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Flower of the Day ~ Field Poppy (Palaver rhoeas)

Field Poppy (Palaver rhoeas)
Flanders Field's, Belgium

Poppy Cheralyn Darcey image from 'Flower Reading Cards' Cheralyn Darcey environmental author & artist ROCKPOOL PUBLISHING
linoprint on paper 

The seeds of Field Poppy can lie dormant for almost 100 years and they will germinate after disturbance. This is the science behind the legend of the fields of blood red poppies which arose after the fierce battle in Flander's Field near the city of Bruges in World War II. 

I know that flowers, plants, are doing what they do for their own benefits but I have also observed time and again that these benefits do involve us and it is in the interest of plants to interact with us for their own survival and that of their environment.
For land to be disturbed so violently by war, to then be blanketed in the embrace of flowers so thick that you can not move through them without pause for reflection on what has been and without some physical difficulty and to see the life blood of plant, of earth and people flow in the now silent breezes must surely be a response with more levels than reproduction for the sake of it.
Lest We Forget.

I'm sharing this to thank all who see the image of Poppy or the spring of Rosemary and give over positive thoughtful words, blessings and support to people like me and my family.
Your ongoing, genuine support, kindness, understanding and friendship throughout the years is something we can not do without. This past year has been especially difficult for me and I am blessed and grateful for those I call friends. I appreciate you so very much. Thank you to those who offer the hand of friendship and support when it's needed most to not only me but all Service Families.
So there is no postcard, instead a gift, this artprint for yourself and your loved ones if you would like it. I am also completely happy for you to respectfully share it online with your friends today.

Cheralyn xx