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🌼 Flower of the Day HYDRANGEA (Hydrangea macrophylla)

Having hydrangeas around will promote understanding,
help end quarrels and give you a boost to keep going. (good for this time of year!)

Flower Folk
If you love Hydrangeas, they indicate success in fields that involve getting people together such as counselling, event planning, teaching and healing study. Usually these people have the ability to see both sides of situations very easily. They can be overtaken with emotion sometimes and are very empathic sometimes to a fault.

Hydrangea 3

The Language of Flowers Oracle
An opportunity to take what you do to the next level, to involve more people and to expand your current state is around at the moment. Keep going with what you are doing. You must be careful that your words and actions are not unnecessarily hurting another.

Botanical History
Hydrangea are originally from Japan, with a few species being found in China and Northern America. You might notice that the Botanical name contains the word ‘Hydra’ and you would be right in thinking this refers to water. The Greek words ‘hydro’ for water and ‘angeon’ for vessel indicate the greater needs of this plant for water.

Hydrangea 2

Floristry Tips
To give to another means ~ ‘I understand’, ‘I want us to be together’, ‘Keep going, you can do this’. These flowers have a vase life of about two weeks. The entire flowerhead can be used in larger displays or can be separated and used in arrangements, posies and wreaths. They don’t do well long out of water on hot days. Dry by hanging upside down.

Gardening Notes
I have had my share of Hydrangea dramas! If they find themselves in the perfect place, they flourish. Water is the issue and challenge, especially for my Australian gardening friends. They love a very rich, well-draining soil that is always moist and semi-shade. Colour is determined by soil PH levels ~ acidic will give you blue flowers and alkaline pink.

Hydrangea 1

Magickal Botanical and Lore
Hydrangea are the traditional Western 4th Anniversary flower and a birthflower for those born under the Zodiac sign of Libra. They can be used in spells for breaking hexes, ending rifts between people and helping develop a better understanding going forward. I find them very good used in magick to help with staying on a path or with an idea when there is a lot of objection, challenges or misunderstanding surrounding with what it is you are doing. Carry a petal with you to protect against hexes, curses and negative energy, They are poisonous so do not burn, use topically or consume. It is believed unlucky to bring potted Hydrangea into the house but you can use the petals as a boundary protector.

bunches of love, 
Cheralyn 🌻

🌸 FLOWER OF THE DAY Calla Lilly (Zantedeschia aethiopica)

This stunning flower will assist you with rejuvenation, restoring any lost dignity, boosting self-worth and can help convey forgiveness. Calla lily is the 6th Wedding Anniversary flower (can be used for any 6th anniversary celebration) and it is the National Flower of Ethiopia.

Bird of paradise webcards

Botanical History
Native to South Africa where they are commonly known as 'Pig Lily' as they were seen to be eaten by the local porcupines which are known sometimes in the times of settlement as a type of pig. Other common names include Arum Lily and Trumpet Lily. 'Calla' comes to us from the Greek, meaning 'beautiful'. The Calla Lily is achlamydeous which means it does not have petals and septals. What you would perceive as a petal is a 'bract' which is a type of leaf.

Gardening Notes
Interestingly, these are not true lilies. They do well in damp areas of the garden and prefer filtered light with a period of a few hours of full sun each day but they do not like harsh hot conditions at all. Flowering occurs in late winter. Grow from division of bulbs in spring.
Cheralyn bird

Floristry Tips
Purchase when the flowers are half open and ensure that stems are firm. Recut the stems on angle and place in fresh water. If using in hand held bouquets or other wearable designs, you will need to remove the sap and you can do this by gently squeezing the stem along its length and then the stem sealed with a floral glue. They work well in base medium designs and the stems can be manipulated if left out of water for a while.
Bird of paradise sketch

Magickal Botanical
They are considered in many cultures to represent death and are known in many countries as 'Death Lilies'. They have been the used as a decoration on graves for centuries. Conversely, Calla Lily are also popular as a wedding flower and it is thought that the sexual appearance of the flower began this tradition with the Ancient Romans.
In Spell work they can be used to assist with rebirth and resurrection and also help release of unwanted attachments or in the acceptance of getting go of something.

bunches of love,
Cheralyn 🌻

Believe in you

Another morning, another email from someone very distressed because, (they say) that unlike me, no one believes in them or their work and asking for my advice.
Answer ~ Not many people believe in me either, but I certainly believe in me.
Often I find there seems to be a perception that I have loads of support, assistance, connections and opportunities, but it is not true at all. I struggle, just like the vast majority of everyone else with these things.
Believe in you flora

So don't you give up because you haven't got external support or outside belief in what you do. I don't think as many people out there (especially in the creative fields) have the support that a lot of others think they do. They have belief and passion though!
You are all you have and even if you become outrageously successful with a huge team/tribe and network, if you don't have that foundation of self-belief, self trust and laser focus on your passion, you will never be truly happy, balanced and strong.
Make sure you are focused on your passion and then do whatever personal work you need to do to stay true to it and yourself.
I've had countless doors slammed in my face than the very few that have opened. People promising me the world, wanting to work with me, making offers that lead nowhere. Every single day. That's because they don't believe in me l, found someone they like better or are just too busy and that's ok, I'm not compulsory! That is not their job. I don't get bitter, I don't talk about them, I don't bring down others out of spite.
Others don't believe in me, they don't value the work I do and they don't want to stock it, buy not or share it but they honestly don't have to and I don't value what I do based on these things. I value what I do based on the value it has for whoever may connect with it.
Now or in 100 years time.
I value my work and I believe in myself.
I don't give up because I have unfaltering belief in me.
That job is mine.
For your passion, that job is yours!

Cheralyn 🌻

🌼 🌺 Pink Snapdragon ~ The Language of Flowers, Flower of the Day 🌹🌻

Pink Snapdragon
(Antirrhinum majus)
Some of the meanings of these delightful cottage flowers are truth~telling, grace, secrets and given to another ~ "I long for you". All Snapdragons also mean deceptiveness.

Snaopdragon webcards  Snapdragon  Snap

Botanical History
Snapdragons are a European native plant. The botanical name, 'Antirrhinum', comes to us from Greek. The word anti meaning 'like' and 'rrhinum' -'snout'. the flowers have been extensively cultivated to produce various sized plants as well as colours. Originally Snapdragons were only white and purple. An oil was produced from the seed in Russia that has the look and consistency of olive oil and used in place of butter.

They dislike being overcrowded in the garden and so too in floral displays as they are very prone to mould due to their close growing individual flowers on each stem. Snapdragons are very sensitive to ethylene, (ensure spent flowers are removed that are near them and do not place near fruit or vegetables). Snapdragons could be used as both a filler and if longer cultivars are available, as a line flower.

Gardening Notes
These are classic annual flowers that bloom from Summer through to Autumn and provide a bright boost in colour throughout most styles of gardens, but they are regarded as a weed in some areas so please check with your local council as to the restrictions/suitability before planting.

Magickal Botanical
It is believed that carrying a flower in your pocket will make you more attractive. In Germany, hanging a bunch over a babies crib will ensure that they are not fearful when they grow up. In Russia, the seeds are believe to help protect against spells, curses, evil and witchcraft.

Snapdragons are a good addition in spells that seek to cease gossip, deception and encourage truth. They can also be used to help keep secrets or to uncover them. Other uses (especially pink) ~ to increase attractiveness, to attract love and to boost energy.

Flower Oracle
Snapdragons (particularly pink) can indicate that a proposal of commitment (love, work or personal interest) is forthcoming. They can also let you know that you need to find the truth of a matter before you can move forward with any plans.

bunches of love,
Cheralyn 🌸

you can find more Flower Magick and Botanical History in 'Flowerpaedia',' The Book of Flower Spells' and any of the Flower 13 Flower titles written and illustrated by Cheralyn Darcey and published by Rockpool Publishing and available in all good gift, book, gardening and florist stores internationally