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Flower of the Day ~ Kangaroo Paw

Today, the Western Australian Native Wildflower Kangaroo Paw, which is a type of grass is our Flower of the Day. I love growing these in busy family areas of my garden as they promote friendship and harmonious social activity. They are pretty hardy but hate hate HATE wet feet, so well drained soil is a must. Cut them right back after flowering (yes you CAN mow over the top!) to ensure good growth next season. Kangaroo Paw can be grown in pots and I have tried this myself with great success in various homes, in all sorts of climates.

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In the Language of Flowers, nothing says "I'm sorry, please forgive me" like a Kangaroo Paw! As a healer, they provide wonderful support for those who find social activities and interactions difficult and they are really gentle and lovely heart healers for those experiencing hurt they have felt from the actions of others.
A little note ~ THANK YOU for all the lovely emails and messages letting me know how much you enjoy the Flower of The Day and what hey mean to you. I have been sharing Flower Meanings online for about 6 years now through my blogs, websites and social media homes and it was one of those "Oh YES! I could do this EVERY day if I set my mind to it" moments at the end of last year.
I've tried a few places to share this but pretty much ended up sharing in lots of places and to answer so many of you ~ YES you can share these Flower of the day Postcards as well.
I select the FLOWER OF THE DAY in very dedicated and thoughtful ways, focusing on what needs to said or felt for us all. Sometimes I draw them from one of my decks or sketch book journals, sometimes it's because a Flower has come to me in other ways and so I will sketch it that day for you, but always I just 'know' THIS is the Flower of the Day.

May Nature always bless you and may you always be a Blessing to Nature,
Cheralyn xx

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