Gymea Lily ~ Flower of the Day
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Red Rose ~ Flower of the Day

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Red Roses are so intricately entwined with love for most us because they signal relationships and passion in all it's facets. The youthful tightness of a new bud, holding so much promise and mystery. The new bloom going through the stages of unfurlment and discovery, growth and then gently letting go of petals to reveal the new life to begin again. The strong stem needed to hold up the blossom signifying the strength and direction a relationship requires and then the thorns which are both protective and challenging. The leaves so green and jagged, mapping the many detours and rises and falls along the way.
I not only think of them for romantic love but also for love of projects, of situations and of dreams and to love is to be courageous, not matter where you place that love.

Sketching Red Rose this morning ~

Rose drawing

May Nature bless you always and may you be a blessing to nature in all that you do.
Cheralyn xx