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FLOWER OF THE DAY ~ ❁Tuberose (Polyanthus tuberose)

Flower of the Day ~ ❁ Jasmine (Jasminum officinale)

If you are on the Eastern seaboard of Australia, you may, like me, be experiencing the beautifully uplifting first flush of this powerfully healing and guiding flower. So it was no surprise that I selected Jasmine's card so often in readings over the past few days, that people kept mentioning Jasmine to me and I would notice other messages in written and visual form. The energy is very strong on the physical plane and so corresponding points will rise up to meet it. This also means that the energies, the gifts and blessings of this plant are more available for those who wish to work with it.

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Will Assist You In:
Succeeding. Perhaps one of the best flowers in fact to align with if you are finding sticking with goals, promises, commitments or staying on course at all challenging. Very supportive of those who feel they have lost hope with something. Jasmine naturally attracts financial gain as well so is really good to have around if you need a boost. The flower is a powerful aphrodisiac and assists to attract love.

Language of Flowers Oracle:
The impossible may be within reach. A new point of view may be offered to unlock what has not been possible in the past. There is an indication of social gathers/celebrations. A chicory, promotion, step up seem very likely. Be very careful of losing sight of your original goals and thereby wasting valuable time on side projects which will waste your time. Exhaustion is very possible as there is a lot of choice coming up. Be very careful of becoming obsessional over something that is doing you no real good. Remember, you can do anything but that doesn't mean you have to do everything is the message of Jasmine.

Flower Traditions & Flower Lore:
For my Flowers of the Night Oracle lovers ~ an Indian story speak of a beautiful princess who was in love with Surya~Deva, the sun god. Unfortunately he was not interested in her at all. She tragically took her own life and after her ashes were spread over the ground, the Jasmine flower grew. It is said that the flowers refuse to open or be fragrant during the day because of their broken heart.
Jasmine has often been associated with love and in various traditions to attract love, heal love and also as an aphrodisiac. If you carry a piece of Jasmine it is said to attract money or physical love and dreaming of Jasmine or seeing it in a guided meditation is a very good sign that your luck is about to change for the better.

bunches of blessings, 

card: Jasmine ~ Success
from Flower Reading Cards, Rockpool Publishing 2015
artwork: 'Jasminum officinale, Golden Rock, Burma' 
block~print and gouache on paper, Cheralyn Darcey 2014