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No is an answer

A no from me is all about me, it's not about anyone else. 

Cheralyn bird of paradise
I've had that pang of ~ "Oh no why don't they want me/like my idea, it must be me!" The truth usually is that the idea or offer just doesn't suit the other party. No matter how increasingly attractive it is made, there are a multitude of reasons why someone will still say no and they mostly have not a thing to do with you. 

Unfortunately, a few months ago, I experienced someone taking my "no thank you" as an affront because they felt their offer was more than they had ever offered anyone else and that I was being ungracious by turning it down. I turned it down for my own reasons which primarily included my current obligations and personal goals. Under pressure, I did share these with the person. They then offered ways around these for me. Still saying no because I did not want to get out of my obligations or change my goals, only infuriated the person more. 

They just could not see how something they had made so enticing would be turned down and they still burn in anger over this today, creating in their mind all manner of 'reasons' as to why I would refuse them. I've been astonished in this instance to watch a person I thought was professional, gossip, fume and become incredibly nasty over something that had not a thing to do with them. 

When someone refuses you, your offer, your book, your art, your idea, it's not about you, it's 100% about them. Maybe your art or book just isn't the right fit for them, maybe your offer is something they just can't see in their life right now or envision being part of their personal story. 

Being gracious in accepting a no and staying friendly, leaves the door open. This way, maybe sometime in the future, a yes may be more likely but even if it isn't, the energy surrounding your own work remains clear, true and grounded. 

May Nature always bless you
and may you always be a blessing to Nature

Cheralyn xx