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Leonine Dawson Shining Business Academy Retreat Canberra 2016

For the past week I've been in Canberra doing all sorts of wonderful things! Researching my new book, visiting friends and exploring plants and flowers and other botanical treasures ~ AND attending an amazing experience hosted by Leonie Dawson
~ her Shining Business Academy Retreat.

An honour to have publishing sensation Cheralyn Darcey in our tribe, so grateful that we can help her share her work even more with the world (not that she really needs it, she is so brilliant). She is an incredibly talented author, artist & oracle card creator whose career has exploded in the last 18 months. We will be interviewing her for the Academy very soon so we can learn even more of her incredible story. Go check out her inspired work... She is totally a real life fairy!!!! We love you @cheralyn !!! #shiningacademy
The Abbey, Gold Creek, Nichols 3116


I have come away with such a clear vision for myself and a feeling of incredible 'capability' and direction. It's hard for us 'creatives' to think of ourselves in a business sense and really many creatives I know do have some experience. Others, lol, like me have zero! No marketing idea, no public relations experiences, seriously, I've never even set foot in an office!!!!! I've muddled along for a long time and this was the best time I've ever spent absorbing and focusing on how to organise my time, work and life for balance as well as what to focus on in order to best share what I do with the World.

Marketing, not only demystified but examples shown which ring true with my commitment to not be spammy or opportunistically creepy and stay firmly true to what is most important to me, the passion I have for flowers and plants and their gifts that we can share for healing, guidance and inspiration.
Along with this, I met the most wonderful new friends and peers. People who have a huge passion for what they do and want to share with the world and such a genuine, loving commitment to work as respectful peers, not competitive nasty girls. Seriously it's so bloody refreshing!!!!!!!
It sings volumes about Leonie's work that she attracts such true and lovely people.
So back to the weekend ~ uplifting yoga, grounding women's circle, inspiring guest presenters and lots of laughter, learning and love.
Next year? You betcha! 

Bunches of LOVE,
Cheralyn xx