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Such interesting flowers with a fascinating history.
If you want to explore the depths of the Language of Flowers then no study is at all complete without learning and understanding Tulips and our centuries~long enchantment with them. 'Tulip Mania' is the term most often used to describe our long obsession with them and a good lesson in watching where your desires lead you!

Originating in Iran, they were cultivated in the Ottoman Empire (Turkey) and then introduced into Europe in the 16th Century.
Not 'from' Holland at all, or Canberra either ;)

If you want to improve the passion in your life, in all aspects, there is no better flower than the tulip.
They also help declare your love for another and have it accepted and to boost times in your life when you may of lifted from your life Passion and Purpose.

bunches of love,
🌷 Cheralyn xx

information from my new book Flowerpaedia, 1000 flowers and their meanings ~ released by Rockpool Publishing 2nd April 2017 

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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