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FLOWER OF THE DAY ~ ❁Tuberose (Polyanthus tuberose)

Tuberose WEBCARD new

Will Assist You in:
Finding your focus and sticking with it. Tuberose supports those who are finding it hard to stick with their path by showing creative ways to enjoy the everyday and it also assists those looking to inspire desire and passion ~ creative, romantic and sexual.

Language of Flowers Oracle:
Temptation for something rather dangerous but still pleasurable may be coming your way. You are warned to proceed carefully and be sure you are in possession of all the facts. There is a chance of deception.
Focus is required at present, don't drift off into daydreams and remember to stay true to your original desires and plans.
Creative projects have a greater scope for success at present and the next steps perhaps only thought out at this stage, should be actioned at this time.
The generosity shown now will have great benefit later. Conversely, if you accept the gifts of others, be aware that there may be strings attached which will pull on you later.

Flower Lore:
Tuberose has a beautiful entwined history with seduction, love and even death. In India it is a flower of Wedding celebration, used to ensure amorous feelings between the newlyweds. In France woman are warned not to wear it's perfume or experience it's fragrance after nightfall in case they fall under it's spell and become over amorous with any man who crosses their path.
A very popular funeral flower with the English Victorians, it came to actually symbolise death itself for a while and the superstition arose that one should never sit in a room alone with one for death would surely find you.
A perhaps more aligned to the real Language of Tuberose tradition is the giving of a single blossom to another to indicate your undying passion.

Gardening Notes:
Tuberose are native to Mexico and so do very well in similar climates. Plant bulbs in late Winter to early spring for Summer flowering. A night flower which adores full sun to grow well.

bunches of blessings,
Cheralyn ❁ xx

card: 'Tuberose, Focus', Flowers of the Night Oracle, Cheralyn Darcey 2016
artwork: 'Polyanthus tuberose and Horned Owl', block~print and watercolour on paper, Cheralyn Darcey 2016

Flower of the Day ~ ❁ Jasmine (Jasminum officinale)

If you are on the Eastern seaboard of Australia, you may, like me, be experiencing the beautifully uplifting first flush of this powerfully healing and guiding flower. So it was no surprise that I selected Jasmine's card so often in readings over the past few days, that people kept mentioning Jasmine to me and I would notice other messages in written and visual form. The energy is very strong on the physical plane and so corresponding points will rise up to meet it. This also means that the energies, the gifts and blessings of this plant are more available for those who wish to work with it.

Jasmine new photo wecards

Will Assist You In:
Succeeding. Perhaps one of the best flowers in fact to align with if you are finding sticking with goals, promises, commitments or staying on course at all challenging. Very supportive of those who feel they have lost hope with something. Jasmine naturally attracts financial gain as well so is really good to have around if you need a boost. The flower is a powerful aphrodisiac and assists to attract love.

Language of Flowers Oracle:
The impossible may be within reach. A new point of view may be offered to unlock what has not been possible in the past. There is an indication of social gathers/celebrations. A chicory, promotion, step up seem very likely. Be very careful of losing sight of your original goals and thereby wasting valuable time on side projects which will waste your time. Exhaustion is very possible as there is a lot of choice coming up. Be very careful of becoming obsessional over something that is doing you no real good. Remember, you can do anything but that doesn't mean you have to do everything is the message of Jasmine.

Flower Traditions & Flower Lore:
For my Flowers of the Night Oracle lovers ~ an Indian story speak of a beautiful princess who was in love with Surya~Deva, the sun god. Unfortunately he was not interested in her at all. She tragically took her own life and after her ashes were spread over the ground, the Jasmine flower grew. It is said that the flowers refuse to open or be fragrant during the day because of their broken heart.
Jasmine has often been associated with love and in various traditions to attract love, heal love and also as an aphrodisiac. If you carry a piece of Jasmine it is said to attract money or physical love and dreaming of Jasmine or seeing it in a guided meditation is a very good sign that your luck is about to change for the better.

bunches of blessings, 

card: Jasmine ~ Success
from Flower Reading Cards, Rockpool Publishing 2015
artwork: 'Jasminum officinale, Golden Rock, Burma' 
block~print and gouache on paper, Cheralyn Darcey 2014 

Flower of The Day ~ ❁ Angel's Trumpet (Brugmansia arborea)

Today, a Flower of the Night for you and I thought you may like to join me in the Garden Studio for a little look at part of my creative process ~ 


I hope this beautiful flower of strength, transformation and power brings you the message, strength or perhaps inspiration you are looking for.

Angel's trumpet webcard

 from 'Flowers of the Night Oracle' artwork: 'Angel's Trumpet (Brugmansia arborea) with Tubed~lipped Nectar Bat',
block print and watercolour on paper,

Cheralyn Darcey 2016. 

A little more about our little bat ~ 

In the Flowers of the Night Oracle Deck, I have depicted The Tubed~lipped Nectar Bat (Anoura fistulata) with another Flower which it 
shares its environment with, Trumpet Flower and both are found in Ecuador. 
The flower shown in the above video is Centropogon nigricans and it's believed that this plant co-evolved with the Tube-lipped Nectar bat is it is it's only pollinator. 
So why didn't this flower end up in the Flowers of the night Oracle? Well that's a story for another deck ;) 

bunches of blessings,
❁ Cheralyn xx

Flowers of the Night Oracle Deck is a Limited Edition, only those ordered will be printed.
Orders end 30th August 2016, available at this link: FLOWERS OF THE NIGHT ORACLE DECK ORDERS

Flower of the Day ~ ❁ Oleander (Nerium oleander)

Oleander (Nerium oleander)

Will Assist You In ~
Taking on difficult or challenging activities which will bring a positive outcome. This ca be anything from staring a new project to even undergoing surgery. Oleander helps with the anxiety and fear surrounding such things and puts them into perspective. Helps you see both sides of a situation more clearly.

Language of Flowers Oracle Messages ~
Olendaner indicates sudden positive breakthroughs and the end of pain or suffering. You could be charmed or even enchanted by someone or a situation and are warned to proceed with caution. All could be well but make sure you hold your boundaries.
Be careful that any anxiety you may be experiencing is not overshadowing a chance for growth as it could be at this time. You do ned to participate a bit more, as difficult as this may seem. Cynicism and outright nastiness are energies which may be present, be cautious but don't let it impede you.

Oleander new photo webcards

Gardening Notes ~
You need to garden with extreme caution (if at all) as this is a very poisonous plant to people and animals. Usually beautiful scented and a really gorgeous looking full shrub they have been a favourite as a garden filler and council road side plant for decades because they are very hardy. Temperate and above areas only as they dislike the cold but other than that, they are almost indestructible and can be planted in just about any situation.

bunches of blessings,
❁Cheralyn xx

'Oleander ~ Msoura, Morocco', block print & gouache on paper
Cheralyn Darcey 2014
for Flower Reading Cards Oracle Deck 2015 Rockpool Publishing
permission granted to share

❁ How Can You Explore Your Passion & Power with an Oracle Deck?

Researching and studying ethnobotany (the relationship between people and plants), the language of flowers, healing modalities which are flower~based, the traditions, myths, folk and herbal lore of flowers, I found time and again, the patterns which lead me to easily creating Flower Oracles based on themes which relate to us directly. This is a foundation of ethnobotanical study and makes it rather easy to create a tool for personal growth, healing and guidance. My new Oracle Deck ~ 'Flowers of the Night Oracle' is part of my over three decade commitment to the study of flowers and us and the themes of power and of passion ran strong and true through all flowers which either blossom at night or have physical attributes which the night enhances such as a far stronger fragrance.
We can not have access to all the flowers of the world every day in our pocket, so it was my hope many years ago to create oracle decks which would share the Flower Wisdom and Lore with everyone, no matter the season or where they found themselves. There is great truth in following the signs of the seasons which surround you but even in the most ancient traditions, people have used images and dried botanicals and taken much interest in the dreams and visions of those plants not in season or in the immediate surrounds to guide and support. The absence of something and our continued connection with it actually shows a stronger connection to it's meaning, message and gifts.

Ecards Rose of mexico

Exploring your Passion and Power with The Flowers of the Night Oracle
Within the Guidebook of the Oracle there are reading spreads and other suggestions for using this deck for yourself and for others. Readings can answer questions and assist with topics focused on finding your passion in life, in understanding why it may be difficult to find or to stay true to the course began. Suggestions on additional paths to explore and solutions to difficult issues which have arisen. The meanings of these Flowers are naturally stronger than others and they are clear, focused and very easy to follow. They may in fact at times be a little too strong. Think of Jasmine. At times we may enjoy and in fact need to have our senses flushed with the aroma, and be tangled with it in our hair as we pass through a summer filled arch of it's glory but at other times perhaps just a faint remembrance on a warm breeze is enough. We do not want to be overwhelmed with it's intoxication. Floramancy, Flower Reading with the Flowers of the Night, needs to be approached in the same way.
Exploring your Passions can be a subject which requires additional illumination. Passions which are aligned with romance, creativity, career, friendships, life direction, blocks, these are areas which benefit from the wisdom and the energy of the Flowers which connect with the Shadows, with the Night. These Plants bloom strong and clear in the evening, they call out in the darkest night with their fragrances, their energy , empowered by the moon and stars and bring with them strong messages which you may learn from and align with.

Fox tv Damask violet ecardExamples

As I mentioned, oracle reading spreads are included in the Guidebook and you can use these for general readings along with reading spreads that you may already know and any topic
can be explored. By using the Flowers of the Night Oracle cards, you will see readings which are a little stronger in emotion and message, particularly over other Flower Oracle Reading Cards. For example, a simple three card spread exploring the past, present and future of an issue could bring up Night Flowers which share messages connected with themes such as sensuality, awareness, intuition. Flowers of the Night would be showing you that the answers may lie in how you feel about a the issue, that you are becoming more aware of these feelings and perhaps you could use you intuition a little more when looking towards the future. I would use this Oracle if I felt drawn to do so in a general reading, if I wanted to explore the powers and foundations that surround the issues or the passions and emotions which drive it.

If you wanted to explore the theme of Passion more closely, this deck is perfect. The Flowers all connect and align beautifully with Power and with Passion and you will find it very easy to attain deeper insight into both. Use the provided spreads or others and once you settle on your direction of discovery, you will find that the Flowers drawn from the deck with provide a very clear path to follow. Assistance is offered to those working out what their passion, their passion is, how they can better attain a life which is filled with this passion and how to overcome challenges. Guidance and clarity can also be found in matters of romance and of the heart, including close friendships. Questions can be answered and timelines can be formed to give you a plan and direction.  

Card of the Day
In a similar way your powers can be examined. What is it that is hindering you? What needs to change? How can you strengthen your resources or even find them. The Flowers of the Rose 1 Night will bring forth these answers in any oracle spread you use or even more simply as a Card of the Day. I find drawing a Flower of the Night from my growing deck each evening to be a fascinating lesson. I can see what it is that I could focus on internally that night in order to make a change for the coming day. For example, last night I drew The Rose of Mexico and it's themes are strength and resilience, of over coming what may seem insurmountable. That night I did lie in bed and had a few moments of reflection were I realised that I had been worried about a difficult issue. I felt so much better as I calmed myself and focused on being stronger with hesitation the following day.

Fox sketch
Flower Therapy
All of my Flower Reading Oracle Cards are based on the Tradition of Floramancy, a divination tradition which aligns with the Language of Flowers but has a far greater connection with the Doctrine of Signatures and Herbal Lore. Because of this, the cards can be used in healing modalities as the actual attributes which you will find in these modalities are the same. In Flowers Essence Therapy they work wonderfully an additional attribute resource and prescribing tool. In creative meditation they could provide a focus and in all healing modalities as a guide to the properties and wisdoms of the Flowers. The Flowers of the Night, with their nature focus on Passions and Power could also be a really interesting counselling tool. Those working with aromatherapy could also find it an interesting resource to explore the properties of those flowers suitable in this modality. 

If you would like to know any more about this Oracle or any of my work with Flowers
or have any questions, 
I would love to hear from you. 

Until then, 
May Nature and flowers bless you always, 
❁Cheralyn xx 

Cheralyn pjs

Flowers of the Night Oracle Deck, $35AUD, is available as a *Limited Edition Only Deck until 3oth August 2016
*only those who order before 30th August will be able to obtain one at:

 contact Cheralyn:  [email protected]








❁ Flower of the Night ~ Rose of Mexico (Oenothera rose)

Hello lovely friends,

A little treat, a Flower of the night Oracle Card which has not been revealed as yet for you.
Hope the message
and healing energy reaches those who require it.

bunches of blessings, 
❁ Cheralyn xx 

Ecards Rose of mexico

'Rose of Mexico (Oenothera rosea) at Pueblo de Santiago, Mexico for Flowers of the Night Oracle, block print and watercolour on paper, Cheralyn Darcey
permission granted to download and share online unaltered

❁ The Power and Passion of the Flowers of the Night Oracle

Passion and Power
It is the most fascinating thing to explore the relationships not only between flowers and all plants but between them and us. This is known as Ethnobotany. What I have found intriguing over many years is that the energies and attributes which we know describe  time, seasons, day and night hours are held so richly within the Flowers (and plants in general) which have strong physical connections to these times. This could be blooming, fragrant emittance, movement or other physical change. The themes of power and passion run through all Flowers which correspond with the Night. So strongly in fact that it is truly magickal and almost enchanting to hear the whispering Language of Flowers of the Night come alive in a way different from their daylight friends as I write and move through the Shadows of Nature. Each layer reveals more which I am so pleased to soon share with you in this oracle. 

Violet card tilt 3

I have launched my third Language of Flowers Oracle Deck, Flowers of the Night Oracle this week and it has been such a blessed and exciting time.
Two days in and 81 wonderfully supportive people have ordered already. As a Limited Edition Special Creators Release Oracle Deck for those who follow my work and have a deeper connection with it, I sourced a few short run options which I could at least cover with a reasonable retail price on each deck for a small Indie work such as this s I do not want to compromise on the quality. 

This Oracle Isn't for Everyone. 
This is something I've been told and I have been sharing as well because I suppose quiet rightly, it isn't.  The artwork is very traditional 'old school' block print and the theme explores the intricate shadows of your desires and the issues surrounding your power. Perhaps not all want to go there and the rawness of the art is not appealing to all. Because this oracle isn't for everyone, I decided to have it created in a high quality, limited release and have set a short window in which to purchase it. Those who understand or want to understand the Flowers of the Night and their relationship with these energies will, I am sure, find this deck. Along with a reasonable price of $35AUD I've added treasures which mark our growing community for all. 

Why am I using Kickstarter? 
After looking at all the ways I could offer this deck, I decided on Kickstarter because the platform offers a way to streamline the ordering process, keep everything transparent and me accountable for those purchasing. I love the community building aspects with a section for my updates and purchaser interactions. I can share both publicly and privately, the final months of the creation process with those who are interested. The Goal Gifts are such a vibrant way to engage with the Flowers of the Night Community and Im really enjoying being able to provide these additions as the margins for me grow. Its giving back to those who are early supporters of my work. I am really enjoying Kickstarter and I suppose the only drawbacks are that it only uses Credit/Credit Facility linked Debit Card, no Paypal and that it is a rather new way for many people. I have provided a few informative videos on my actual Kickstarter page which explain the process of ordering:

Wetlands Australia
Although I constantly help out with physical volunteer work each week for the environment, I wanted to set myself a clear goal to raise funds for a project with this deck so I am donating 10% of the profits of this deck directly to Wetlands Australia. Its a way to help the environments which inspire me. I seemed to have spent a lot of time in the past year in these particular areas researching a book which will be released next year so it is very fitting. 

Would you like a Flowers of the Night Oracle Deck?
You will not be able to purchase this deck in any other way expect through the Kickstarter Page and orders end  7pm, 30th August Sydney Australia time. 
We are having a delightful time exploring the Flowers of the Night and would love you to join us!

Welcome the the Night:

bunches of blessings, 
❁ Cheralyn xx 

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