Flower of the Day ~ Orange Banksia

Feeling flat? Need a bit of energy boosting and assistance to renew the drive you once had for something? Orange Banksia might help.

Orange banksia webcards

This plant of strength, verve and uplifting wisdom, flowers late winter through to spring.
They speak of the need to keep going even though things seem impossible or too heavy to carry forward. The bright orange flame of energy when the cold air is pulling us back in retreat, warms us and spurs us with remembrance of the passion we had before and can again. Cycles, dips and peeks, Orange Banksia watches over us and leads us forward.
The message is for you to keep going. It affirms that things are indeed difficult right now but that they are really impossible. The warning is to not be distracted by your own negative thoughts and especially the cynical thinking or comments of others.
Gardening Notes:
A very lovely tree native to Western Australia, it grows more to the size of a shrub elsewhere. The flowers of this particular Banksia are very large (up to 15cm long and 8cm in diameter). Sandy soil is its preference and go lightly with the water as it doesn't do well in humidity or overly wet areas.
Have a day of enthusiasm my friends!
Bunches of love,
Cheralyn xx

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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