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Flower of the Day ~ ❁Tuberose (Polyanthus tuberose)

❁Tuberose (Polyanthus tuberose)

Night webcards tuberose

All this week this celebrate the launch of the Pre Sale of my third Language of Flowers Deck ~ Flowers of the Night Oracle , I will be sharing a Flower Card from the deck.

The launch is at this Facebook Event this Tuesday night (Sydney time) and the only way you will be able to obtain this Indie deck is through pre~ordering (details at the launch)
Facebook Event link: (click GOING if you are interested in this Oracle, even if you can't be there at the time as you will still receive al the news and updates re the release of the deck)

I'll be sharing deeper notes about Tuberose at the launch and opening top discussion about this gorgeous much loved Flower as well as other Flowers of the night.
Hope you can join me.

Cheralyn ❁ xx

Calendula Afternoon

My calendula flowers doing well today.


I planted them along the edge of my Asian veggie garden next to my wormwood.
Love their bright sunny faces in winter. ‪

‎The Language of Flowers‬
a flower which assists with the relief of things which irritate you. Supports intuitive development and helps those looking for the return of happier times.

Botanical History
The name comes from the word Calendar and points to the fact that they flower over many months. 

Gardening Notes
A very easy to grow low maintenance herb which flowers almost all year. Water sparingly, deadhead often to ensure long flowering  (use the petals to colour cooking plus they are GOOD for your immune system) 

14 Uses for Calendula Tea 
Growing & Drying Calendula Flowers for Tea

Flower of the Day ~ Sturt's Desert Pea

New webcards sturts desert pea




Card from Australian Wildflower Reading Cards Oracle '
Sturt's Desert Pea' linocut, gouache on paper Cheralyn Darcey

Will assist you in ~
Overcoming situations in which you feel momentarily powerless by enabling you to accept and move on. Support for those who are taking things too personally. Sturt's Desert Pea gives great perspective in all things and offers emotional healing.

The Language of Flowers Oracle ~
You need to let something go. You may not be able to sustain long term improvement or change so it may be better to count your loses and move on. Be very careful of giving too much of yourself at the moment as you could open yourself up to emotional hurt. You do not know all the facts to a situation.

To give to another ~
"I am sorry for your loss"
"Wishing you well again" (emotional or mental healing)
"I support you"

Gardening Notes ~
You are in for a challenge. I have heard you ""treat them mean to keep them keen" is in order but I like to love my plants so I rather look at this as providing the thought environment which they are used to!
Do not fertile or water too much. Soil should be sandy, open and, well, like the desert! I've grown them once in a pot successfully on a hot window sill. They like it hot and they like it dry. On my list for this Spring in our new home!
Plant in Spring from seeds.

Cheralyn tea










bunches of love
Cheralyn ❁ xx

FLOWER OF THE DAY ~ Jade Vine (Strongylodon macrobotrys)

Jade vine new webcards

Will Assist You In ~
Jade Vine assists those struggling with being heard, who are looking for resolution in situations and who may also wish to either join or create new groups and communities. An excellent flower in the aid of healing work in general as it opens up pathways that may be unfamiliar.
The challenge that Jade Vine presents is in the clarity of information being heard. Misinterpretations are a common theme as are loss of files, misplacement of paperwork and disruption of communication devices.

The Language of Flowers Oracle ~
Such a powerful lesson from Jade Vine. Native to the rainforests of the Philippines, this plant has evolved to look like the folded wings of a butterfly at rest which enables it to be pollinated by bats.
If you feel drawn to this flower today it could mean you need to look at new ways in which you can communicate. It also speaks of a change in the way your current daily life looks so travel, a change of environment or position may be forthcoming.

Gardening Notes ~
A tropical plant which loves full sun on it's leaves but a shaded root area. Really only suitable for Northern friends here in Australia and tropical areas elsewhere. Like most tropical plants it will require a lot of feeding and to be kept moist. You will need a lot of care with position and will need to grow against a support of some kind.
Have a wonderful day!!

Bunches of Love
Cheralyn xx

'Jade Vine, Taal Volcano, Philippines'
lino print painted in gouache
Cheralyn Darcey 2015
from Flower Reading Cards Oracle Deck

FLOWER OF THE DAY ~ Lavender (Lavandula stoechas)

New cards lavender

Will Assist You In ~
The cleansing of negativity and the easing of physical and earthly burdens. Giving you the opportunity and ability to find, understand and express your inner wisdom. Offers protection on all levels.

The Language of Flowers Oracle ~
All is well and you should be able to see improvement soon. A time of relaxation, blessed solitude and purification. Emotional equilibrium and spiritually sensitivity which is of great personal benefit will be available. Admiration, trust and healing are all indicated. Be mindful of protecting yourself and not becoming gullible, especially falling for the same issue again by not learning from the past.

Gardening Notes ~ 
Flowering most of the year, Lavender originates from the Mediterranean and as such prefers a full sun, alkaline soil and do not over water or over feed. Avoid shade or partial shade was you run the risk of rangy growth. Ensure you dead head regularly to encourage new blooms.
may you be blessed with flower wisdom always!

Cheralyn ❁

image: card from Flower Reading Cards Oracle Deck (Facebook Page)
artwork: 'Lavender, Ratapignata Pyramid, France'
linocut and gouache on paper
Cheralyn Darcey

Flower of the Day Poet’s Narcissus

Poet’s Narcissus will assist you in ~

Finding, understanding and appreciating inner truth and beauty. To work on strengthening self~confidence. Wonderful for those needing new ideas, hope and inspirations. Offering an opportunity to explore faith and to connect deeper with it. Protection from the effects of gossip, giving in to peer group pressure and assistance keeping with the financial and energetic requirements of projects without effecting the outcome.

As a message ~ Something may come along and it may offer you a much needed new direction. New opportunities, new hope. Be careful of gossip, exaggeration and overspending.

Webcard poet's narcissus

Garden Notes ~
A very easy to grow bulb with care. Well drained soil (they hate wet feet!) plant in Autumn And get ready for a gorgeous Spring display. Watch the spacing
Here is a really helpful link with lots of gardening goodness from one of my favourites at Gardening Australia

Botanical Profile ~ This actual flower is acknowledged as the narcissus of ancient times. This deeply fragrant flower is also referred to as Poet’s Daffodil, Nargis, Finder Flower and Pheasant’s Eye. The plant itself grows to between 20 to 40cm in height. The petals are bright pure white and surround a central short corona which is brilliant light yellow, tinged with a orange to reddish edge. Leaves are sword~like and deep green. This flower is naturalised throughout North America and Europe and is a native to many areas in central Europe.

Artwork ~ My artwork for this card in the Flower Reading Cards Oracle Set produced by Rockpool Publishingis linocut painted with gouache and shows Poet's Narcissuss at Mount Olympus, Greece

bunches of love,


Flowers of the Night, an Exhibition

I have an incredibly huge body of work which I've enjoyed researching while sharing snippets here and there with my social media world friends and in person which explores the fascinating  world of the Flowers of the Night. The focus began, I would say about 5 years ago now and has touched my life each and every day since then. 
Moonflower lino 8
Today I was asked to hold a solo of this work and so later this year I will be exhibiting the artworks, journals, sketches and recycled object sculptures that have been the wonderful companions which I've created along the way and hopefully soon I will have a publication to share with you. It's been a such big part of my life for so long now and although my mind is set on one 'end result' the subject lends itself to so much more and my heart is dancing with possibilities I never dreamed of in the beginning. Sometimes a concept grows a life far beyond what you wished for when you began your art dreams and that is something very special when it occurs. 

Owl print

FLOWER OF THE DAY ~ Himalayan Blue Poppy

Himalayan Blue Poppy (Meconopsis grandis)
Those seeking clearer and increased intuitive skills will benefit greatly from aligning with this plant and it's precious flower. Vibrant Himalayan Blue Poppy assists us to see the value of situations and even of people including ourselves.

Webcards himalayan blue poppy

Skills you may have neglected or forgotten about will become valuable now. Reward and recognition is coming soon as well as more than one opportunity of worth.
If you are seeking an answers at present it will be 'perhaps', but there needs to be some serious dedication and work on your part undertaken.
The challenge right now is failing to work to your potential and cynicism (both yours and that of others).

Renown as one of the most challenging plants to grow beyond it's native home as decided by it's common name, they prefer very cool and moist environments. Some wonderful gardening information can be found here:

bunches of blessings
Cheralyn xx

artwork ~ from Flower Reading Cards Oracle Deck written and illustrated by Cheralyn Darcey in traditional linocut
Himalayan Blue Poppy at Mount Kailash, Tibet

Blossomology ~ July Birthflowers

Birthflowers describe in Nature's energetic vibrancy, the qualities, challenges and focus areas for a person born within the month. The flower's qualities will also associate with events and celebrations which fall during the month and they will effect the overall tone of the period which can also assist you with understanding a deeper layer of Plant Wisdom on your daily life. Later this year I will be sharing a more in-depth title on this subject with you but for now, were you born in July? Then these are Flowers which align with you from around the world ~ 

Gymea lily new photo webcards
Gymea Lily (Doryanthes excels) ~ awareness, being prepared, consequences
image from Australian Wildflower Reading Cards Oracle Deck by Cheralyn Darcey 

Morning Glory (Ipomoea purpurea) ~ consistency, enthusiasm, morality
Mountain Clover (Trillium montanum) ~ calm, cleansing, virtue

Pomegranate (Punica granatum) ~ ambition, grace, fertitly

Northern Hemisphere
Waterlily (Nymphaea) ~ rebirth, productivity, connection
Delphinium (Delphinium) ~ communication, leadership, opportunity
Larkspur (Delphinium consolida) ~ consolidation, new feelings, communication
Sweet Pea (Lathyrus odorous) ~ comfort, gratitude, magick
Sweet peas

My garden ~ Sydney, 2010

There are many precious flowers listed above which resonate strongly with the month of July and although each will have some common threads in the weaving of earth magick, they will spread their own keynotes and energies which will stand slightly apart. Because of this, I find it very hard to share just one birthflower as we live in different places, we where usually born in other places and we find ourselves throughout life in environments that are diverse and different and in which the plants we share space with will bear the flowers of seasons that are strangers to each other, never meeting naturally. So I would encourage you to learn a little at least of the botanical stories and histories of each and to listen to what is resonating with you now, this month, this time, where you find yourself.

Make very sure you are honouring what is flowering around you, not only each month but each week and each day, for these enticing jewels are speaking the Language of Flowers, not just for you but for themselves, our earth and all who inhabit it. A flower is a plant in it's act of creativity, of reproduction, of describing it's very soul and to be attracted to a flower is only the first step in connecting with the whole plant, it's history and it's legacy. When a plant flowers, it is expressing itself in that moment, with the maximum amount of energy it can draw and emit. We can be dazzled, we can swoon and be intoxicated by the beauty and the effect that a blossom has on us but in order to be a part of Nature, to not only receive the gifts and guidance of nature but to be a positive working part of it, we need to let those effects roll through us gently and truly feel them with our own energy. We must be able to listen, feel the subtle Plant Energies and understanding their meanings.

So the above list is a general staring point with only a few of the meanings which are attributed to reach plant. Their energies are incredibly strong, especially for those who have birthdays during this time. It will tell you which flowers are traditionally associated with July and amongst them I know some will resonate more strongly than others when listening with our Soul to Plant Wisdom and you will find others too that you feel right now are your Flowers of July this year, this time and in this space.

To invite and strengthen the positive energies of a flower you can share it in fresh, dried, botanical or image form.
Now would be a wonderful time to create Flower Essences from traditional July Birthflowers and perhaps even blends. Personally crafted botanical lotions and potions would benefit greatly from the addition of flower essences or flowers themselves (check safety) for those born in July or celebrating special occasions. Art and craft works can be created or places in your home or workspace to celebrate the Plant Wisdom that is at a higher level with their blossoming. Simply growing, sitting with and listening to the Flowers of July is of course the greatest practice that you can enjoy and treasure.

What can you hear from the Flowers of July?

bunches of blessings,
Cheralyn xx

This Spring I return to the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney
for another full day of Plant Wisdom and Soul Nurturing Joy with our Flower friends and I would love you to join us!
Last day for the Botanic Gardens Early Bird price:
For all the lovely details and booking information click HERE
and you can contact Cheralyn directly [email protected]

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