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My days are very long at the moment, but I am joyfully creating something that I love and so while it is a huge challenge, it is one that I am incredibly happy and grateful to have. I feel a tad disconnected from the world of people, very much time poor but I am so content with the completion of something very special.
So the Flower of the day made me smile. I moved a stack of journals earlier this morning, looking for a certain volume containing my notes about orchids and this sketch fell before me and I smiled as I remembered Texas and the friend I have there. I remembered seeing bluebonnets and wanting to paint and write and dream in their embrace for days while learning their language and I remember too that it was then that I learned of the value in giving something up so that something else may grow within you.
On hearing the phrase "the sky falls upon Texas" I also realised that creative sacrifice isn't a bad thing but an organic flow, a needed process. We can do anything but not everything. So whenever I again see these much beloved blossoms, I am reminded of new beginnings, of giving up some things so that others may thrive.
Oh and I very much miss the wildflowers of America, I really do.
May Nature always bless you
and may you always be a blessing to Nature
Cheralyn xx

bunches of love, Cheralyn 🌻
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