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❁ Flower of the Day ~ Sea Moonflower ( Ipomoea violacea )

The Flower Reading Book and being a Wildflower

It can very confronting to see what you have worked on for your entire life with passion, patience and love, plucked up by someone else in your sphere and with a lot of money, resources and marketing turned into a glossy high~end production in the blink of an eye. Its hard to know what to think. Am I happy that my work has inspired another? Especially one with such beneficial connections, networks and resources to get the message out there? Am I upset that the actual book and more importantly the concept I was working on was lifted in what I assumed was a safe place to share?
Yes to both in ways big and small, but
 what I do know for sure is this~
That book on Flower Reading, based on my life's work and Flower Reading Course which I have shared in person for over fifteen years and online for five will be released in late 2017. It's been rejected all over the place since 2010 with the same reason "no one will be interested in Flowers"  but I will release it this time, one way or another. Perhaps the lesson was not to listen to others, to take no for answer. 
And so ~ I'm just going to keep growing in my own wild, natural way.
It might not get me an instant 10,000 likes on my Facebook page and perhaps I won't be on the New Age bestseller list but I believe in actually living what I share
and that, takes time and personal effort out there in Nature. That time takes me away from the marketing opportunities, the 'Social Media Tribe Building' work, the ways I could perhaps boost myself financially but I am a student of Flowers, of Nature and my priority is not creating a movement, it's in simply sharing the passion which has inspired my life since it's beginning. 

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