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Flower of the Day ~ Kangaroo Paw

Flower of the Day ~ Fairy Iris

A little elemental help while being reminded of your own abilities.

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Fairy Iris also indicate a return to health, a new vigour for projects and freedoms and energies which may have been hard to obtain in the past. They do warn of deceit and of confidences broken so you need to be a little extra vigilant.
Wonderful to connect with when you are trying to heal after a confrontation so that the next steps may be undertaken to balance.
Gardening ~ Other common names include Wild Iris and White Iris.

A very hardy perennial, they have become an environmental weed in some parts of Australia so plant with care. Native to South Africa, they have become a very popular flower garden plant throughout the world. They love full sun, grow from tube stock and work wonderfully well as a border plant in larger areas or near water features.
My Florasphere Postcard for you today features a sketch from my journal.

May Nature always bless you and may you always be a blessing to Nature,
Bunches of Love,
Cheralyn xx