❁ Flower of the Day ~ Sea Moonflower ( Ipomoea violacea )
Embracing Northern Beaches Festival

Florasphere FlowerScope ~ Monday 21st November 2016

Florascope 1

Select a flower you feel particularly drawn to find guidance and insight into your week ahead by clicking on the link next to that Flower. 
You may wish to select a different Flower each morning or just one for the week. 

How does Florasphere FlowerScope Work? 
I carefully select the Flowers each Sunday evening which I feel connect with the energies of the coming week using the Language of Flowers.
This is based on Traditional Flower Reading and the energies of Nature. 

Your selection will indicate which of these energies particularly relate to you and give you support and assistance in navigating the week ahead. 

How Can I Connect with My Flower? 
There are many ways to connect with your Flowerscope Flower simply thinking about the flower, meditating on it, drawing it, downloading an image to keep beside you, growing it and creating flower essences and botanical products to use as well. Hold your flower close all week to tap into the Natural Energies and gets of support and insight. 

FScope Blue Gum

Fscope Butterfly Tree 

FScope Daffodil

FScope Frangipani

FScope Bower

FScope Rain Lily

FScope Jade Vine

Have a completely amazing week and may you always be a Blessing to Nature! 
bunches of blessings,
Cheralyn 🌹xx