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🌼 Flower of the Day HYDRANGEA (Hydrangea macrophylla)

🌸 FLOWER OF THE DAY Calla Lilly (Zantedeschia aethiopica)

This stunning flower will assist you with rejuvenation, restoring any lost dignity, boosting self-worth and can help convey forgiveness. Calla lily is the 6th Wedding Anniversary flower (can be used for any 6th anniversary celebration) and it is the National Flower of Ethiopia.

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Botanical History
Native to South Africa where they are commonly known as 'Pig Lily' as they were seen to be eaten by the local porcupines which are known sometimes in the times of settlement as a type of pig. Other common names include Arum Lily and Trumpet Lily. 'Calla' comes to us from the Greek, meaning 'beautiful'. The Calla Lily is achlamydeous which means it does not have petals and septals. What you would perceive as a petal is a 'bract' which is a type of leaf.

Gardening Notes
Interestingly, these are not true lilies. They do well in damp areas of the garden and prefer filtered light with a period of a few hours of full sun each day but they do not like harsh hot conditions at all. Flowering occurs in late winter. Grow from division of bulbs in spring.
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Floristry Tips
Purchase when the flowers are half open and ensure that stems are firm. Recut the stems on angle and place in fresh water. If using in hand held bouquets or other wearable designs, you will need to remove the sap and you can do this by gently squeezing the stem along its length and then the stem sealed with a floral glue. They work well in base medium designs and the stems can be manipulated if left out of water for a while.
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Magickal Botanical
They are considered in many cultures to represent death and are known in many countries as 'Death Lilies'. They have been the used as a decoration on graves for centuries. Conversely, Calla Lily are also popular as a wedding flower and it is thought that the sexual appearance of the flower began this tradition with the Ancient Romans.
In Spell work they can be used to assist with rebirth and resurrection and also help release of unwanted attachments or in the acceptance of getting go of something.

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