greater safety to various aspects of your life. This is by no means a conclusive list as there are millions of flowering plants in the world, but it is one that I hope will help those who may need it.

In all cases, a Flower Essence would be the safest way to connect with each of these flowers physically and for protection, I would suggest a mist. You can also create bouquets were suitable, grow the plant in your garden if appropriate and also create or find artwork to display of the flower. Food-safe flower can be used to create teas, beverages and even treats. Check the toxicity and allergy information of each to ensure safety in handling and use of each.

the following a just a few that come to mind that I hope will give you the protection you seek. 
I am more than happy to suggest additional flowers for specific protection purposes, just ask in the comments below. 

Protection from attack

Bitter Root (Lewisia rediviva)
Bitter root

Boundary protection
Yellow Chrysanthemum (Chrysanthemum spp.)
Yellow crs

Cecil Brunner Rose (Rosa Mlle. Cecile Brunner)
Cecil Brunner Rose

Protection from curses, hexes and witchcraft
Mullein (Verbascum Thapsus)

Protection from danger
Rhododendron (Rhododendron spp.)

Protection from deception

Sweet Violet (Viola odorata)
RedClover copy

Disease protection
Wood Anemone (Anemone nemerosa)

Protection from distractions
Thistle, Common (Cirsium vulgare)

Thist 2

Protection from bad dreams
Columbine (Aquilegia vulgaris)

Protection from becoming ungrounded
Sweet Pea (Lathyrus odoratus)
Sweet pea 2

Protection from evil/evil spirits
Meadowsweet (Filipendula ulmaria)

Tiger Lily (Lilium tigrinum)
Tiger lily

Protection from unknown forces
Angelica(Angelica archangelica)

Protection from fear

Grey Spider Flower (Grevillea buxifolia)
Grey spider flower

Agrimony (Agrimonia eupatoria)

Fertility protection
Orange Blossom(Citrus sinensis)
Orange blossom 1

Protection from fights

Musk Rose (Rosa moschata)
Musk rose

Financial protection
Buttercup (Ranunculus acris)

Protection of a new love
Lilac (Syringa vulgaris)

Protection from Roadblocks
Primrose (Primula vulgaris)

Protection of Freedom

Frangipani(Plumeria alba)
Frangi 5

Protection of  Friendships
Peruvian Lily (Alstroemeria spp.)
Peru 1

Protection while playing sports
Hyacinth (Hyacinthus spp.)
Hya 1

Protection while healing
Sunflower (Helianthus  annuus)
Sunflower 55

Protection of health
Peony(Paeonia officinalis)
Paeony 1

Protection from gossip

Snapdragon (Antirrhinum majus)
Snap 1

Protection of love
Hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna)

Protection from developing bad habits
Morning Glory (Ipomoea purpurea)
Morning 1

Protection of happiness
Lily of the Valley(Convallaria majalis)
Lily of the va

Protection of home
Cornflower (Centaurea cyanus)
Corn 56

Protection from negativity
Daisy (Bellis perennis)

Psychic protection
Gardenia (Gardenia jasminoides)
Gardenia 1


African Violet (Saintpaulia spp.)
Af vio

bunches of blessings, 
Cheralyn Darcey 🌻
Cheralyn author


🌺 Flower of the Day ~ Fairy Fan Flower (Scaevola aemula)

This Australian Native flower will help bring support to those with issues surrounding responsibility.
Give to someone who needs a bit of  support to help strengthen resolve to cope with new challenges. They also say, 'you can do this', 'things will improve', 'I'm here to help'. 

Today I visited Poppy's Home and Garden at Gateshead, NSW with my lovely friend and neighbour, Wendy. I haven't explored everything around my new home and so it is fantastic to have some insider knowledge from a local! I recommend it highly. No ones knows what will grow best in your area and where to find supplies and new flower and plant fiends (additions!) like your gardening neighbours. 
I was thrilled to find a new and beautiful Fairy Fan Flower. This Australian native is becoming popular in gardens and why not? I think it would suit a cottage-style setting beautifully as well as my little 'Fairy Patch'.  Here is my new Flower friend in her new home. 

A3F78B3E-A4EF-4363-9CB9-44099D80F71B 2
Botanical History

Native to coastal pockets on New South Wales and inland and coastal Victoria and South Australia. The tiny flowers have 5 lobes that spread out on only one side of the flower as its name ‘Scaevola’ (meaning left-handed) suggests. ‘Aemula’ means emulating.

The Language of Flowers Oracle 
Improvements in relationships are indicated. Fairy Fan Flowers asks you to take responsibility for your actions. A time for re-evaluation of goals as new responsibilities may be on the horizon for you. Be wary of unhealthy competition.

My new lovely, all happy in my Magickal Garden this morning

Magickal Botanical
Useful in spells and magickal work to move energies into balance in relationships and partnerships that feature one person doing more than their fair. Will assist self-confidence, legal matters, goal setting and changing and stress management.

from 'The Australian Wildflower Reading Cards',
written & illustrated in block print by Cheralyn Darcey, published by Rockpool Publishing 

Gardening Notes
I absolutely adore this plant. I have it in my garden and have grown it very successfully in pots over the years as well. It flowers mostly in late winter, spring and autumn. The flowers are pale blue to mauve, often displaying a yellow throat. Very hardy, they can be grown in pots as well but love an occasional feed through summer with a native specific fertilizer, very well-draining soil and does best in a sunny spot but will tolerate semi-shade.

bunches of love,

Flower of the Day ~ 🌸 Statice (Limonium spp.)

When things are feeling a little out of your control, a bunch of Statice will calm, help ground and centre energies and also help you find a way to cope and adapt. I often tuck a little flower into my locket for just that purpose!

Statice webcards 1

To Give Flowers
In the Language of Flowers, Statice say: ‘I miss you’, ‘I will remember you’, ‘be still’, ‘calm down’, ‘time for change’. Statice were a traditional funeral flower and can still be used to express sympathy. They do not indicate grief but rather remembrance and help impart comfort, hope and calm.

Botanical History
Statice is native to Russia, Bulgaria, Algeria, Turkenstan and theMediterraniean, depending on species. The names come to us from the Greek word for meadow ‘leimon’ – Limonium and ‘Statice’ meaning to stand’. This plant is often found in large meadows and the habit is for it to stay firm and upright.

Statice 3

Floristry Tips
Vase life is up to two weeks and can be dried very successfully. Colours include pinks, blues, purples, yellows, orange, red, white. Look for bunches that have well over half of their florets opened and watch out for slimy, foul stems. A touch of bleach helps stop bacteria, for which they are prone. Replace water every three days. To dry, hang upside down in a cool, dry, well ventilated space.

Statice 4

Gardening Notes
Both annuals and perennials are available. They love full sun and very well-draining soil. Plant in autumn for a gorgeous summer display. Statice are frost tolerant and fairly hardy in most conditions.

The Language of Flowers Oracle
Time to change but you will need to adapt as things will not possibly be to your liking or current wishes. Something from your past is about to return.

St 5

Magickal Botanical
Use in spells and magick work to ground, centre and calm energies. Supports change and will illuminate possibilities and opportunities for new paths forward. Select colours to match intentions.

Bunches of love,
Cheralyn 🌼

Flower of the Day ~ 🌼 Cosmos (Cosmos spp.)

Cosmos will support better communication, inspire peace and tranquillity
and are a lovely way to express your commitment to loving someone.
Cosmos flora webcard 2

from ‘The Book of Flower Spells’
Cosmos Communication Improvement Spell
Cosmos Flowers provide opportunities for communication and coherency. They also offer peace and tranquillity, which is obviously beneficial when communication is difficult due to raised emotions. This spell is very helpful at times when you feel you are not being clearly heard by another person/s or even an institution or company. While you cannot energetically change their opinion, you can raise energy to ensure you are better understood so that a fair outcome is more likely.

Best Timings
Full Moon, Wednesday, Dusk
Find and Gather
a small bunch of Cosmos (Cosmos spp.)
two bells
a blue cloth
pen and paper
a clear vase
a beautiful bottle
rain/distilled water

The Spell
Lay your cloth out neatly and create a bridge-like pattern with your flowers. This should look roughly like an arch. At either end of the arch, place a bell.
Take out your pen and paper and write whatever it is that you need understood. Be as clear as possible. It is okay to rewrite this a few times until you are happy with it.
Ring the first bell and then say:
Bell, take my words,
Loud, clear and true.
Then read what you have written.
Ring the second bell and say:
So may they be heard
Loud, clear and true.
Place the flowers in a clear vase (this will ensure clarity of your words) with fresh water and place it on top of your message. When the flowers are spent, put them with your folded message into a beautiful bottle with 4/5 rain/distilled water and 1/5 glycerine. Seal the bottle. Whenever you wish your message to be heard, ring a bell and shake your bottle.

Native to South America, it has been a popular garden flower over the years and a horse feed. The name cosmos was bestowed upon it by Spanish mission priests in Mexico due to the evenly placed petals and come to us from the Greek ‘Kosmos’ which means ‘order of the world.’

A self-seeding annual, they do tend to become a weed and I have a few blow-ins myself in my garden. If you do/can plant, then sow direct in place and chose a sunny spot with free-draining soil for the best flowering. Cosmos are very hardy and require almost no additional care and tolerate most frost-free conditions. They will blossom between summer and autumn.
Cosmos 3

A really lovely country-style flower that can be used in casual bouquets and rearrangements. Vase life is up to 10 days and are best purchased when the petals are just beginning to open. They will continue to unfurl completely. Be very mindful to remove foliage below waterline to avoid speeding the life of the arrangement.

Now is the time to say things that you need/want to say to another. Harmony and balance are being offered now but you need to be a part of the equation, it isn’t going to happen on its own. Speak up and step up!
Cosmos 4

bunches of blessings,
Cheralyn 🌻 xx

Flower of the Day ~ 🌺 Heliconia (Heliconia spp.)

aka Crab Claw, Lobster Claw, Parrot Flower ~
Very good at helping you find ways to make changes in your life and in illuminating new ideas.

Heliconia 1

Inspirations are coming, (thick and fast!) and you may need to decide which you will follow. The answer to a question or situation is close at hand and whatever it may be, will perhaps not be able to be changed.

A tropical plant, related to the banana and ginger and are native to South and Central America. There are well over 500 varieties and what most of us assume are the flowers of these plants are actually brightly coloured bracts (modified leaves). The flowers are often very tiny and held within these bracts. The name Heliconia comes to use from the word ‘helix’ which means spiral and relates to the shapes the bracts and flowers produce.

Heliconia 2

These are a tropical plant and so do well in full sun for best flowering, but will tolerate semi shade. Mulch, feed and water well and provide a moist well-draining soil. They grow from a rhizome with most flowering from summer to autumn and into winter. Summer is the best time to plant and you will need to be in an area that is frost free and rather warm.

Vase life is about 10 days and colours include red, orange, yellows, pink, maroon, green. Recut stems before placing in water and display away from full sun and draughts and avoid cold. They do like an occasional misting. They will not open further once cut from the plant.

Heliconia 3

Heliconia will work very well in spells that are seeking solutions and inspiration. They are particularly good in spells involving tracing the image of the flower (bracts) and repeating a chant with each spiralling section. If you are looking to change something, include the plant or its image in your magick work.

bunches of blessings,
Cheralyn 🌻 xx

Flower of the Day ~ 🌸 Nerine (Nerine spp.)

This delightful flower enables us the freedom to be ourselves. It is very good to have around for those who find it hard to connect with and understand the strengths found in being vulnerable.

Nerine 4 web

If you feel drawn towards Nerine then you are being told you are enough, you are ok and what you do is of value. Trust that you are! Challenges are usually emotional in nature and you should be careful of emotional extremes.

Nerine web 1

Native to South Africa and Europe, common names include Guernsey Lily and Jersey Lily and although they do also grow from a bulb, they are technically not lilies. The flower was named after the Nereids, the sea nymphs in Greek mythology who were known to assist sailors in storms. Nerine were previously known as Imhofia until a shipload of the bulbs that sailed for the Netherlands shipwrecked near Guernsey and the name was changed in 1820.

Nerine 2

They bloom - late autumn (fall), winter and early spring and colours include white, pink, crimson, red, red/orange. Preferring a very free draining sandy soil, plant in full sun unless you are in a very hot climate then choose semi shade through the day. Bulbs will need to be lifted where the ground hardens. You can divide once established for a few years if desired.


Purchase when one spike is open. Vase life - up to 14 days. Never mist but change water every second day and remove dead flowers immediately to prevent ethylene contamination.


bunches of love,
Cheralyn 🌻

🌸 Flower of the Day ~ Baby's Breath (Gypsophila spp.)

This flower reminds us to be present in the moment and it also symbolises everlasting love, purity, innocence and lets us breath. No wonder it has been a favourite wedding flower in the past and is making a comeback.
Personally, I find nothing makes me feel more free, open to possibilities and aware that a big bunch of delightful Gypsophila in my room or on my desk. There is something so etherial and yet present about these blossoms.

Baby's Breath People
Those who love this flower value honest, purity of thought and action and simplicity. They can usually be trusted above and beyond all others and although they are very dedicated to what they take on, will let it go quickly should they see futility. Open too new possibilities and rather adaptable, they can always be relied on to 'tell it like it is'.

Babys breath 1

Gardening Notes
This year I have ventured to growing Gypsophila in my garden. I planted groups in sunny corners and spots throughout my garden for I suppose the same feeling you would get in a bouquet. An airy and light filling of space. I put my seeds straight into position and I opted for white though you can find cream and a light pink. I should see them coming up soon (they take about two weeks) and flowering is said to be in about 10 weeks time. I plan to keep planting so I have a lovely continuous supply. I'll keep you updated!
Babys breath 2

Floristry Tips
They are used in floristry as what is known as a transitional flower, a design element that fills in and supports other flower features. In arrangements they give a soft feeling and can be dried after use or used dried. When bring home you will find they last about 7 to 10 days and you will need to watch that water as they hate going thirsty (you will end up with dried flowers faster than you might like!). They also hate strong sunlight and heat and these will turn them brown and sad.

Magickal Botanical
In magickal work, use them in love spells that strengthen and ensure longevity of relationships and in spells that help people focus on being present and the now. Gypsophila can be used purification and cleansing rituals and spells and in truth seeking spells.

The Language of Flowers Oracle
Watch what you are doing right now as you need to remain focused. They could be something very worthwhile in what is going on around you at present. Stay true.
Babys breath 4

bunches of love,
Cheralyn 🌻

card - 'Flower Petals, blossoming guidance from the garden' written & illustrated by Cheralyn Darcey Rockpool Publishing
and is available from all good book and gift stores. 

Herb of the Week ~ Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris)

In many traditions, Mugwort is considered a plant of protection, especially against evil spirits, witchcraft and for protection of the home.
In Japan, it is used by some to rid the body of the forces/spirits which cause illness. Native American use includes wearing mugwort to prevent the influence of evil spirits.
The use as a herb which assists divination is fairly widespread. Teas and incenses are said to promote psychic and clairvoyant abilities and creating a mist or wash to bath divination tools can cleanses, protect and boost their energies. Astral projection and prophetic dreams can be supported by sleeping with mugwort in a pillow.
Flora Danica [G.C. Oeder et al], fasicle 20, t. 1176 (1761-1883)
The common name is derived from it's use to flavour beer before the use of hops. As the family latin name suggests, it is strongly associated with the Goddess Artemis and it is an interesting exploration through herbal lore and the use of mugwort in anything from **female fertility to the healing of wounds from wild animals. Mugwort is also a natural insect repellant and can also be made up into a general household cleaner.
Perhaps my favourite piece of Mugwort Botanical Lore comes from the Ancient Romans: If you face a very long walk or day of walking (as their soldiers often did), place a piece of mugwort in each of your shoes before sunrise. This is said to not only stop your feet hurting but will keep you going as long as you must!

Gardening Notes
Oh yes you can grow mugwort, it really is fairly easy. Although it will prefer sun, it can tolerate semi shade and make sure you have soil well-drained but a little on the moist side. You may prefer a large pot as they have a fast spreading root system which will, (as with others of this family), adversely affect neighbouring plants. The roots actually leech out chemicals which will kill off the roots of other plants. Native to Africa, Europe and parts of Asia, this is a tall perennial shrub that can grow up to1.5m (5ft) in height. Leaves are a dark green with a smooth upper side and an underside covered in fine matted white hairs. Flowers are tiny and red-brown or yellow-green.

Oracle Meanings
Step back and observe because you are being giving the opportunity to find pathways to the freedom you desire. Meditation, divination and visionary practices will help you find and explore major themes right now. You are being reminded to take heed of an intuitive experience or message that you may of either ignored or not really understood. Now, today, is the time to trust what you feel inside, what you know to be your personal truth and take the road to freedoms it will offer. Remember, what is right for others will not necessarily be right for you. Listen to your own heart.

Magickal Correspondences
Uses: clairvoyance, exorcism, divination, healing, lust, psychic powers, protection
Deities: Aphrodite, Venus, Artemis, Diana, Hecate, Persephone, Sif, Audhumla

Planet: Venus
Signs: Libra, Taurus

Elements: Earth
Lobel, M. de, Plantarum seu stirpium icones, vol. 1: p. 764, fig. 2 (1581)


Mugwort Freedom Spell
Mugwort is mostly used in visionary work and can be used to improve psychic abilities and to enhance dreams and visions. Hung over doorways, it will repel evil and negativity. Mugwort can be made into a very effective wash to smudge magical divination tools such as crystal balls, pendulums and scrying mirrors. The smoke can also be used to empower oracle and tarot decks. In this spell you will be drinking a little Mugwort as part of a spell. Mugwort was used originally to flavour beers.

a glass of beer

  or sparkling spring water
a tiny pinch of dried Mugwort

a slice of lemon or lime

Take your glass of beer/sparkling spring water outside and stir in a mugwort and say,
“Freedom and paths open for me.”
Drop in the slice of lemon or lime and say,
“Alive and awaken and away I shall be!”
Drink the beer/sparking spring water and drip the last few drops onto the ground and say,
“This is the start, the journey begun.”

bunches of blessings,
Cheralyn 🌻
*all information for educational purposes only
**PLEASE NOTE: pregnant woman must not handle or consume mugwort as it can bring on contractions.

Spellcasting Basics
1. Select or create your spell.
 This can be a spell in this book or you could write your own.
2. Gather your ingredients.
Ensure that you have everything ready and that it has been sourced ethically and
with positive intention. Cleanse any tools or items by passing through running
water or a smudging smoke.
3. Create a magickal and safe space.
Limit distractions and cleanse by smudging with sage or the like or misting with
botanicals created for this purpose. If indoors, open windows and doors to let
negative energy out. Sit or stand, centred and quiet and visualise a white, clear
bubble surrounding you and your space and keeping anything negative out.
4. Focus.
Some call this part of spellcasting intention and it is your complete commitment to
the energy and the outcome that you desire. Focus will assist you to keep
your energy and your everyday commitment to the change that you are trying to
achieve. Spells do not work on their own, they need your energy, focus and action.
Think about what you are doing and hone your focus as sharply as possible on your
desired outcome.
5. Raise the Energy.
Focus will raise energy, as will the actual steps of each spell whether it be an incantation you make or a musical sound or action you create. You may wish to raise additional energy to begin with and this can be done by ringing bells, beating drums, raising your hands, singing or simply visualising energy rising from the ground, from above, from wherever your preference is and working with it.  
6. Cast your spell.
Follow the instructions in the spell that you are casting.
7. Close your magick space.
Thank the earth, thank the plants you have used and close the space. You can do this by making noise and visualising the closing of the space. Clapping hands, stamping feet, beating drums, are all popular ways of doing this. Have a glass of water to bring yourself back to the now and ensure you cleanse any tools you have used and that you return to earth any botanical items used.
8. Journal.
Whether it be a journal, a diary, a book of shadows, a grimoire, however you wish to contain your notes and experiences, I do suggest that you write your spell down along with your personal notes somewhere and that you add to them over time. This helps give the spell more energy and you more focus.