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October 2016

Heartsease Spiced Rum & Raisin Brownies

By request from a few of my lovely Facebook Friends ~ here is my Brownie Recipe. 


1 cup dark chocolate bits
250g dark couverture chocolate, roughly chopped
250g unsalted butter, roughly chopped
3 eggs
1 cup plain flour
1 cup firmly packed brown sugar
1 cup of roughly chopped raisins
1 tablespoon of spiced rum or other liqueur or juice
Heartsease (Viola tricolour) flowers to decorate and add a little Language of Flowers of Magick

Melt couverture chocolate and butter together in a saucepan, stirring gently until completely smooth and combined.
Remove and let cool.
Combine sugar, eggs and rum (or substitute) and whisk well by hand.
Add the chocolate mixture and mix until smooth.
Fold in flour, raisins and chocolate bits. Mix well.

Pour into a lined brownie pan.
Bake in a pre-heated oven 180C for 30-35 minutes.

Cool and slice to serve and sprinkle with Heartsease flowers to ensure a warm and comforted heart
and you could give a beautiful batch to someone to let the know you are thinking of them.

bunches of blessings,
Cheralyn xx

Mbs 2016 2

❁ Flower of the Day ~ Nasturtium (Tropaeolum majus)

(Tropaeolum majus)

Nasturtium new webcards photo 2

Will Assist You In ~
Remaining optimistic, obtaining a victory, in being successful in a hard or long drawn out issue of conflict and most importantly will offer you ways to increase your personal vitality.

The Language of Flowers Oracle ~
Success is indicated as it a boost in resources. You are being warned to watch over your personal energy because although there is almost an abundance of it, you could waste it or let others zap too much from you.

Gardening Notes ~
Oh so easy to grow and can actually take over if you are not careful. they will self~seed everywhere! Most types are edible and make a very yummy peppery addition especially in summer salads when they are at their peek.

My photo here shows Nasturtium growing wild along the shore of the Lake near my home last night. I would not advise eating any found like this as councils do spray with pesticides.

They don't like frost or very cold areas but will tolerant shade exceptionally well. Best results are in well draining sunny positions.

Botanical History & Traditions ~
Originating in Peru, the Incas referred to Nasturtium as 'Golden Nuggets' due to their role in an almost Indiana Jones style legend of stolen gold, mountain chases, a vengeful God and a good man protecting what was right. Along the way Nature stepped in and disguised hidden gold as bright yellow Nasturtiums so it wouldn't be taken by Spanish Conquistadors and so it was eventually returned to the Incas.

The name 'nasturtium' translates from Latin as 'twisted nose' referring to it's rather strong and perhaps not so nice scent.

Now this is one tradition I personally practice ~ plant three red nasturtiums (some traditions call for black) to ensure protection unwanted visitors do not set foot in your home. I once lived in an apartment without a garden and had three small hanging baskets of bright red nasturtiums at my doorway, perfect!

May Nature bless you always and may you in turn always be a Blessing to Nature,
bunches of love,
Cheralyn ❁ xx

Mbs 2016 2

❁ This Magickal Gardening Week ~ broccoli, snapping dragons & the celery forest

It's a busy week with my work as I complete illustrations for my fourth Flower deck which will be released early next year and I'm sure being lost each day in the dreamy tones of spring in these delicate watercolours is no coincidence. I have found I work best when what I am creating aligns with the turning seasons, with what is occurring in my garden and environment. The energy, messages and wisdom I am then sharing through my writing and art is pure and clear.

Flora beautiful card

Today in the garden ~ 

Cheralyn garden

artwork I'm creating for my fourth flower oracle deck ~ 


A few Flowers in my garden this week ~ 

I planted these out last year and it is a joy to see their return. Chattering to each other in a quiet corner of my back garden, they seem to hold court while watching over their soon to arrive flower friends, daisy, jasmine and cornflower. 
The Language of Flowers: truth~telling, grace, secrets, "I long for you" 

Snapdragons 2

A tiny Snapdragon visitor ~ 


Oh it is time for cleansing away the sleepiness of winter, of letting go of the dream~state and awakening and so Bottlebrush is making a most welcome appearance not only in my garden but naturally everywhere! 
The Language of Flowers: balance, cleansing, clarity "I understand"

Bottlebrush photo 2

Nothing speaks to me of childhood summers really like these. They grew in abundance in the rockeries of my grandparents home. 
Perfectly strong, yet somehow a little unreal with their bright petals springing forth from leaves which to my eye, never really looked somehow matched to these flowers. 
The Language of Flowers: survival, tenacity, forgiveness "I forgive and let go" 

Some interesting Pigface Flower Facts:

Calendula officinalis
So blessed with the love of this plant. She is growing so well nestled next to my Wormwood with brilliant orange faces greeting each dawn. 
The Language of Flowers: contentment, cleansing, healing "I am grateful" 

Calendula 44

And so the Veggie Garden
It is time to harvest the last of Winter and so prepare for Summer. Memories of rosy red tomatoes and crisp green lettuce are enticing me to being the preparation of the soil, to rest some areas, to work others so all will be ready. The chill is leaving our mornings and nights and the earth is opening, warming and ready to welcome the plants of the coming seasons. 

Harvest this week: 

We have been enjoying celery for weeks and weeks but we are heading into a very abundant time and I'm loving adding it to juices and just about everything from frittatas to asian dishes.


The time is over for nibbling as we delight in the very last of this year's crop. One of my all time favourite vegetables, I'm personally just about living on it and the taste is amazing. Steamed with a tiny bit of lemon juice ~ YUM! 


Well I'm constantly harvesting herbs, its the best way to ensure they grow but right now I have a really bumper amount of thyme, rosemary, wormwood, vervain, calendula, parsley, rocket and society garlic. 
Garlic 2

may Nature always bless you but more importantly, 
may you always be a blessing to Nature 
bunches of love, 

Cheralyn Darcey is a passionate gardener and botanical history author and artist who loves sharing her three plus decades wealth of flowers and plant wisdom, stories and knowledge through her publications, presentations and workshops.

This weekend I will be presenting a workshop at Sydney's wonderful Festival of Dreams at 3:30pm Saturday.
I'll be sharing all things Flowers, Plants and Gardening and how you can find personal healing, guidance and a little magick with Nature ~ 

Festival of dreams square workshop

❁ Flower of the Day ~ Lavender (Lavandula stoechas)

New cards lavender

Will Assist You In ~

The cleansing of negativity and the easing of physical and earthly burdens. Giving you the opportunity and ability to find, understand and express your inner wisdom. Offers protection on all levels.

The Language of Flowers Oracle ~
All is well and you should be able to see improvement soon. A time of relaxation, blessed solitude and purification. Emotional equilibrium and spiritually sensitivity which is of great personal benefit will be available. Admiration, trust and healing are all indicated. Be mindful of protecting yourself and not becoming gullible, especially falling for the same issue again by not learning from the past.

Gardening Notes:
Flowering most of the year, Lavender originates from the Mediterranean and as such prefers a full sun, alkaline soil and do not over water or over feed. Avoid shade or partial shade was you run the risk of rangy growth. Ensure you dead head regularly to encourage new blooms.

may you be blessed with flower wisdom always!
Cheralyn ❁

image: card from Flower Reading Cards Oracle Deck (Facebook Page)
artwork: 'Lavender, Ratapignata Pyramid, France'
linocut and gouache on paper
Cheralyn Darcey

Jasmine Flower Spell

I'm giving some of my old flower spell postcards a bit of new life with artworks, sketches and photos from my garden.
With this spell you can also give it a little boost by holding the bottle up to the sun before sipping.
Ensure that any botanical ingredients you use are correctly identified. Information for educational purposes only.
Feel free to keep and to share.

Jasmine spell 2

Bunches of blessings,
Cheralyn xx

❁ FLOWER OF THE DAY ~ Hong Kong Orchid Tree (Bauhinia × blakeana)

Hong Kong Orchid Tree
(Bauhinia × blakeana)

Flower Affirmation ~ "Harmony grows in an accepting heart" 

Hong kong orchid tree new photo webcards

Will Assist You ~
In finding the middle and fair ground in a situation. Orchid Tree will also help you understand the steps needed to transition from one place to another with greater ease. Those working with change will also find support with this magnificent wise plant.

The Language of Flowers Oracle ~
Change is inevitable and you are being guided to remain fair and keep your emotions in check at the moment. The outcome you are seeking needs to be fair to all, if not, things may in fact not go in your favour. What is it that you are truly seeking?
The challenge presented is always injustice, unfairness and imbalances the Orchid Tree is indicated in any oracle reading or message. This doesn't just apply to to external forces on you. Butterfly Tree asks you to look at yourself and your actions, thoughts and plans more carefully and be true in seeking pure harmony for all.

Gardening Notes ~
This image is one I took on my phone on one of my evening walks of Bauhinia × blakeana and it is one of
There is a house near my Lake which is not only home to two small Orchid Trees but this stunning beauty on the footpath. This is what I adore so much about gardening legacies, the continuance of the love of those gardeners before us.
Apart from the breath~takingly pretty flowers, I have always been fascinated with their bilobed leaves. In Australia they flower from February to November (late summer through to late spring), with the peak flowering time in September to October (early to mid spring).
This particular Hong Kong Orchid Tree is easily at the top end of the possibly height these trees attain ( about 9 ~ 10 metres ) and as you can see, is covered in orchid~like flowers.
As a tropical plant, they will do very in warmer climates and are fairly tolerant of hot and exposed conditions. (This tree is certainly in such a spot). Not really suitable for cooler areas and need protection from frost. They are ok in drier soils but do need very good watering in hotter months.

Botanical History Notes ~
Bauhinia × blakeana was discovered by a French Catholic Missionary of the Paris Foreign Missions around 1880, on the coast near Pok Fu Lam.
Stephen Troyte Dunn made the first scientific description and assigned it to the genus Bauhinia in 1908. He named the tree in honour of Sir Henry and Lady Blake in his paper featuring his description referring to Sir Henry Blake, British Governor of Hong Kong, from 1898 to 1903.
Bauhinia × blakeana was adopted as the floral emblem of Hong Kong in 1965 and has appeared on Hong Kong's coat of arms, flag and coins since 1997.

bunches of blessings,
❁ Cheralyn xx

PS, as always feel free to share posts and images 

Bauhinia variegate, Lake Munmorah
photograph, September 2016, Cheralyn Darcey

Cheralyn Darcey is a passionate gardener and botanical history author and artist who loves sharing her three plus decades wealth of flowers and plant wisdom, stories and knowledge through her publications, presentations and workshops.