❁ The Power and Passion of the Flowers of the Night Oracle

Passion and Power
It is the most fascinating thing to explore the relationships not only between flowers and all plants but between them and us. This is known as Ethnobotany. What I have found intriguing over many years is that the energies and attributes which we know describe  time, seasons, day and night hours are held so richly within the Flowers (and plants in general) which have strong physical connections to these times. This could be blooming, fragrant emittance, movement or other physical change. The themes of power and passion run through all Flowers which correspond with the Night. So strongly in fact that it is truly magickal and almost enchanting to hear the whispering Language of Flowers of the Night come alive in a way different from their daylight friends as I write and move through the Shadows of Nature. Each layer reveals more which I am so pleased to soon share with you in this oracle. 

Violet card tilt 3

I have launched my third Language of Flowers Oracle Deck, Flowers of the Night Oracle this week and it has been such a blessed and exciting time.
Two days in and 81 wonderfully supportive people have ordered already. As a Limited Edition Special Creators Release Oracle Deck for those who follow my work and have a deeper connection with it, I sourced a few short run options which I could at least cover with a reasonable retail price on each deck for a small Indie work such as this s I do not want to compromise on the quality. 

This Oracle Isn't for Everyone. 
This is something I've been told and I have been sharing as well because I suppose quiet rightly, it isn't.  The artwork is very traditional 'old school' block print and the theme explores the intricate shadows of your desires and the issues surrounding your power. Perhaps not all want to go there and the rawness of the art is not appealing to all. Because this oracle isn't for everyone, I decided to have it created in a high quality, limited release and have set a short window in which to purchase it. Those who understand or want to understand the Flowers of the Night and their relationship with these energies will, I am sure, find this deck. Along with a reasonable price of $35AUD I've added treasures which mark our growing community for all. 

Why am I using Kickstarter? 
After looking at all the ways I could offer this deck, I decided on Kickstarter because the platform offers a way to streamline the ordering process, keep everything transparent and me accountable for those purchasing. I love the community building aspects with a section for my updates and purchaser interactions. I can share both publicly and privately, the final months of the creation process with those who are interested. The Goal Gifts are such a vibrant way to engage with the Flowers of the Night Community and Im really enjoying being able to provide these additions as the margins for me grow. Its giving back to those who are early supporters of my work. I am really enjoying Kickstarter and I suppose the only drawbacks are that it only uses Credit/Credit Facility linked Debit Card, no Paypal and that it is a rather new way for many people. I have provided a few informative videos on my actual Kickstarter page which explain the process of ordering: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cheralyn/flowers-of-the-night-oracle

Wetlands Australia
Although I constantly help out with physical volunteer work each week for the environment, I wanted to set myself a clear goal to raise funds for a project with this deck so I am donating 10% of the profits of this deck directly to Wetlands Australia. Its a way to help the environments which inspire me. I seemed to have spent a lot of time in the past year in these particular areas researching a book which will be released next year so it is very fitting. 

Would you like a Flowers of the Night Oracle Deck?
You will not be able to purchase this deck in any other way expect through the Kickstarter Page and orders end  7pm, 30th August Sydney Australia time. 
We are having a delightful time exploring the Flowers of the Night and would love you to join us!

Welcome the the Night: www.kickstarter.com/projects/cheralyn/flowers-of-the-night-oracle

bunches of blessings, 
❁ Cheralyn xx 

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bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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