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🌸FLOWER OF THE DAY ~ Blushing Bride (Tillandsia ionantha)

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This flower will help when wanting to find the true intentions of another or in uncovering your own true path in many matter. Try the flower itself in a bunch or have the image somewhere that you can see it.
As a Flower Oracle, if Blushing Bride comes to you in a card reading, you see the flower or it is given to you, it may mean that someone is more serious about a relationship with you than you may be aware. The flower also confirms any questions you have to the affirmative ~ the answer is yes!
Blushing bride is a type of protea native to South Africa and very popular in bridal floristry. Not the easiest of plant outside of their native land, but if you are brave, try to grow in the garden in a well drained soil and full sun to part shade. I'd advise a chat with your local garden centre people to see if they are a possibility in your area and any tips they may have for your environment.

bunches of blessings,
Cheralyn 🌺

this card is from 'Flower Petals, blossoming guidance from the garden' affirmation deck, written & illustrated by Cheralyn Darcey and published by Rockpool Publishing. It features watercolour sketches from my flower research journals and affirmations based on the language of flowers.