FLOWER OF THE DAY ~ Lavender (Lavandula stoechas)

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Will Assist You In ~
The cleansing of negativity and the easing of physical and earthly burdens. Giving you the opportunity and ability to find, understand and express your inner wisdom. Offers protection on all levels.

The Language of Flowers Oracle ~
All is well and you should be able to see improvement soon. A time of relaxation, blessed solitude and purification. Emotional equilibrium and spiritually sensitivity which is of great personal benefit will be available. Admiration, trust and healing are all indicated. Be mindful of protecting yourself and not becoming gullible, especially falling for the same issue again by not learning from the past.

Gardening Notes ~ 
Flowering most of the year, Lavender originates from the Mediterranean and as such prefers a full sun, alkaline soil and do not over water or over feed. Avoid shade or partial shade was you run the risk of rangy growth. Ensure you dead head regularly to encourage new blooms.
may you be blessed with flower wisdom always!

Cheralyn ❁

image: card from Flower Reading Cards Oracle Deck (Facebook Page)
artwork: 'Lavender, Ratapignata Pyramid, France'
linocut and gouache on paper
Cheralyn Darcey

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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