🌸 FlowerScope 12th ~ 18th December 2016
The Language of Australian Christmas Flowers

🌺 Flower Planning 2017

Planning another year of Flower Love!
Thank you, Leonie Dawson, for making it so much easier with your amazing and gorgeous Shining Planners yet again.
With a co-writing project which will need a lot of management, another oracle deck and another book all on the boil and emerging in 2017, I really do need a way to keep things organised as well as a system which will ensure I have kept to my plans and goals and found any extra opportunities along the way. 
But overall, I have to say, I love love LOVE the brilliant and inspiring artwork!! 

Puts a smile on face, even when I'm crunching numbers. 


So, this is where my Language of Flowers oracle decks, books AND gardening are all created! Right within these very divine pages.
I use the Life Workbook for my personal planning and goals and the Biz one ... well yes, for the Biz. I do find when you work as I do, in a field which is completely entwined in your life, that these become Vol One and Vol Two of The EVERYTHING that is the coming year, but it works. 

I've also found the Shining Academy just brilliant for meeting like-minded people and finding support, sharing it and making wonderful new friends. 
So sitting down today and looking back on 2016 to get 2017 planted, fed, watered and hopefully, very soon, blossoming! 

Bring on 2017- oh there will be Flowers !!!!

bunches of blessings
Cheralyn xx