❁ FLOWER OF THE DAY ~ Hong Kong Orchid Tree (Bauhinia × blakeana)

Hong Kong Orchid Tree
(Bauhinia × blakeana)

Flower Affirmation ~ "Harmony grows in an accepting heart" 

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Will Assist You ~
In finding the middle and fair ground in a situation. Orchid Tree will also help you understand the steps needed to transition from one place to another with greater ease. Those working with change will also find support with this magnificent wise plant.

The Language of Flowers Oracle ~
Change is inevitable and you are being guided to remain fair and keep your emotions in check at the moment. The outcome you are seeking needs to be fair to all, if not, things may in fact not go in your favour. What is it that you are truly seeking?
The challenge presented is always injustice, unfairness and imbalances the Orchid Tree is indicated in any oracle reading or message. This doesn't just apply to to external forces on you. Butterfly Tree asks you to look at yourself and your actions, thoughts and plans more carefully and be true in seeking pure harmony for all.

Gardening Notes ~
This image is one I took on my phone on one of my evening walks of Bauhinia × blakeana and it is one of
There is a house near my Lake which is not only home to two small Orchid Trees but this stunning beauty on the footpath. This is what I adore so much about gardening legacies, the continuance of the love of those gardeners before us.
Apart from the breath~takingly pretty flowers, I have always been fascinated with their bilobed leaves. In Australia they flower from February to November (late summer through to late spring), with the peak flowering time in September to October (early to mid spring).
This particular Hong Kong Orchid Tree is easily at the top end of the possibly height these trees attain ( about 9 ~ 10 metres ) and as you can see, is covered in orchid~like flowers.
As a tropical plant, they will do very in warmer climates and are fairly tolerant of hot and exposed conditions. (This tree is certainly in such a spot). Not really suitable for cooler areas and need protection from frost. They are ok in drier soils but do need very good watering in hotter months.

Botanical History Notes ~
Bauhinia × blakeana was discovered by a French Catholic Missionary of the Paris Foreign Missions around 1880, on the coast near Pok Fu Lam.
Stephen Troyte Dunn made the first scientific description and assigned it to the genus Bauhinia in 1908. He named the tree in honour of Sir Henry and Lady Blake in his paper featuring his description referring to Sir Henry Blake, British Governor of Hong Kong, from 1898 to 1903.
Bauhinia × blakeana was adopted as the floral emblem of Hong Kong in 1965 and has appeared on Hong Kong's coat of arms, flag and coins since 1997.

bunches of blessings,
❁ Cheralyn xx

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Bauhinia variegate, Lake Munmorah
photograph, September 2016, Cheralyn Darcey

Cheralyn Darcey is a passionate gardener and botanical history author and artist who loves sharing her three plus decades wealth of flowers and plant wisdom, stories and knowledge through her publications, presentations and workshops.

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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