Flowers of the Night, an Exhibition
FLOWER OF THE DAY ~ Lavender (Lavandula stoechas)

Flower of the Day Poet’s Narcissus

Poet’s Narcissus will assist you in ~

Finding, understanding and appreciating inner truth and beauty. To work on strengthening self~confidence. Wonderful for those needing new ideas, hope and inspirations. Offering an opportunity to explore faith and to connect deeper with it. Protection from the effects of gossip, giving in to peer group pressure and assistance keeping with the financial and energetic requirements of projects without effecting the outcome.

As a message ~ Something may come along and it may offer you a much needed new direction. New opportunities, new hope. Be careful of gossip, exaggeration and overspending.

Webcard poet's narcissus

Garden Notes ~
A very easy to grow bulb with care. Well drained soil (they hate wet feet!) plant in Autumn And get ready for a gorgeous Spring display. Watch the spacing
Here is a really helpful link with lots of gardening goodness from one of my favourites at Gardening Australia

Botanical Profile ~ This actual flower is acknowledged as the narcissus of ancient times. This deeply fragrant flower is also referred to as Poet’s Daffodil, Nargis, Finder Flower and Pheasant’s Eye. The plant itself grows to between 20 to 40cm in height. The petals are bright pure white and surround a central short corona which is brilliant light yellow, tinged with a orange to reddish edge. Leaves are sword~like and deep green. This flower is naturalised throughout North America and Europe and is a native to many areas in central Europe.

Artwork ~ My artwork for this card in the Flower Reading Cards Oracle Set produced by Rockpool Publishingis linocut painted with gouache and shows Poet's Narcissuss at Mount Olympus, Greece

bunches of love,