FLOWER OF THE DAY ~ Himalayan Blue Poppy
Flower of the Day Poet’s Narcissus

Flowers of the Night, an Exhibition

I have an incredibly huge body of work which I've enjoyed researching while sharing snippets here and there with my social media world friends and in person which explores the fascinating  world of the Flowers of the Night. The focus began, I would say about 5 years ago now and has touched my life each and every day since then. 
Moonflower lino 8
Today I was asked to hold a solo of this work and so later this year I will be exhibiting the artworks, journals, sketches and recycled object sculptures that have been the wonderful companions which I've created along the way and hopefully soon I will have a publication to share with you. It's been a such big part of my life for so long now and although my mind is set on one 'end result' the subject lends itself to so much more and my heart is dancing with possibilities I never dreamed of in the beginning. Sometimes a concept grows a life far beyond what you wished for when you began your art dreams and that is something very special when it occurs. 

Owl print