Flower of the Day ~ Wild Tulip (Tulip sprengeri)

What you desire and are passionate about is indicated by this flower which holds the energy of all of its kind. It offers courage for new projects and paths, helps you find your passion and may speak of unions and reunions.

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Be very careful of getting carried away with your desires, hold a tad back for yourself. Don’t be tempted to go completely all in. Although dedicated passion is something to aim for, Tulip warns of getting out of your depth and not being able to stay afloat. Be careful of envy, co-dependancy and addictions which may trap you.
if yo are looking to heal a heal which has been chilled by rejection or cruelty, Wild Tulip is a fantastic supporter. It warms a cold heart and brings a spark of hope for new paths ahead. I have found Tulip is also wonderful for those suffering creative blocks and issues in the creative fields.

I've created the artwork for my Flower Reading Cards showing Wild Tulip at the Gateway Aphrodisias in Turkey as this place connects not only with the energy of this flower but with it's ancient origins.

Gardening Notes: Tulips in general, grow from an autumn/winter planted bulb and fill the world with the song of Spring and promise of the warm Summer ahead. Such a popular garden flower with so many but they do prefer a slightly cooler climate and do far better from the Southern Highland South in Australia. Worldwide, they like cooler climates in general but they can be successfully grown indoors year`round with care. They like a well drained soil with plenty of feeding but be careful not to get too wet.

Bunches of Blessings,
Cheralyn xx

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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