🌻 Mexican Mallow Bush ~ The Language of Flowers
🌸🌼 Flower of the day- Cosmos (Cosmos spp.)

🌸 Flower of the Day - Boronia (Boronia ledifolia)


In the Language of Flowers, this plant will bring you clarity, communication, understanding

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Boronia is incredible effective for those seeking a better understanding of what has been and how to move ahead.
Plant some, find a lovely posy, sit under a Boronia bush!, try flower essences, perfumes or oils or perhaps sketch, paint or take photos of the blossom's beauty and energy for yourself.

Card - ‘Flower Petals, blossoming guidance from the garden’ Cheralyn Darcey, Rockpool Publishing U.S. Games Systems Mind Body Spirit Festival AustraliaTarotopia The Crystal Chalice Avalon by Nature