Flower of the Day ~ Magnolia (Magnolia campbellii)


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If you are looking for longevity with a project or situation, Magnolia is a flower which will align perfectly with you to assist you in achieving your desires. Brilliant to connect with if you are finding completion of something difficult or finding the enemy to sustain your momentum. As the oldest flower still surviving in our world today, Magnolia naturally holds the energy of ancient wisdoms, legacy and heritage and so assists us in times of change through different phases of our lives, especially towards the later half.

As a message, Magnolia speaks of acceptance and a need former compassion and care, she warns us of being ignorant and of longing for something from our past to the detriment of the present.
This particular species that I created for my Flower Reading Cards is found in the Himalayan valleys and speaks very strongly of wisdom within. The flowers are large at 15 ~ 25cm in diameter and are white through to dark pink. Blossoms appear on bare branches before leaves and remind us that even though we may not see the hope, the flower, the physical, the life and the energy is always there.

Gardening Notes:
They don't really like very hot climates unfortunately but I have seen them on my travels in these places. They like to be very well watered and hate the wind. I've had success in two homes but planting them along a protected fence line. I've planted one here in my new home in a very protected area and she is doing pretty well. They seem to take a bit of nurturing for a while to get established but well worth the effort.

Bunches of love and Nature Blessings,
Cheralyn xx

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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