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Flower of the Day ~ Field Poppy (Palaver rhoeas)

Field Poppy (Palaver rhoeas)
Flanders Field's, Belgium

Poppy Cheralyn Darcey image from 'Flower Reading Cards' Cheralyn Darcey environmental author & artist ROCKPOOL PUBLISHING
linoprint on paper 

The seeds of Field Poppy can lie dormant for almost 100 years and they will germinate after disturbance. This is the science behind the legend of the fields of blood red poppies which arose after the fierce battle in Flander's Field near the city of Bruges in World War II. 

I know that flowers, plants, are doing what they do for their own benefits but I have also observed time and again that these benefits do involve us and it is in the interest of plants to interact with us for their own survival and that of their environment.
For land to be disturbed so violently by war, to then be blanketed in the embrace of flowers so thick that you can not move through them without pause for reflection on what has been and without some physical difficulty and to see the life blood of plant, of earth and people flow in the now silent breezes must surely be a response with more levels than reproduction for the sake of it.
Lest We Forget.

I'm sharing this to thank all who see the image of Poppy or the spring of Rosemary and give over positive thoughtful words, blessings and support to people like me and my family.
Your ongoing, genuine support, kindness, understanding and friendship throughout the years is something we can not do without. This past year has been especially difficult for me and I am blessed and grateful for those I call friends. I appreciate you so very much. Thank you to those who offer the hand of friendship and support when it's needed most to not only me but all Service Families.
So there is no postcard, instead a gift, this artprint for yourself and your loved ones if you would like it. I am also completely happy for you to respectfully share it online with your friends today.

Cheralyn xx

This Week ~ Book Completed, Yoga & Free Running Nasturtiums


To finish creating anything , a book, an artwork, anything creative, is a very strange mix of emotions. 
This week, Friday at 2:30pm Sydney time to be exact, I completed writing what I refer to as my 'Big Book'.

Well, it's not particularly big but it has filled a very big part of my world for decades. It's a book I wanted and couldn't find and it's a book which is particularly special as I feel it brings all my work together and provides a very good foundation for what is to come.
I got to a certain point with the book two months ago and I realised something additional needed to be included and I have worked solidly around the clock to make that happen for Deadline. It has meant that I did need to put many things aside and I haven't been the best friend, family member or even participant in a lot of things while I made it all happen. My mind, body and soul were 100% focused on the book for that time.
Some relationships were tested and others strengthened by it and new ones emerged because there is no more selfish thing to do than to completely give yourself over to a creative project, without out-sourced administration or a daily living infrastructure to support you. The bottom line, I can not afford either and need to be pretty much the soul provider of these these things for various reasons.  I think if I could afford to provide these things? I would probably love a cleaner, a manager and an assistant. In that order. 
Now I am out the other side, I have to say that as wonderful as the moment is, it didn't come without a few scars. I've put on a few kilos. I went to the gym 5 times a week but sitting on your bum all those hours and getting the nibbles because you gave up coffee will do it! So the mission is on to remove those now. I've missed really good opportunities as I have not been able to follow up on them or notice them before it was too late and I've not participated in many activities, groups and involvements which I enjoy. Oh and my house is as dusty as a haunted house and let's not go into the fridge/science experiment! 
But the garden is wonderful.

planting winter crops
planting winter goodness

The seasons stop for nothing and without my dawn gardening daily ritual, I think I would of 'lost it'. 

I am incredibly grateful for those who supported me with their friendship, love and interest. 
There are many people who follow my work surrounding Botanical History and the branch of Ethnobotany I follow with the focus I have with Flowers and I am blessed with the path crossings and the time we spend together. While it is also true I have also experienced a few disappointments along the way recently, the majority of people are really lovely and genuine, without an agenda and with an honest interest in this field of work and for that I have found a lot to be grateful for. 

So the 'Big Book' is completed and I have illustrations to tidy up and finish over the next week and then await the machinations of publishing to happen. It's an exciting time and a funny time. You finish and now you wait and wonder what will be for your baby, but you need to let go. Of course I wonder and worry if I did enough, if I did it 'right' but I did what was in my heart and I created from a place of loving nature, botany, gardening and people and it comes from the foundation all the work I have done and all the experiences I have had in this field for over three decades so if nothing else, there is complete truth to the work.

Now off you go book, fly and be free and may you land in the hands of those who love the subject as I do and perhaps bring sunshine and warmth as you have me.

So through all this last couple of months, I joined the local gym, found an amazing Personal Trainer, who happens to be the gym Yoga Teacher so not only did i start doing some more serious working out but I began doing Yoga. I love both. Firstly Helen, my trainer, has done amazing things getting me to do weights again by working around the injury issues I have, to the point that I can now raise my arm to all extension (yes I'm amazed!) I've also overcome my fear of Yoga. Well not Yoga itself, just the uber competitiveness and cliqueiness of any classes I've tried. Helen runs the most wonderful space and I adore going. 
Not only have I begun Yoga, so has Mr Darcey!

that's a pretty good tree

Sadly we have had to postpone our trip to Uluru in a few weeks for personal reasons. We did share with all our friends and family that this was happening but as those close to us know, it really won't be possible right now. All things sometimes for a reason. 
We are now looking at September and perhaps may even be able to extend to a bit of a Wildflower Trek as well.

It's defiantly Nasturtium time for me!

Yes they can run wild and need to be looked after but there's something uplifting and enlivening about these flowers happily tumbling over everything isn't there? They are connected with vitality and victory and heal those feeling deflated or exhausted. They seem to give you that kick you need to get over the line. Yes yes, I did find much strength with my Nasturtium friends in the garden the past few weeks myself ;) 

Web card nasturnium

So easy to grow and they are delicious in salads, wraps and sandwiches. I grow mine in areas which are challenging for other plants as they provide a pretty fill while still being useful. As I said, you need to watch these cheeky guys as they will take over! I've planted standards, climbing and dwarf and hopefully will have some black velvets to show you in the coming weeks. 

Well my poor old social media sites, websites and so on are looking sad at the moment so you can look forward to new energy over at my Youtube Channel this week with Flower of The Day Videos beginning! I know how much you all love the postcards so this is an extension of that 

Hop on over and subscribe so you never miss an episode: 

Cheralyn video 2
More colouring in and creativity videos are also on their way ~ all with Flower love and inspiration!  
I have just noticed I seem to have somehow lost my URL and need to find out what happened there. Ah another technical task to do this week. 


I have shared Flora publicly for a few years now after being frightened for a very long time of someone 'stealing' her.
Silly as she deserved to be out in the sunshine. 
Flora stories
I've shared the story of the young flower girl who loves gardening and nature with many people for many years before that and I've often wondered where she would 'end up'. I'm still not sue but rest assured that behind the scenes I have been working on a few projects which involve her. My dream is to see her animated one day but before that in a series of books. 

You can be her friend on Facebook
and follow her board on Pinterest

So looking forward to this wonderful day at Sydney's Royal Botanic Garden. 
I have a few of these days planned for the rest of the year too and one later in the year in Brisbane. 
If you are in Sydney, you are most certainly invited. More information here:


So until next week, 

May Nature always bless you and may you always be a blessing to Nature! 

Bunches of Love, 

Cheralyn xx 


Flower of the Day ~ Texas Bluebonnet


Webcards texas bluebonnet

My days are very long at the moment, but I am joyfully creating something that I love and so while it is a huge challenge, it is one that I am incredibly happy and grateful to have. I feel a tad disconnected from the world of people, very much time poor but I am so content with the completion of something very special.
So the Flower of the day made me smile. I moved a stack of journals earlier this morning, looking for a certain volume containing my notes about orchids and this sketch fell before me and I smiled as I remembered Texas and the friend I have there. I remembered seeing bluebonnets and wanting to paint and write and dream in their embrace for days while learning their language and I remember too that it was then that I learned of the value in giving something up so that something else may grow within you.
On hearing the phrase "the sky falls upon Texas" I also realised that creative sacrifice isn't a bad thing but an organic flow, a needed process. We can do anything but not everything. So whenever I again see these much beloved blossoms, I am reminded of new beginnings, of giving up some things so that others may thrive.
Oh and I very much miss the wildflowers of America, I really do.
May Nature always bless you
and may you always be a blessing to Nature
Cheralyn xx

Flower of the Day ~ Kangaroo Paw

Today, the Western Australian Native Wildflower Kangaroo Paw, which is a type of grass is our Flower of the Day. I love growing these in busy family areas of my garden as they promote friendship and harmonious social activity. They are pretty hardy but hate hate HATE wet feet, so well drained soil is a must. Cut them right back after flowering (yes you CAN mow over the top!) to ensure good growth next season. Kangaroo Paw can be grown in pots and I have tried this myself with great success in various homes, in all sorts of climates.

Webcards kangaroo paw

In the Language of Flowers, nothing says "I'm sorry, please forgive me" like a Kangaroo Paw! As a healer, they provide wonderful support for those who find social activities and interactions difficult and they are really gentle and lovely heart healers for those experiencing hurt they have felt from the actions of others.
A little note ~ THANK YOU for all the lovely emails and messages letting me know how much you enjoy the Flower of The Day and what hey mean to you. I have been sharing Flower Meanings online for about 6 years now through my blogs, websites and social media homes and it was one of those "Oh YES! I could do this EVERY day if I set my mind to it" moments at the end of last year.
I've tried a few places to share this but pretty much ended up sharing in lots of places and to answer so many of you ~ YES you can share these Flower of the day Postcards as well.
I select the FLOWER OF THE DAY in very dedicated and thoughtful ways, focusing on what needs to said or felt for us all. Sometimes I draw them from one of my decks or sketch book journals, sometimes it's because a Flower has come to me in other ways and so I will sketch it that day for you, but always I just 'know' THIS is the Flower of the Day.

May Nature always bless you and may you always be a Blessing to Nature,
Cheralyn xx

The card featured on this postcard is from my Australian Wildflower Reading Cards Deck,
available at all good gift, book, garden and florists stores internationally and occasional signed copies at this link: AUSTRALIAN WILDFLOWER READING CARDS


Flower of the Day ~ Fairy Iris

A little elemental help while being reminded of your own abilities.

Webcards fairy iris

Fairy Iris also indicate a return to health, a new vigour for projects and freedoms and energies which may have been hard to obtain in the past. They do warn of deceit and of confidences broken so you need to be a little extra vigilant.
Wonderful to connect with when you are trying to heal after a confrontation so that the next steps may be undertaken to balance.
Gardening ~ Other common names include Wild Iris and White Iris.

A very hardy perennial, they have become an environmental weed in some parts of Australia so plant with care. Native to South Africa, they have become a very popular flower garden plant throughout the world. They love full sun, grow from tube stock and work wonderfully well as a border plant in larger areas or near water features.
My Florasphere Postcard for you today features a sketch from my journal.

May Nature always bless you and may you always be a blessing to Nature,
Bunches of Love,
Cheralyn xx