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❁ Flower of the Day ~ Agapanthus


Agapanthus webcards

Will Assist You In ~
Most aspects of romantic love. This flower can help you connect with your true feelings and desires and can revel the hidden affections that another may hold for you.
Wonderful plant allies for those who have issues with security and particularly money. Releases victim mentality which can surround those struggling with self-belief in attaining financial security.

Language of Flowers Oracle ~
Someone may be secretly in love with you! A love you thought long~gone may return soon and this wont just mean romantic love, but also friendships which inspired deep feelings of love within you or even things which you held great passion for.
A change for the better in your ability to make money, attain a more secure position or even a promotion of some sort could be indicated.
Be very careful of becoming too materialistic, holding on to what you really do not need or being greedy because it will backfire on you.

Gardening Notes ~
Often referred to as un~killable, they are very easy to grow in most conditions. They do prefer sunlight, regular watering and feeding to produce abundant flowers. You can lift and divide via root division in winter which will not only create more plants but keep your planting neat and manageable. Deadhead quickly to stop seeding as you do need to be mindful of where you plant them and how they are managed as they can become a weed and a problem for our bush land.

bunches of blessings,
Cheralyn xx
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Image ~
A beautiful first~season Agapanthus on my Lake Walk yesterday. Very windy up here on The Lakes so photo is a tad blurry but ahhh how wonderful and wild Nature is!