🌸 FLOWER OF THE DAY ~ Sweet William (Dianthus barbatus)

Sweet William

meanings and energies include ~
gallantry, jest, awakening, inner joy
White Sweet William would particularly assist in awakening.
How to Give Flowers ~
(maybe even to yourself!)
I'd give these to someone who was looking to change and uplift their life or a situation in some way. If they had been stuck in negativity, then Sweet William would assist them to rise up and above, infuse joy within and help them see new pathways.
Gardening Notes ~
A gorgeous biannual cottage garden style flower that is a relative of perhaps the more popular carnation. They make a really good cut flower and are relatively easy to grow from seed in frost-free areas (or protect) from Autumn (Fall) through to late Winter.
Late Spring to mid Summer is when you will enjoy the sweet fragranced flowers that will readily attract bees to your garden! Colours include reds through to pinks, purples and white with mixed tones and colours occurring on one plant at times.
Botanical History ~
Native to southern Europe and parts of Asia, the common name has many contenders! 'Sweet William' is often said to honour the 18th century Prince William, Duke of Cumberland or even William Shakespeare. It is also said to be named after Saint William of York or after William the Conqueror. William could also be a corruption of the French 'oeillet', meaning both "carnation" and "little eye".
bunches of love,
bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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