Calendula Afternoon

My calendula flowers doing well today.


I planted them along the edge of my Asian veggie garden next to my wormwood.
Love their bright sunny faces in winter. ‪

‎The Language of Flowers‬
a flower which assists with the relief of things which irritate you. Supports intuitive development and helps those looking for the return of happier times.

Botanical History
The name comes from the word Calendar and points to the fact that they flower over many months. 

Gardening Notes
A very easy to grow low maintenance herb which flowers almost all year. Water sparingly, deadhead often to ensure long flowering  (use the petals to colour cooking plus they are GOOD for your immune system) 

14 Uses for Calendula Tea 
Growing & Drying Calendula Flowers for Tea

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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