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Believe in you

Another morning, another email from someone very distressed because, (they say) that unlike me, no one believes in them or their work and asking for my advice.
Answer ~ Not many people believe in me either, but I certainly believe in me.
Often I find there seems to be a perception that I have loads of support, assistance, connections and opportunities, but it is not true at all. I struggle, just like the vast majority of everyone else with these things.
Believe in you flora

So don't you give up because you haven't got external support or outside belief in what you do. I don't think as many people out there (especially in the creative fields) have the support that a lot of others think they do. They have belief and passion though!
You are all you have and even if you become outrageously successful with a huge team/tribe and network, if you don't have that foundation of self-belief, self trust and laser focus on your passion, you will never be truly happy, balanced and strong.
Make sure you are focused on your passion and then do whatever personal work you need to do to stay true to it and yourself.
I've had countless doors slammed in my face than the very few that have opened. People promising me the world, wanting to work with me, making offers that lead nowhere. Every single day. That's because they don't believe in me l, found someone they like better or are just too busy and that's ok, I'm not compulsory! That is not their job. I don't get bitter, I don't talk about them, I don't bring down others out of spite.
Others don't believe in me, they don't value the work I do and they don't want to stock it, buy not or share it but they honestly don't have to and I don't value what I do based on these things. I value what I do based on the value it has for whoever may connect with it.
Now or in 100 years time.
I value my work and I believe in myself.
I don't give up because I have unfaltering belief in me.
That job is mine.
For your passion, that job is yours!

Cheralyn 🌻